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  1. I am a bad guy. 8) How did you modify the data? When I go through the files I can't find the ressource data.
  2. Wow. Well, I hope you will be able to keep up with it. there's nothing better for the community than regular updates.
  3. Vwhdfd

    Avorion Subreddit

    Too bad i don't have any recording setup...
  4. Yep. Right now, I don't think you're in a real need for resources to carry on with the game, so a kickstarter wouldn't make any sense if you don't have real big expenses to cover.
  5. Fuck yeah! Hey koonschi, when do you plan on releasing the new version? 5-6 months from now? more? less?
  6. Do I have to use a program to alter these files? I really wanna know how far I can go with unlimited resources.
  7. if you do it, you have my subscriptiion.
  8. No prob. I wouldnt be able to make it any better, i have no skills.
  9. Vwhdfd

    Avorion Subreddit

    Do it and then post'em.
  10. Vwhdfd

    Avorion Subreddit

    BTW thanks for accepting the mod invitation! The question is how can we make it more alive.
  11. Vwhdfd

    Avorion Subreddit

    Thanks for mentioning it!
  12. How will you set up the transfer system? What I have in mind is some kind of hangar thing.
  13. Just continuing the conversation about a potential crew system.
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