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  1. Breaking railgun discussion off to another thread for some clarity... The following is currently true after rigourous testing by multiple people: A railgun that says "1000 damage" does: 250 damage vs shields 250 damage vs hull armor (edit: typo) 250 damage when shooting a single giant block (not piercing into any other blocks) 1000 damage total if piercing through 3 blocks (damaging 4 blocks total) 1250 damage total if piercing 100 blocks Is all of this the expected behavior? There was a patch note saying The current implementation does not spread it over the block(s) or target hit, the railgun simply just does 250 damage instead of 1000 damage, and when piercing more than 4 blocks, drops off sharply. Is it expected that a shield absorbs the entire railgun hit and only does 1/4 damage? Is it expected that an armor piece absorbs the entire railgun hit and does only 1/4 damage? Is it expected that the biggest possible bonus of piercing through 10 blocks is simply an extra 25% damage on top of what is listed, after all of the above limitations?
  2. I'm not confusing anything, I'm aware of all of that. There are weapons that, in fact, DO do 3x the damage, that do not have "3x". So a gun will say: 3000 dps, 1000 damage per shot, 1 ROF. Actually, it is firing 3 shots at once (3 railgun rays, which could hit different facets of the ship). It incorrectly does not say "1000x3 damage" or "3000 damage" If you do the math yourself on the DPS: DPS = damage * ROF * uptime supposed damage = 857 ROF = 0.19 uptime = 25.9/(25.9+11.60) = 69% 857 * 0.19 * 0.69 = 112 dps, exactly 1/3 of 335. We can conclude after doing all this math that this weapon is doing 856.9x3 damage, not 856.9 damage (and easily verify by shooting something and knowing how railgun damage works).
  3. I am told that all of this is expected behaviour so I should suggest a change 😉 Railguns do not do their listed damage. The listed damage assumes 4 blocks of penetration and really does only 25% of the listed damage (per block pierced, if any). So if a railgun hits a shield or hull or thin part of the ship, it'll only do 1/4 of the damage you would expect by looking at the tooltip. The listed damage of railguns should be updated to reflect the actual damage per block. With the dropoff after the 4th block, a railgun will never even do 1.25x the listed damage, which is extremely different from what the tooltip and intuition suggest "Triple" etc. weapons actually do 3x their listed damage per hit (not DPS), but only on certain weapons say "500x3" as the damage, while others just say "500" but do 1500 in fact. So you actually don't know the alpha strike damage of a railgun, lightning gun, etc. without double checking the math based on DPS, ROF, and cooldown. The "x3" part should be made consistent (either always include "x3" or always use the total instead) Weapons that use batteries list their burst DPS (ignoring cooldown) as their DPS while other weapons with cooldown do factor in the cooldown (railguns, cannons, pulse guns, bursting chainguns, ...), making a comparison across weapons require extra math. (Laser sustain DPS is lower than the listed DPS by a factor of like 60%, but you can't even use that as a rule of thumb as you have to double check whether its cooldown time has a modifier) edit: I trusted someone on discord about the railgun dropoff (each block after the 4th does 80% the previous) -- it's actually 50% the previous so the most damage a railgun can ever do is 125% of the listed damage if it pierces an unlimited number of blocks (or, practically, after 8-9)
  4. All the artifacts when acquired on alliance ships for the various ways they are acquired should go into personal banks. Also they should be equippable as subsystems from the personal bank onto an alliance ship. 1. the quests will actually update properly 2. no opportunity to spoil friends with "whoa what is that?!" or have to put a legendary artifact into the vault for a second before equipping it 3. if playing with less than trusted friends someone could nab it from the alliance vault 😉
  5. Point defense guns seem to go up to 10-11 km -- make it so when a torpedo is incoming from a greater range, there isn't a sound, or perhaps, there is a "launch detected" beep and then just a red screen or warning at the top. Only once they come within PDW range (say <12km) should it start beeping, so I know that I need to make sure my PDWs are doing their job, and if it keeps beeping faster I can know something is wrong. Right now it's just beep spam for the entire fight as pirates 30km away shoot torpedos.
  6. I don't want my point defense guns shooting at enemy ships. It's distracting, I don't care about the DPS, and it might mean the guns are facing the wrong way when a torpedo comes. It'd be nice to have an option to set a fire group to specifically ONLY target fighters/torpedoes, not merely to prioritize those but also shoot other targets.
  7. I am playing on a 60 ms ping server (according to F1, though it's probably higher than that as we are cross coast north america). When ships are flying in a direction at a good speed (like >1000m/s) I have to aim ahead of them in empty space with my lasers to do damage. See attached video of me shooting ahead of this ship with lasers and railguns and getting damage numbers, and then shooting the ship directly (end of the clip) and not getting damage numbers. 510273418_hitboxaheadofmodel.mp4
  8. I don't put thrusters or inertial dampeners on my ships, I just flip and burn to slow down 🙂 Right now I have to add a little inertia dampener block to make the warning go away but it'd be nice to be able to silence it forever via a game option.
  9. I have since found what appears to be the least bad solution... 1. put all the railguns aiming forward, not on rotation locks or anything 2. bind a mouse button to "select self" 3. when you are about to do a bit flip turn (not continually tracking and firing at the target), hit that mouse button to target yourself and temporarily lock the turrets aiming forward 4. once you're facing your target again, target the enemy again like normal and your railguns will already be looking at them, and gain the added benefit of perfect aiming once your mouse is on the target again. Not ideal, but after getting used to it it's a good band aid for now, in case that helps anyone.
  10. I reach the exodus group and they say their hyperdrives broke down hundreds of years ago and they're trapped in the wreckage. There should at least be some sort of acknowledgement that I could spawn them a fleet of hyperspace-ready ships on the spot, or send for transport, etc. Instead I just say "I have to go" after they explain all this crucial information. If they want to stay there they could say so in dialog so I'm not like "omg why I am I abandoning all these people?!"
  11. After I excitedly win a battle it sucks to have to carefully fly through looting things. Having to dedicate a subsystem slot to making this aspect of gameplay less painful is not an interesting trade-off worth being in the game. I think this should be reworked a bit so the default range is good enough to fly through a single enemy ship's wreckage and pick up the stuff in one pass, and give the increased grappling range some other use that you'd further invest in, but not something necessary to make the game not annoying.
  12. On my current ship I do not use torpedos and do not have torpedo storage, so it is a waste for me to see a highlight for an exotic item in the distance that turns out to be a torpedo when I finally roll up. I'd like an option to disable highlights for torpedos, or perhaps a rarity slider like with general loot. Perhaps while we're at it make subsystems, turrets, and torpedos their own sliders.
  13. Scenario: I have a lot of guns on my ship shooting forward, plus a cluster of front facing (optionally axial) railguns that I like to shoot manually in sweet Expanse-like flybys. The many guns on my ship make the railguns' aiming lines hard to see. Problem: If I leave the railguns on turret mode, they'll randomly turn and stuff to look at my target and when I adjust my heading and my ship is looking at the target, the guns are not aiming forward. If I put the guns axial or on rotation lock blocks, then they are hard to aim because the camera is not aligned with the aiming of the ship on either axis -- vertically the guns shoot under where my camera is looking, and horizontally the camera trails behind the ship when moving at all so the crosshair is wrong. Possible suggestions that might help to varying degrees: Camera mode where the camera is locked to the ship, and moving the mouse starts a turn of the ship, and you see both the true heading and where you're trying to turn the ship to (think many other space games) Frontal camera mode with the above Picture-in-picture railgun POV 😉 Ability to turn off auto turrets' aiming lines as well as making other turret groups aiming lines significantly more prominent so I can tell very easily whether my railgun is lined up with the enemy ship or if it's going to shoot low Ability to tone down the effects of my guns so I can more easily see the aiming lines
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