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  1. In the other suggestion that I made you stated that you would like the old orders back. If you are ok with using mods the following mod will both bring the old mine, salvage, refine, loop orders back AND it will make your game remember the commands when you restart the game! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2565262170
  2. In general it would be good to allow upvotes and down votes on every idea and make both number visible not just their balance.
  3. Summary: I have read and understood the background behind the change of the v1.0 orders and I kindly decline the benefits it brings in favour of having the v1.0 orders back. We have different reasons why we want to have it back, not in exchange for the current map commands but in addition to them! This vote however is not about the background but about the very desire to have it back. Boxelware cares for our reasons. Write yours in the comments if you want 😃 My reason: The old orders are kind of the hire an employee for a special task kind of thing that I dont need to remind of their job. The new missions are similar but have differences compared to the old system. A german saying is "The devil lies in the details". To me the old orders simply feel more immersive. It is like a taste that I like more over another so no argument can change my opinion. Currently the new mission require the player to have an eye on each captained ship to collect ressources and restart their missions as the management part of those new missions. Removing the need to restart and collect ressources would not change anything for me.lets look into a textbased gameplay vs realtime simulation comparisson. In the game command and conquer the harvesters work on their own basicly. Simplified I can tell them to stop harvest or harvest at another location and it is all being simulated. In a textbased game you would give the order "harvest" and receive ressources once the order is completed. The result is the same but the actions are completly different from one another. This is what I imagine when I compare the old orders with the new missions. I know I know saying that the new missions is like a textbased gameplay action is extremly simplified it still is comparable isnt it? Edit: Manually changing the game to version 1.3.8 or mods are hardly an alternative. If we choose and older version most new mods will not be supported for it and we will never have the benefits of any other updates made by you. Using mods themselves to get the orders back takes the guarantee of them working properly, we thankfully have a mod as a temporary solution already but some players reported issues with the mod. Here is a detailed explanation by the developers for the background why the changes happened:
  4. Currently factions are designed to have their territory sometimes bordering the territory of other factions with pirates spawning in out of nowhere all the time to suicide into the defences. I think that with the current galaxy generation there could be done a lot more! Idea: The factions can be divided into 3 main groups while the current main factions should be considered as nations which owns the territory Note: all of the 3 types are faction categories and not sub groups of a faction! 1. lawfull: Owners of the nation 2. quasi-lawfull: Independant factions that are accepted in the nations territory. They are no hostile towards the nation but they can be hostile among each other if they are rivaling the same business for example. 3. unlawfull: Pirates and the likes that are being hostile toward the nation but not neccesarily to the quasi-lawfull factions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Example Picture: Each of these factions will receive their own "area of influence" where they will appear for the player. This will be created randomly upon galaxy creation which could look like in the following picture as an example. The 2 circles in blue (Nr.1 and 2) show different nations (lawfull), each having their own territory. The orange circle (Nr.3) shows a pirate faction (unlawfull) The white circle (Nr.4) shows a traders faction (quasi - lawfull) with a wide area of influence. As we can see in that example the pirate faction shares an area of influence with both nations. In conclusion the pirates will attack any other faction that is hostile to in its area while patrolling ships of the factions also appear in sectors owned by the pirates to attack them. The traders faction could theoretically trade with all of the 3 factions but pirates are rarely not hostile to them. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ General information: all types of Factions (lawfull, quasi - lawfull and unlawfull) own sectors in their territory while pirates usually have claimed less of them for their base of operation in comparisson to the nations. Quasi lawfull factions are also usually not interested in having many sectors with their own stations built in them. This could lead to many funny random scenarious. Imagine 2 lawfull factions being at war with another while a pirate faction only has their area of influence in one of the nations territories. It could lead to the case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" so lawfull faction 1 and pirate faction ships only shooting ships of lawfull faction 2. a couple more short aspects: - npc factions dont have any kind of dynamic changes to the reputations inbetween them or changes of their behaviour - all factions types are true factions that the player can become allied with offering all kinds of playstyles for the player to choose Remember the areas of influence are will always be generated completly random and lead to many interesting scenarios for the player to discover! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ optional change: Divide the ship and station generator into those 3 categories as well to give unlawfull, quasi lawfull and lawfull factions their own distinctible appearance! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ like always my ideas are to be seen as loose directions and not as copy and paste implementations into the game. If the developers want to modify it to their liking thats totally fine with me!
  5. I dont want to dictate the details of how to achieve the requested change of this idea. So to me it is generally better in my opinion to leave the devs a lot of room to implement their own vision of this idea incase this idea makes it into the game 😃
  6. Currently as the player travels closer to the core it is most beneficial to build bigger ships both because it can hold more upgrade slots and because npc ships become bigger too. This causes small npc ships to simply vanish on the journey to core which is quite sad. On the other hand the player never gets to see big ships early on either and therefor does not get any reason to build big ships early on usually. I would like to have this relation changed so that we always see a good mix of both big ships and small ships. No matter how far away we are from the core. However there should always be many small ships among only a few big ships since big ships are expensive in theory so they are harder to come by. This change would add more diversity to the game and encourage the player to build fleets with a mix of both smaller ships and bigger ships. Also with this change would help with the visualization in a change of sizes. Stations should also be adressed in this change. Other than giving a station more hp and shields there is in my opinion no reasonable explanation as to why station become bigger when travelling closer to the core. In order to not make big ships like battleships and dreadnaughts look stupid because they are only armed with chainguns and other short range weaponry in the early stages of the game at least cannons should be enabled as a dropable weapon type for all distances from core. The common usage of capital ships for siege or reinforcement of bases or given areas while small ships would be the regular ship type to find e.g. in patrols or for raids from a pirates point of view. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Maybe small ships will require a change to remain usefull next to big ships but as with all the other Ideas this suggestion is less a "copy and paste" suggestion and more a rough direction for a change I have uploaded a screenshot of personal design that makes a change in size visible from left to right which gets completly lost during gameplay since smaller ships are replaced by bigger ones and npc ships behave the same. Like this it does not really feel like my ships really increase in size
  7. When a player is up for explorations there is very little diversity among the different sectors and the actions inside them happening. I would like to see more events added for the player to encounter when he explores new sector. here are a few examples: - a huge group of pirates attacks single station ( the pirates should not automatically loose this encounter, make it possibly for both parties to win. So players actually have an impact on the outcome of these battles) - factions npc patrols in unpopulated sectors that would sometimes get ambushed by pirates - faction npcs patrols that appear to hunt for pirates which are already present in the sector for the player - pirates raiding an entire npc faction owned sector with a huge armada ( very rare event to happen ) - trade ships by smugglers in unpopulated sectors that offer stolen goods to the player for a lowered price - bounty target: a very strong enemy that gives great loot ( guaranteed exotic+ rarity upgrades and possibly weapons that would not be found in the distance from core) and a reward by one of the factions for killing it - asteroid belts ( another to the asteroid sectors having only asteroid clouds so far ) - huge station complex ( a station complex like the one mighty branker created. It would be a very huge structure in total and also a rare sight) - freelancing ships with various offers ( not just trade but also missions or even meaning harm immidiatly) - dreadnaught sized ships anywhere in the galaxy ( rare encounter, could be part of any surrounding faction or pirates ) ------------------------------------------------------ theoretically there is a lot more I could write but as I mentioned these are just examples. Use them or make your own ideas for random Events
  8. Pirates are not different from any other faction in theory. It makes no scence that they should not have their own territory of more than just one sector and it makes even less scence that one cant become allied with at least some of them. This partly forces the player into playing as the "good guy/girl" I say (re-)introduce pirates as interactable factions into the game and make them more rare than other common npc factions. The result is me feeling nostalgic about a game version where pirates could indeed spawn as a faction. They destroyed my ship as soon as I warped in. I got my revenge by returning to the sector and whiping them from it. It breaks the now monotone gameplay and gives the players more opportunities. If you like you can make these pirate factions more special by making them only own asteroid sectors where the stations are hidden inside asteroid fields, maybe even adding asteroid station designs. In this game every npc ship is a "trash mob" if the player decides so. That is not a reason to treat pirates only as spawnable enemies besides the xsotans. To make sure that other factions will lose relations in order to increase the reputation with a pirate faction make the pirate faction only gain reputation when other non pirate npc ships and stations are being destroyed. If you decline this Idea please at least allow modders to modify factions to their liking --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is not a copy and paste Idea but a rough explanation of what kind of changes I would like to see for pirate factions!
  9. for anyone that is playing the game long enough it becomes really obvious that npcs have very basic line movement to travel from position A to position B. I believe we will benefit a lot when the flight behaviour receives a rework. While I dont have direct ideas how the behaviour should look in detail I can at least list some examples. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXAMPLES General AI: - give npcs the ability to fly in curves instead of only lines - collision prevention from friendly npcs so they won't just crash into you but try avoid a collision (e.g. by flying a curve) Combat AI: - receives an understanding of the orientations of Up, Down, Left, Right, Front and Back so it will no longer simply spin around wildly during combat but instead try to either have their nose facing their targets or the side. (Players usually build by the classic idea of spaceship having these sides and in conclusion place weapons that either are all able to shoot "forward" at once or towards the "sides" ->battleships<-. If the player built ship is then AI controlled it would use weapons very inefficient because of the playermade weapon placement paired with the current AIs combat behaviour) - simple dodging: currently it is really easy to kill npcs because they would fly straight only straight lines and even completly stop their movement at times mid combat while being shot at. This is usually a death sentence to anyone doing it during combat. The ability to fly curves / change course mid flight would help them to survive longer. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ultimate Goal: prevent npcs from acting "dumb" -> randomly spinning around during combat -> completly stoping mid flight to change course -> more efficient mining as they also won't spin which cuts the line of sight from mining lasers to asteroids that they were already mining ( The last will still be important even with the changes to AI as we will witness it even more now when we gonna give over the flight controll to the AI ) Idea for the devs: when the autopilot is done, please take your time to give playermade ships tasks and observe the execution in autopilot mode. You might find some really odd behaviour quickly
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