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  1. I have no more enough time to do translations now, so it's time to find some successors. Please try contacting the developers if you want to be chinese translating proofleader.
  2. Hi, I just open the translations site and it shows SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE. Is this my system problem or there are some errors on the site?
  3. Chinese displayed pretty well, thank you for adding chinese language and font support.
  4. My friend is using chineses localization. When he send "OK" in chat, it became "确认" in chinese... Please check it. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for replying! I have been also doing translations for other games, they are using some localization management platform to making localizations with game devs, community admins and volunteers. It should be better to use some localization system, as it could obviously increase translating efficiency and reduce translation mistakes. And for the fonts, I don't think there are any sci-fi style asian fonts. Asian language have too many characters to design with (2312, or even be more than 28704 in Chinese!), and sci-fi style sharp font would be too hard to read. There are very less fonts of this kind, most of them are made for designer rather than application and game. I think the SimHei and Source Han Sans CJK are the best choices. They are correct, easy to read, and free use. I will still keep finding any better UI fonts for asian languages. Thanks.
  6. Hello, devs! I have already made a full localization translation of Simplified Chinese, would I submit it to you, and you can release it to the game? If you allow it, please contact me. And also, here are some mistakes/problems in the localizations: 1. The size strings in "#: ./data/scripts/entity/merchants/factory.lua:" seems just doing nothing. The "S" is just using another "S" string from stargate's direction prefix, and the "M","L","XL","XXL" didn't change anything. (I found the number prefixs like "G", "M" also have this problem.) 2. Some of the strings like "Credits" and "Server", may using the same word in romance language family, but they using totally different words in some languages. I hope you could separate them to different strings. 3. The game's default fonts couldn't display characters beyond ASCII. I know the game couldn't handle non-ASCII ship and galaxy names, but it's ok to just display something non-ASCII. I hope you could add some new fonts to display other languages like Chinese, Japanese etc. You can use SimHei for Chinese, it's totally free with good seeing. Thanks.
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