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  1. I'm having the same issue over and over again: My escorting vessels launch their fighters when enemies are around and they attack both enemies and friendlies. They seem to stop attacking friendlies a few seconds after the last enemy exploded, if the friendlies haven't turned red already^^
  2. I don't know why, but on all my ships and stations, the morale went low and all crew left within a few minutes, now I have an empire of empty metal husks floating through space. What happened? EDIT: All ships had enough crew and commanding officers, but no one worked, no workforce, although the actual workforce exceeded the necessities, so I don't really understand why the morale went abysmal. In the meantime, I can't acquire new crew, because on the way to the next station, the morale drops again and again everyone leaves. The crew autoassing does realy weird things, constantly shifts the ordinary crewman around.
  3. Aye, will do later after work. The entire galaxy? It's like 10GB in size^^ Or would it suffice to only mail the player.dat stuff and the sector folders? I have weird experience with mailing such huge amounts of data^^
  4. Hmm, the sector I'm in indeed contains two ships very similar to star destroyers, although much smaller, I guess those would count to 'pyramid' shapes.
  5. Thanks for the reply! I tried it by moving the two sector files into a different folder, the missing sector has been recreated, but the game still crashes after a while loading. Funky :-\ Would it be of any use, if I'd upload the sector files somewhere? Or any other files? Any other options? Quite frustrating, I just reached the core and went back to lick my wounds and then this, the utter antithesis of immersion^^ EDIT: I have the funny feeling it has something do do with my 'large' player file in that galaxy, which is now more than 4MB
  6. I have a rather odd issue: After a quite some time playing SP, I hit the B key for building on my vessel, but the game surpizingly crashed, afterwards, I couldn't load that particular galaxy anymore. Was running the beta and had the captined salvage mod running. A little more than 2k items in the inventory. Some log snippets: Client Server Not sure what could have happened, nothing really points anywhere, the only things I could imagine are maybe the sector got borked, or the ship I'm (was) sitting in. The other galaxies still work and I tried reinstalling, to no avail, the game still starts, I load the galaxy, takes a few minutes and poof, back to windows. Any way to fix this? halp :(
  7. Heya! I've been running into a weird problem, some freighter from some neighbors is blocking the dock to my solar plant, it just stays there and wiggles/twitches slightly, for ages now, can I somehow enter a fancy commannd that just deletes the poor freighter?
  8. Oh awesome, didn't find anything about that, but cool nontheless, let's see what comes from it... :)
  9. I thought about a simple mechanic on how to prevent pilots dying all the time because of their low fighter HP. Make the fighter spawn some 'cargo' on destruction, cargo that holds the pilot, eg. an ejection seat, rescue capsule, pod, whatever, so the player can collect them after the battle ended, or even during the battle to send them off with a new fighter. Eh, neh, bleh?
  10. LOL, indeed :D What google and youtube gave me on 'Avorion': Lots of let's plays and quite a lot of Ovarion anti-abortion campaign stuff. Avorion Ovarion :D
  11. I feel absolutely the same :) So we may use colorful language for spicing up the message, but not for just insulting or trollage reasons, which seems to be reasonable, decent, logical, social, fun... :) Fucking awesome :D
  12. I like newtonian non-orbital spaceflight a lot, one reason to play the game, because this type of flight enables so many awesome maneuvers, tactics and strategies, shadowing everything doable in an atmosphere. In short: Look, I'm always going into the general direction I'm pointig. Hm-Kay. Predictable. Linear. Boring. Vs. Look, I can choose my vector and attitude completely independant from each other, how awesome, so many permutations, endless possibilities in crashing stuff into roids, woohoo :D I'd like it as an option, but definitely not as the basic vanilla system.
  13. Hmm, could be an interesting alternative easy mode^^
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