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  1. Calculating jump time depends on performance of the computer/server. If it's a new sector or old sector that has been taken out of memory it needs to load all of the asteroids/stations/ships/etc into memory before it allows you to jump to the sector. The multi-threading of Avorion has 3 different types of threads. Generator, Script, and Worker threads. Generator threads are the ones that execute the loading of sectors. There are some guides that have recommendations for threads based on player count and hardware. The one I used is: https://avorion.fandom.com/wiki/Setting_up_a_server
  2. Seed: 5BtIHtbGxt Sector: 14 -24 I had a ship that was scouting and this sector seems to crash the server everytime I try to do anything with it. I get an error about blocks not being attached to blocks and a little bit later all of the threads get killed on the server. The sector file never generated in the sectors folder. I was able to get the server going again by copying a different sector into the sector folder with the name 14_-24. I then moved my ships out of the sector.
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