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  1. Amazing! Can't imagine what's going to be built in another year or two!
  2. I agree on taking them out...I can see many rage quits on steam if they were left in. I could understand them in a boss level..but not in a ordinary sector.
  3. I got out of a nasty hyper space jam by waiting for pirates to attack the jammer! took a long time but they blew the jammer up! and I jumped! I wonder if the pirates are in the same 'jam'...and they have to attack the jammer to get out too!? would be cool if the pirates had the same problem as the peace loving traders.
  4. I was wondering about that myself. Had a mission to deliver cargo to my arch enemies...don't remember if my relations improved? have to try again. They did start shooting me after I delivered...then hyperspace blocked me! I hade to destroy the hyperspace jamming ship then jump from the sector...any good relations I received were then lost! :D
  5. Just fixed it! It was windows 10 font resizing! The Demo has no problems switching. :o I resized windows to 100% font and it now the beta works! But now I'm getting a error thrown for bloom? Run out of memory? :P
  6. Driver update didn't help. The demo works perfectly in 4K it uses FULLSCREEN. Oh well...still playable in 4k...just have to hunt and peck with the mouse on dialog boxes. :P
  7. Only setting that works is: resolutionX=2194 resolutionY=1234 display=0 windowMode=2 All other resolutions crop the screen or offset the mouse. Trying to update my Nvidia drivers.....
  8. 3840 x 2160 always run 4K Oh and Avorion in 4K is awesome!!
  9. Running Win 10(lastest version) Nvidia 970GTX Fullscreen makes it show only 1/4 of the image I have to run Borderless...but that defaults to 2160 x 1234 When I get home I'll set up a custom resolution in the Nvida CP.
  10. Ahh ha! Just found out why my fonts are so LARGE! I've been playing in some weird resolution...2160 x 1234! Wanted 4k 3840 x 2160 Had to manually enter the right resolution in the setup.ini. The mouse is still positioned off...hard to click on something....it's 200 or 300 pixels away from the center of the dialog box. :'( [Graphics] uir=226 uig=135 uib=17 resolutionX=3840 resolutionY=2160 display=0 windowMode=2 What is uir?
  11. Any chance on being able to resize the fonts? Or the UI? Icons would be nice to see smaller. I play on a 4K monitor and like to have really small text...Like Eve-Online. Would love to see all my turrets or ship upgrades without having to scroll.
  12. Wow! 7,000,000! :o Hope you have a high % salvaging tool!
  13. :P Party is over with the new patch. :'( But it needed to be done....I'd completely given up on mining. Got rid of most of my mining gear! Have to go get it back. :)
  14. But...this could be the right amount of mats...... IF you have many players? 5-10 would would quickly devour the yard. OR raise the price....1,000,000 for 30 minutes?(at the current levels of output) I'd go for that. my time is worth it!
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