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  1. New Companion series video added to showcase workshop ships that were featured in the gameplay series Episode 1-3 Avorion Companion series for Gameplay done right EP1 Workshop Blueprints - YouTube
  2. Episode 3 has been completed and edited down from about 4 hours of actual gameplay footage. People over here on the official Avorion discussion board may not post in my thread as often as they do over on the steam discussion board but I am still consistently getting views on my video originating from this thread. Thank you for your support and Enjoy episode 3. AVORION Blackmarket Gameplay done right EP3 Pirates Beware - YouTube
  3. Episode 2 is out on YouTube. I appreciate all the support. YouTube Analytics show about 30% of my viewers coming from right here on the official Avorion message boards. This Episode of gameplay done right was painstakingly edited down from about 4 1/2 hours of recorded game footage for you viewing pleasure. In this episode I explore deeper into the Galaxy and a make a new friend along the way. I am able to locate many claimable asteroids along the way that I was able to sell for big money. Avorion Blackmarket Gameplay Done Right EP2 Claiming Asteroids for selling - YouTube
  4. The people have spoken. Episode 1 has gotten around 40 views in its 1st 3 days since release and is on track to hit 100 views by or shortly after it hits week 1. As I suspected if I produce good (edited) content that people enjoy and does not put them to sleep after 10 or 20 minutes of viewing then the Avorion fans will come. I will be releasing an episode 2 and the planning for episode 2 is underway with recording likely starting tonight with editing following that through the weekend. I feel like the episode will be releasing on Sunday most likely which is also my Birthday. Please make to share the video with others who may be thinking of buying Avorion or are looking for good content to watch. And thank you for all your support I will work hard to deliver more Avorion content to you and do not forget to subscribe to my channel to get notifications when my new videos come out.
  5. Seems creators are longer making gameplay videos for Avorion on YouTube. You would think this game is dying, but one look at how active the message boards tells a different story. A recent DLC (Black Market) and the upcoming 2.0 patch show how dedicated the devs are to this Gem of a game.There are a few brave souls attempting to create but (in my opinion) are falling very short in the quality of their content (Boring). Not because they are bad content creators just lazy creators. You have to take the time to properly edit so not to put your viewers asleep when watching a grindy game like Avorion.So enters I (BattleCrom) into the scene. I have recorded 3 full hours of gameplay and then spent the next 7 hours painstakingly editing the footage into far more watchable gameplay experience without sacrificing the story (if you will). You as the viewer will be able to see everything I do and every decision I make without any long sleepy scenes of me grinding asteroids for hours while telling you my life story. This was a labor of love for me. If I am rewarded with your viewership and earn your subscribes I will be encouraged to make many more to come. AVORION Gameplay EP1 Getting started Building a Mining Fleet - YouTube
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