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  1. I love Avorion and its creativity but I must admit it does feel weird that I can build a ship almost anywhere in the galaxy. It might make more sense if you had to be in proximity to a shipyard to add or replace blocks on the ship. It would be nice if this was a server option. I feel it would add to the immersion.
  2. The game is on the cusp of being a good Space Opera however there are a few pieces missing that I would like to suggest. I have been playing multiplayer for an extended period of time and currently the game plays as a PvE road-trip to the center of the galaxy which eventually comes to an end. The alternative game style to this would be a galactic conquest format which would have to involve more elaborate conflict between the AI empires. Faction Alliance It seems practical that a player or players could take the role of directly influencing an existing AI empire rather than building their own from scratch. Currently the game limitations do not allow for a player to have enough active sectors to run a scratch built empire in a multiplayer environment. In joining with an existing empire this would allow the player enough active sectors to have commercial ships and several fleets to engage other empires. A system allowing players to suggest target sectors to the AI empire would help direct the conflict. Players could perhaps donate cash to help influence the decisions and fund the war effort. The players faction with the allied empires enemies should also suffer in the event of conflict. The AI empire would manage the mundane aspects of the empire while the player could focus on building their own fleets to defend and attack. Fleet Management & Combat Roles. As several others have suggest a fleet management system is needed . In addition to this I believe it should be possible to set behavior for ships. As the player will likely be directly involved in the fighting this allows for some basic fleet strategy which would have practical combat implications. Some examples might be: Aggressive - Advances to close range and attacks directly. Willing to take substantial damage. Cautious - Ship tries to remain at maximum range and will attempt to flee if it takes substantial damage. Run and Gun - Ship will attempt to remain mobile and make strafing attacks. Standard Attack - Ship will attempt to remain close to allied ships and attack at medium range. The end goal would be to create fleet actions which could have player direction on both sides. Ideally the starting point for each player in this multiple scenario should be at different edges of the galaxy in order to facilitate contact with differing AI empires.
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