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  1. Player mines should attract NPC merchants, who can buy from player mines.
  2. Found a station Tried to dock to port #1783 Nothing happened
  3. I have the same problem. I use a intel graphics card so that may be the problem. will post computer specs when I can
  4. Not_a_alt

    bug with Swoks

    After warping to a area were I got a distress call and getting the text "your as dead" from a pirate. Swoks just so happend to spawn in this sector. He did absolutely NOTHING, he didn't move or shoot while I was killing him. How to reproduce: 1: Travel to a sector you received a distress call from. 2: Hope Swoks spawns in that sector. 3: Swoks will do nothing if he spawns. (this has only happend once and may not happen every time)
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