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  1. @phezzan hello again. I was test my version. What I can say? On VDS where exist only one IP address (Interface?) I was load my galaxy with bug(s) and bug is resolved. I can play without any troubles. In that case that a bit weird. On both VDS I set ip by cmd line argument (--ip x.x.x.x ) ... As I say, I think what count of ip greater like 1 is a reason of bug. Not for every player of course. What about your VDS / Dedic? @phezzan, did you have only one IP or a few?
  2. Hello @phezzan. Yes, I was say what that fixed, but I was wrong!. This trouble do not fixed. On dedic where my server is hosted I have a few IP address. I run server with ip some_target_ip but in wireshark I saw what I connect to another IP. I try test that, mb a few ip is reason of bug, but I don't sure. I also play with my friend. He from another country but he do not have that trouble / bug. Also, when I leave, my "player" a few time do not exit from server and when I try reconnect I can't. Server think what I already on server. I was kick "me" from server and then I can connect to the server. Sometimes that bug is disapear, sometimes that bug work from connect, sometimes from another "triggers". In currently (I was create new galaxy) that bug begin when I try "load" my ship from saved ships, then game is "broke" and I can't build anymore, send msg in chat etc.
  3. Fixed. I just delete folder %appdata%/avorion/ Currently - not fixed, bug is return, suppose that is just ... coincidence? :c
  4. Hi there. [Description] I play on my dedicated server. This (my) server hosted on my vds. I have a one bug with game. [Bug] 1. Build mode with CTRL + Z => When I press that buttons in build mode and I try build with LBM or delete any block by "delete" button just ... nothing happen. When I do the same on local server and play on local server - all is fine. This bug "disable" some UI feedback or clicks? That means what I can't set space jump sector (idk what exactly name on eng lang), build anymore with LBM and delete blocks in build mode, also in menu like "missions", I can't accept any mission etc. [Info] Game Version: 2.0.7 d3cde408d586 (steam) OS Version: Windows 10 Server Version: 2.0.7 [Video] Check video for see what happen. If you want I can upload video on youtube. Sorry for video quality. [Tooltips] How to check when I press ctrl + z on video? avorion bug.wmv
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