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  1. So the game lets me build my own ship to mine and explore the galaxy; inevitably I built a Star Destroyer. Because; who wouldn't? 😁 One thing leads to another, and of course, I wanted to build the Executor, Super Star Destroyer. In the sand-box free-mode I made the frame and armouring of the 19km long ship; I just need the detailing and the inner workings, when I ran into a problem... how do I make it turn? It's 19km by 5km and over 160 million tons (so far). I can strap a tiny 10x10x10 Trinium engine to it, and it moves forward [very slowly] a few m/s. Strap some large maneuvering thrusters, and I can strafe this monstrosity at hundreds of m/s side to side, up and down. But strap some 70 million worth of Avorion grade gyros in only a single direction, and the ship still cannot pitch, roll, or yaw. Even the 10x10x10 Trinium engine can push the monster; strap it sideways and that should realistically be sufficient? Operate the strafing thrusters in opposite directions and I should be doing donuts at several times the speed of sound (I was over 300m/s strafing with only a couple medium sized directional thrusters). But no matter what arrangement I try, thrusters, gyros, or some combination thereof, I can't get my Super Star-Destroyer to steer! Help!
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