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  1. I already make fake drones to mount on my ships as it is. A drone block, even if it was just the vanilla design, would be great.
  2. It gets modded in so often. There's a reason for that.
  3. So, as it is, if you go to war with a faction, usually because you allied with an opposing faction, the faction you declared war on will be your enemy... forever. Even if you abandon your side of the war, the bounty hunter ships never end. The only permanent resolution right now is total genocide, which is honestly absurd. Please allow some threshold of loss or power disparity past which a faction will actually surrender, or at least be willing to negotiate a ceasefire. As it is right now, engaging in military alliances with an NPC faction has far more annoyances than upsides, and the player has literally no means of intimidating factions, no matter how powerful you are. Your only option to make the harassment stop is total genocide, which is honestly kind of ridiculous. Even 30-year old 4X games have at least a tiny bit more nuance in their diplomacy. I saw a similar complaint on Reddit, which came with some interesting suggestions regarding bounty hunters: So that would be another option. But honestly we at least need a few more basic diplomacy options added.
  4. Not a big fan of the module ideas, but "Set to solid block #" is a great idea if it can be implemented, and escorting is just totally broken since 2.0.
  5. Yeah, Stations naturally have higher block counts and that's fine. Incidentally, I was able to confirm that anything you leave out of a faction pack will just be auto-generated as normal, so in theory you could make a faction pack which was as simple as a single combat ship.
  6. I know it's way late in commenting, but It Seems I Have Found My Nemesis!
  7. It's not super-ideal, and I agree this should exist in-game, but you can make these manually by going into the actual file location on your computer and creating them there. You can also rename folders, move them around etc.
  8. I'm going to be trying to make more than one. Right now I've got a simple modular set mostly finished (doing a 3rd bow section and need some more civil modules for freighters), but the block count got away from me, so the ships might be over 3k when my goal was to keep them under 1.5k (vanilla ships being less than 1k generally). Might still implement it anyway if it's just for one outer-galaxy faction, and of course more robust servers shouldn't have any trouble with the ships. Probably toss up the modules too, maybe on a sprue or something. My new strat is to find Workshop ships with low block counts but which still look good and make a few variations on them to get enough for a pack. Best is when a designer has 2-3 similar ships like this, so you've got a head start. The main problem is that you can't search the workshop by block count, so it's more going through any ships I've downloaded (there's a lot, lol) and if any look like they might have low counts, opening them to check. Got a few good candidates so far, but hardly heaps of them. Incidentally, how do you pull out the vanilla station files?
  9. Now that individualized Captains exist, would it be possible to make an analogous "Station Administrator" for our stations? Perhaps they might just use existing Captain traits but a few of those lose their downside if a Captain never goes anywhere. So maybe have a few traits specific to Admins, like improved trade or better production or turnaround times? Maybe better scan range or detection? Some negative traits specific to Admins's could be they're stingy with resources, or slow down production time (maybe there's a trait that makes an Admin a better producer but a worse trader and vice versa?) Even if the traits I'm suggesting aren't great, I think the base idea of Station Administrators is a good one. Can't take credit for this idea, BTW, I saw it here:
  10. We know at least one or two were acted on at least.
  11. Can't believe absolutely no one has any of the answers here? At the very very least would it be possible to find out about that last question? Can you make "incomplete" faction packs?
  12. And a new question: Is is possible to make partial faction packs? Mainly I want to know if I can make ships only and let the stations still be procedurally generated?
  13. Had a few hundred hours in a 1.0 galaxy and was looking to get back in with 2.0, but boy am I hitting a few walls with setting up a nice new Galaxy to play around in. I had stopped playing because the blandness of the Avorion universe had gotten to me, but with all the new missions and content, and the added personality of ship captains, I figured it was tiem to come back. On top of those, I wanted to make sure my new galaxy would have a lot more personality, so I really wanted to start by adding some faction packs, but boy did I ever hit some hard walls! 1) As of this writing there only NINETEEN faction packs in the Workshop, and most of them are Trek or Star Wars. Am I crazy or didn't there used to be a LOT more, including many original designs? What on earth happened? There's dozens of amazing sets of modular ship and station parts - where are all the faction packs? Okay, I guess I'll be making some faction packs of my own. No worries, there's all those resources from great modders. But wait... 2) I also realized that most of the faction packs which do exist are very block intensive (as are most ships, period, but it's less of a problem for player-only ships). I get that everyone wants the super-pretty ships, but the difference between someone's 10,000 (or 20,000!) block frigate versus the average procedural ship having less than 1,000 blocks is kind of massive! I know the more thoughtful modders add build-screen screenshots with all their ship's stats, but isn't there ANY way to filter the workshop search by block count? Help? Well, fine, I guess I'll make my own damn ships then, and THEN make faction packs out of them if each ship is only 1k/2k-ish blocks, that's not a huge job, right? Though it's a lot more work than I wanted to do before starting a new game. Hmmm... 3) Okay, so the game does the works of balancing ship volume and Omicron, so I don't need to worry about those, but what about all the other factors? There's a great article on making faction packs (here), but there's nothing there (or anywhere else I could find) about how fast or manoeuvrable to make the ships. If I just want them within vanilla parameters, or a range close to that, what values do I need to be setting??? Sure, I can start a creative galaxy and look at some of the starter ships as a reference, but about the regions inward from that? What benchmarks do you use for, ships from a faction centred around radius 350? What about around Radius 100? 3b) Also, does difficulty scale these attributes? What's the correct capabilities to give to a ship meant for a game set to Veteran? What if I want to try harder or easier modes... do I need to actually make ships faster or slower? At this point I've gone so cold on starting a new galaxy. If it's going to be this hard to make a new game with a bunch of factions which actually look and feel different from the procedural ones, that just sucks all my enthusiasm right out the proverbial airlock. I'd really appreciate some help here. Anyone? Anything?
  14. Agree. It really is strange how useless Force Turrets are. Maybe if you didn't have to manage turret slots they could be interesting, but even then they have a low range and small effect. Why are these even in the game if they basically do nothing?
  15. Honestly i don't even know why this is still a thing after all this time. Really surprising that this hasn't been fixed yet.
  16. I've long played all piloting and FPS games with Y inverted, which Avorion allows, so far so good. The thing is, I also do a fair amount of work in 3D design programs and there's no invert Y in those, nor is it needed. When I go to build in Avorion's build screen, I can work in it while having my Y inverted, but it's quite disorienting and slows me down a fair bit. I can switch back and forth in the menu, but would it really be that hard to have separate settings for the different modes? Also, am I crazy or did this used to actually be a thing in 1.0 and they removed it?
  17. Neat idea. Any new stations with clear purposes and defined roles are a solid way of adding variety.
  18. However the devs do it, the "flavour" of the game's NPCs and factions needs a LOT of content to flesh out what's a rather dry universe right now. At least some of that should be a lot more variety in missions, I agree.
  19. Does Avorion really have what can even be called solar systems, per se? Seems sectors have stars or planets willy-nilly with no real relation to each other.
  20. True, and I'd love all those suggestions, but that's more all-encompassing (and some of them are being implemented in 2.0 anyway). Actually I'm hoping that an eventual goal for the devs is a major faction overhaul to add more distinct personalities and depth to factions. But for now, just giving them unique symbols at least is a small enough request to maybe slip in to a lesser update? 😉 And of course giving the player more symbol-making options would be nice.
  21. Will we ever see more colours added to the palette? I know that it may seem like we have a lot, but I've noticed that there are odd sections of the palette which are underrepresented, especially darker colours as most colours seem to render a bit on the lighter side in-game. This is especially problematic since glow and hologram blocks interpret most existing colours with such high brightness that only a few shades of each can actually be differentiated visually. More options for very dark colours would help solve this (I'm guessing that adding more colours is probably easier than changing the way colours render). I don't know if anyone else has an issue with this, but I certainly find myself struggling to build multilayered objects with lit areas due to the way the current colours work on glow and hologram blocks.
  22. A pair of suggestions which kind of go together. Could the randomly-generated faction ships also have a randomly-generated faction symbol (probably in colours matching their faction design) on each of their ships? To aid in this and also to just add additional logo options for ourselves, could we get some more graphics added to the faction symbol menu? Right now it's clear that the graphics in the faction symbol menu are almost all repurposed ones from in-game icons (especially annoying when the icon being recycled is slightly asymmetrical). Branching out a bit from this would be great! Especially just semi-basic shapes like stars with various numbers of points (5-point, 8-point, etc.), compass rose, polygons like pentagons/hexagons, etc., A few more fiddly shapes as well (maybe solicit additions or just find a theme for a few more) analogous to the icons, like a mini-starfield (a half-dozen small stars), a couple of generic ship-esque shapes (rocket, delta-wing, etc.), or similar ideas. Would be nice, thanks!
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