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  1. Wouldn't mind if the space termites were a regional thing, and could be kept at bay by properly claiming a wreckage (docking with it or whatever). There's have to be some countermeasures to space termites in populated undefeated space or scrapyards just wouldn't be feasible anymore, and permanent habitation might have problems too..
  2. A couple of improvements to turrets to help patch up some issues, hopefully without requiring too much overhaul in the short term. -Give rotation locks the same functionality as turret mounts, terms of allowing you to define custom turret skins. Hopefully shouldn't be too hard, it'd essentially just be a turret mount with lock capability. This would allow us to define turret skins to patch up a bug that both locked turrets and coaxial weapons suffer, where the way their projectile's collision is calculated can cause it to smash into the surface of the vehicle that it's being fired away from, especially if you're accelerating into it. Coaxial weapons already allow you to mitigate it somewhat by modifying the emission point to be as far as possible from the vehicle, but there is no such respite for turret-lock-block mounted weapons. -Give rotation lock the ability to lock the weapon perpendicular to it's surface, like a coaxial weapon, rather than parallel to it's mount surface. This will make it easier to create locked missile launcher turrets that don't cause inappropriate hull collisions, as it'll give the best chance of getting the projectile away from an offending surface. -Allow us to define the acceptable firing arc of weapons, either as a firegroup option or as a turret mount option, especially for manual firing. Currently, there's a mechanic in place where manual weapons will refuse to fire if they're not lined up with the aiming reticle. This can be useful for conserving heat and energy, however: --Some weapons do not care about being fired too much (chainguns, salvaging lasers) --Some weapons can effectively ignore firing arcs when used (seeker shots, especially on locked and coaxial mounts) --Some weapons have significant scatter, and/or will likely otherwise sweep across a significant portion of enemy hull before lining up with a center of mass aim, especially at close range. Trying to track an enemy at close range leads to weapons rapidly flashing on and off as your turrets try to keep up with your aim, which significantly diminishes DPS. Being able to set an acceptable angle to start firing, or at the bare minimum being able to instruct specific firegroups to ignore angle entirely to always fire when instructed (seekers especially, and both coaxial weapons and turret locked weapons prove it possible) would definitely be much appreciated given the above information.
  3. I've read that you can speed it up a huge amount by docking them to each other, have you tried that?
  4. Bad luck, maybe? At least you can make your own, and if there's no factories, that must mean all the stuff you'd make for it would sell for a fortune 🙂
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