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  1. The force weapon are useless because 99% of the turret haven´t enough power to push or pull big ship, station or asteroid. in the battle they any function. my idea: - force turret can shot on ship and brake the speed of the ships (needed more range) - Force turret in auto-fire can catch loot like scrap, ore parts and loot stuff in range. (shooting 1 by 1) - add the range of loot collector (the magnet icon) system slot to the force turret fire range
  2. I like it to see if we use ships in different size better in game but actually. As an excample: A 4-slot ship in iron/titan got 18k HP The same ship xanion/ogonite got 110k HP In the barrier this ship died alone or in a fleet very fast by other enemies with there 20k+ weapons. My suggestion: smaller ship got a Buff to get harder to hit. My suggestion: 4-slot ship vs 13-slot ship The 13 slot ship get -1% on all weapon for each 2 slot above the smaller ship Railgun. Hit rate 99.8% 13-slot ship shoot on the 4-slot ship. The different is 9 (8=4%) The hit rate is now 95,8% Maybe it is not many, but it give some smaller ship and make it not annoying to fight smaller ship
  3. I like Coax turret but at late game it is hard to fit them in a 15 slot ship. I would see this weapon for small vessel better like the Ion frigate from homeworld for excample. I would see an option to build in weapon factory a option to switch a weapon to coax by remove the servos to 0 or the weapon could get the coax option by added more parts that incrase the damage. And a better aim spot to see it easier on the display.
  4. We don´t need every block as a triangle version like generator, thruster or gyroscope, but the docking block could make more special feature like to build a connect space station complex that allow the player to rebuild an accurate version of Star Trek deep space 9 or other ring various. I got huge plans for future design if we could got the option to connect in any ancle. The torpedo block is perfect for more detail like the quarter block.
  5. My idea for a new block type. The docking block could allow to connect in any ancle.
  6. This system is more for the end game. I got dozen of sub-systems but not the 5th (insert what you miss) and for 80% to get the red drop. This is for me no more an option if I played 5 hours to find 4x Gold Teleport system. The balance is like that you need many money and material like if you build your own Tech 52 Guns. 🙂 For the early game or mid game there will be the paywall like you need the fraction bonus to use this this option and the money.
  7. Hi, The actually research lab is a fortune game to get better sub system items. It is sometimes a pain and timegrab to fly arround to 20-50 other station that get some blue or gold items like shieldbooster or weaponsystem to research them to a legendary item. I know it can be fun to grind pirates a scrapyard for system items but often it is only a time grinding to maximate my ship with the best system. My suggestion is an addon there you can upgrade a weapon or system item with the craft material like the weapon factory. Example: I got a blue schieldbooster. I can use ammount of material like steelplates, generator and other stuff to get a gold Shieldbooster and can upgrade them to a rare and at last a legendary. Or I can build them for many Money and craft material to create them. It would make the stations like more interresting as the suply dock.
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