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  1. I am being hunted by the Galactic Bounty Hunters Guild the ships they bring are way over my current level. To top it off I have no idea how to find out how to clear the bounty or who put the bounty on me. I am on Rusty Universe server and have lost 6 ships and 3 stations to the bounty hunters guild and still have no idea how to get my name cleared. The Ships they are flying have shields and fire power in the 15k range. I just made it to nanonite space and my best ship is just now in the firepower range of 1.5k and I do not have shields yet. What is worse is once they jump into a sector they are friendly with the faction and stay there in that sector. Its been 4 days and I am running out of sectors that dont have 3 to 5 bounty hunters ships I have no chance to fight camping the sectors. This would be fine if I had some way to find out who put the bounty on me and a method to clear it. But no I just have to keep running and its making the game unplayable in Beta 2.0.
  2. Pirate attacks are the only way to farm rep from 65k to 75k. They are the best way to get rep with factions. We need more of them. But to your point if you want to build ships you need to be in a controlled system with a shipyard. Pick one that has AI faction patrols to keep it safe. As for mining its a dangerous life get some armor and shields on the miners.
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