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  1. When issuing orders to a Captain piloted (or your own ship via autopilot) via the Strategic View, please allow us to use conventional and established key combinations to issue enchained orders, such as being able to execute certain enemy ships in a certain order or mining out specific asteroids. Right now the SHIFT key allows to change the depth of the navigational plane. This can be done with any other key, including the above mentioned combination of Left+Right mouse buttons. If the game has a strategic view component, we must make sure that the capabilities of the interface are more robust than Warcraft I.
  2. Pirates attack populated sectors and, upon getting obliterated by the player or the local NPCs, their wrecks tend to end up drifting way outside their death locations. While these enemy ships are smart enough not to ram stations, if their ships die as they approach a station, most likely the wreck will end up somewhere very close to it. A player ship, if told to Salvage Sector, will open fire on it while the station is in the way, causing a huge and rapid reduction in player standing towards the faction without a failsafe. As such - if the ship is executing a salvage command and is hitting anything that results in a reputation change of any sort, have it cycle the target or, if there are no more targets, cancel the command.
  3. With the addition of more autonomous commands and the push towards multiple ships, the glaring issue of NPC-piloted and Auto-Piloted ships not knowing a ship is immune to damage has reared itself once more. If a pirate mothership or other such NPC is immune to damage (Usually until all of its escorts are dead), it should not show up for your ships as a target they can attack. Not for defensive nor offensive turrets, unless this flag changes and they are made vulnerable again.
  4. Aaaaaand I put this in the wrong section. There was an attempt.
  5. Good day, gents. Another suggestion brought up from our little discord. I am wondering if it is possible to add a chance that when a ship's health reaches zero, it does not immediately ''die'', but rather goes through a phase of smaller explosions. The amount of these explosions can be directly linked with the amount of loot it drops, each item causing its own little poof. I am unaware of the mechanic used to decide which parts fall off during the explosion, but perhaps they can fall off gradually over a period of a few seconds, rather than all at once. Then you have an option to add a small area of effect torpedo-type damage explosion to ships that do die instantly, implying a reactor meltdown or somesuch. This ship death ''animation'' can also be directly linked to what blocks the ship had, say a ship with a torpedo magazine could fire off all of its torpedoes without lockon in random directions. Random stuff like that. Perhaps add escape pods as an effect (non-intractable).
  6. Good day, gents. This is something that came up in our discord group some time ago and I wanted to sling it here. Would you say it was possible to add some sort of radio chatter in systems with heavy traffic? A good example was the 2003 game Freelancer, where the NPCs would randomly engage in brief, low-volume in-the-background sort of chatter, similar to this sound effect for Elite Dangerous. Since the game is randomly generated and requires modularity and distinction, we could settle for a simple non-distinguishable radio chatter between ships, the audio file playing if there are at least two ships present. Perhaps with an optional audio slider for the volume. To make the sound unique, add a pitch/speed randomization to the audio per different nation. Since you would not be using real-life voice, you can get away with that. To expand on this idea, you can always also implement certain more statticy and ''panicked'' versions for when a ship dies or is fired upon on a later date.
  7. Good day, gents. We are running a server with around 15-20 people and have decided on a system that would allow us to co-op together without rushing too far ahead of everyone else. We would restrict ourselves to certain materials per week, starting from iron/titanium and then having each next week ''unlock'' access to the next material zones. While a gentleman's agreement is nice, I was wondering if it was possible to artificially restrict materials/galaxy zone ranges serverside to prevent players from either entering certain coordinates/coordinate ranges or from using/mining certain materials.
  8. Yes, the machine in question is more than capable enough, just that it happens to be tethered to the rest of the world via a rather limited internet connection. The SP works perfectly fine, it is the issue as I described it above that is causing the annoyance.
  9. So, is there any other information I can provide the devs, or is this a case where we just need to find another game to play a this point? We are kinda stuck at this point.
  10. Good day, everyone. I found a few topics like this on Steam, but could not find an appropriate answer as to what I can do as a server host to make the game accessable to my friend, who is stuck in a rural area with an ADSL connection with a rather draconic upload cap. When he connects to my server (Listened), we sometimes encounter an issue where they would see an increase in their internet usage by steam.exe until the ingame de-synchronizes with the host. After this happens, they cannot connect to the server anymore as it takes ages to load. Since upgrading internet for them is not an option, is there anything I can do as a host to restrict the amount of traffic between me the host and them the client? I heard fixes for this, something about (if played with 2 players) the host needing to leave the sector and let them connect then, or to host the server with a max player count of 2. It would be nice to hear some sort of tip to at least ''reset'' their situation, if this cannot be fixed. Restarting the server or their game does not fix the issue. Cheers.
  11. Yello. Basically what happened is that I hosted a regular listned server with a sandbox mode with a 100% collision damage, then a non-sandbox dedicated server with 0% collision, then (without restarting the game) a listened server with 0% collision damage. After that I loaded an existing save (after restarting), and lost my ship due to the collision damage setting having set to default values. Very sad now.
  12. Hey there. On two separate occasions I have lost my ship to something I could not quite make out while engine-boosting at full speed through an ongoing battle that I was so very inclined to -not- partake in, by instead looting allll the things. Sadly, it seems that tiny chunks (and I do mean tiny - bits of antenna) still have enough mass to debilitate your hours worth of effort without mercy. I was wondering if there was a way to, without turning off collision damage outright, set that the game gives no mass to tiny fragments such as that. Watching a ship 100x times the size implode on brushing one at full speed is a rather ALT F4-ing moment.
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