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  1. Hello All together Comming back to Avorion 2.0 a replayed the tutorial to bring me up to speed. I encountered a bug, although I am pretty sure, I know, what I should be doing. Version: Latest version. New Galaxy. normal mode and normal difficulty, german language Bug: At some point in the tutorial, after loosing your ship and building your own new one, you have to recruit crew. Todo that, you have to dock. When flying to the dock, with or without using the tractor beams at says that you are docked and you can interact with dock (using F). The station is selected too. In the following tutorial window, which teaches you how to recruit crew, I cant recruit any amount of people, because it says, that I must be docked to the station. After multiple tries and getting real close it still does not work as it tells me. Reproduce: - Could not reproduce myself. Restarted the Galaxy and followed the tutorial and i just worked as intended - Two Things where different. The station design was different (other seed). I used less hotkeys the second time. Although this happened only once to me, please check for bugs.
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