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  1. This game makes me want learn coding in Unity myself and make a proper clone! So much potential and so poor realization 😞
  2. V2.0.8 (and all versions before and most likely after ,coz you're morons) Why do you do coding if you don't know how to do it properly?! Your fuckin game lags so much it's unplayable. I have fluid framerate, it's just rubberbanding when mining or using fighters or r-salvagers/miners, or do anything with more than 2 ships. MY save game is 2 GB !!! What the fuck you did with such a simple game that it can't be processed by the most up to date PCs with SSDs, x-core CPUS and such? I've tried tweaking and deleting server.ini, no use, it simply doesn't work! I have lag between me and myself over a local frikkin server, which runs in the background because who-knows-what is rerouted and blocked. Why make it simple if you can complicate it?! I boosted priority, background processes, all that shit, and it still rubberbands like crazy. Non-responsive. Pinging while doing hard mining and I have pings to < 1ms, so what address or port your game uses when playing single player - an external one in Alaska, with ping > 10 seconds? All resources at at their minimal, network traffic measures peaks up to 7 Mbps... What the heck is going on ?! Graphs stay green and minimal (except the yellow one which is consistent, but no peaks at all (except during load) Do you even understand the line above? Let me try saying in simple words: fuckin Unity game editor let IDIOTS like you be "PROGRAMMERS" while you know SHIT about programming. Great ideaas go to waste. WHY DO I HAVE TO SEE EACH PARTICLE WHEN MINING, GET ME THE FRIKKIN MATERIALS IF THAT IS THE RPOBLEM. You are generating a ton of particles for no reason. Do you really create particles and then calculate if each hits the ship?! WHY DO YOU FRIKKIN CODE THIS SHIT, TAKE IT OUT, DELETE IT, DON'T DECEIVE PPL IN WASTING 200+ HOURS OF GAMING JUST TO SEE NOTHINGNESS. I DARE YOU TO GET TO THE CENTER OF GALAXY AND TRY MINING WITH R-LASERS !!!!! WHY IS THIS SHIT EVEN AVAILBLE, FUCK YOU AND EARLY BETA MODEL, ALL GAMES IN THE WORLD ARE "EARLY BETA" I AM SICK AND TIRED, I NEED MY GAMING FIX AND YOU DENY IT BECAUSE YOU'RE TOO LAZY TO GET THROUGH THE CODE, DEBUG, AND SEE WHERE THE PROBLEM IS! GO FUCKIN PLANT POTATOES, DON'T DO CODING IF YOU'RE RETARDED! FUCK YOU ALL x 250 hours, you are a team of nobodies, losers, and failed programmers! Your fuckin "game" will be in everlasting alpha, just like a ton of interesting titles out there we can't play due to incompleteness. I guess there's no escape from paying 100$ for a half-decent game. Coders are idiots. Only hardware developers know how to code, but they have no time to do that. FIX THE GAME OR CANCEL IT! IT'S THAT EASY
  3. One would think it's that easy, right? I mean, how difficult can it be? Well, depending on the snapping magic you choose, you may end up with a totally different shape, all bent and rotated beyond recognition (mostly goes for single-cube objects though, maybe it was fixed in the meanwhile)...
  4. I had 4 miners mining a sector that was in relative safety (surrounded by friendly faction bases) However, some pirates made it in and I've got an alert. Instead of using the RTS view (which also tends to bug out), I've mistakenly "switched to the ship in the sector". Loading the sector with only the asteroid field in it took a good 2-3 minutes to load on a Samsung 950 PRO SSD, Pentium i7 4200 GHz! After I finally jumped into my ship, all I saw was huge chunks of unprocessed Xionite which disappeared without a trace, after I brought heavy cavalry to deal with the friggin pirates. In conclusion: PAUSE THE FRIGGIN GAME UNTIL I AM ABLE TO CONTROL MY SHIPS WHEN USING LOADING SCREENS. I have about 10 more complaints about how ANNOYING this otherwise wonderful game can be, but I'll keep them to myself for now, as I think it would require you to completely reprogram the software and get rid of the local server (Ethernet is non-deterministic, ever heard of that?)
  5. Yoir building system becomes broken. The story line is broken. You game starts to look like shit. Please answer this: why can't I take a shape (copy it) and paste it with the same orientation and dimensions? Should be a logic thing to do, right? Why do it always "snap" to a totally unusable blace, whichever snapping opton I chose? Then it resizes to fit, rotates by its own... do I miss here something? I do not remeber such problems in 1.0...
  6. Your building system is broken The story line is broken You game starts to look like shit Please answer this: why can't I take a shape (copy) and paste it retaining its original dimensions. Should be a logic thing to do, right?
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