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  1. The "unoccupied systems" thing was the basis of the "ships try to extort you if they see you" idea. If no one is there, you can start mining, but if a miner or freighter from that faction shows up and gets close enough to scan, they may message and say, "give me some money and I will go away quietly. Refuse and I call a system patrol"
  2. Currently, mission data is placed in the same place as the stats of a ship being built, and BOTH sets of text show, making both of them illegible. Hide mission data in the build menu, or move/allow players to click and drag a window with the ship data in the build menu, so that they can read it.
  3. Something I was thinking of when I added on my 16th addition to my mining ship while out mining naonite: It's one thing to repair a damaged or destroyed section of the ship (though even then I think that you should only be able to repair to a certain point when out of dock). It's another to essentially build a completely different ship in the middle of an asteroid field instantly. I think the idea of requiring ships to have a subsystem and facility on board for producing ship parts while out of a shipyard or repair dock's range would be worth considering.
  4. Pirate raids are fun, but after the thousandth time of pirates showing up with 3 underpowered craft and getting absolutely blasted by frigates in the system, one wonders how they make a profit doing this -let alone have the manpower to continue it. Not to mention... it gets a bit monotonous and boring. "Oh hey, pirates are raiding the sector... do I even want to bother running all the way over there just to blow up 3 weak guys?" I suggest a few different types of pirate raid to both make the galaxy seem livelier, and make things less monotonous for the player Raid 1) The standard raid that we have now: a few weak ships show up to cause some damage and check system defenses Raid 2) A less-standard raid where a large tanky pirate ship (high HP, but low firepower) shows up in a system to draw off system defenders. As they fight, a second wave of pirates show up in-system and start hitting stations (who call for help from anyone in system, as the defenders are dealing with the big ships). If the stations go below a certain HP percentage, they declare surrender and the pirates flee "having grabbed their loot" -and driving up prices for the player to buy (and pushing down prices for the player to sell) in an effort to make up for the losses. Raid 3) An actual system raid of multiple waves of strong pirate craft where the pirates have the goal of wiping out system defenses and raiding/capturing stations -turning the system into a hazard zone and (during the hazard period) driving up prices for the player to sell to the system (and driving down prices for the player to buy from them).
  5. Clicking and dragging gets irritating. Please allow us to simply double click items -or mouse over them and hit 1-5 to have them enter a corresponding slot, or, as suggested below, click 5 items in our inventory and hit "enter" to have them automatically put in and "researched".
  6. I think it would be interesting to see and grant not only some more variety to the stations themselves, but also some flavor to the galaxy, seeing "small shipyards" that can't build space stations (or some similar limiting factor), or "small equipment docks" that don't have as many items for sale, signifying that a sector has been established and is growing, but hasn't fully come to fruition yet. Maybe it's just me, but I think this would be cool to see.
  7. "The class of systems I wrote of initially" definitely DO have interstellar trade and interstellar transport -THEY ARE WORLDS COLONIZED BY INTERSTELLAR CRAFT INSIDE THE FACTION SPACE OF A GALAXY-SPANNING INTERSTELLAR EMPIRE! By definition they have access to interstellar travel and trade! Do you make a living off of irrelevant comparisons and off-topic arguments or something? The point is that Earth -with no interstellar spacecraft, no advanced knowledge of space-faring, no incredibly advanced culture or society, no interstellar trade, and no part in an interstellar empire, has SOMETHING in its orbit. Therefore, a planet that HAS those things should LIKEWISE have at least SOMETHING in orbit. It's one thing if it's a random planet with lights in unclaimed space, but if it's a planet with large enough cities to be seen from orbit, in space patrolled by and passed through with interstellar vehicles, belonging to an interstellar empire, and having access to interstellar trade... there should be SOMETHING in the solar system for access to stated trade and vehicles.
  8. "Backwater Earth" doesn't have interstellar travel or inter-galactic trade partners.... and despite having no trade in space it STILL has a space station in orbit the size of a football field.
  9. You know how if Russia suddenly deployed an oil rig in New York Harbor, the US would get kinda mad? And how if Italy decided one day to send people to start digging up Athens, Greece would not be happy about it? Why does no one in the galaxy get upset when an unaffiliated ship -or fleet of ships- shows up in a sector they control and starts sucking all the useful resources from it? Suggestion: Implement "mining permits" with factions (naturally, you would start the game with "iron" and "titanium" permits for the faction you start in). You pay a faction for a permit to mine materials from their space, and as long as you possess a permit for that faction, you can mine in their space and they won't care (how much they like you impacts what material permits they are willing to sell and how much they cost). What they would do: -Mining without a permit would cause the faction that controls the area to become angry with you (so no one cares what you mine in uncontrolled sectors), or causes the ships nearby to extort you (taking resources you have mined in exchange for not calling you out) -If you do something to lose standing with a faction, you can have permits revoked and lose the rights to mine some or all materials from a faction's controlled space. -Allying with a faction automatically enables all mining permits to open for that faction -Declaring war with a faction automatically cancels all permits with a faction -"mine" commands from the galactic map would have the ship automatically limit harvested materials to its licenses -telling a pilot to mine an area that they don't have a permit for would result in the pilot reminding you they don't have a permit, and the player deciding whether to "mine anyways" (at an increased risk of attack), or "cancel order" and go somewhere else to mine. -telling a pilot to mine an area that straddles multiple factions (with imbalanced permits) would result in "reduced yields", as the pilot would be mining only the area they have the most permits for (or, if that is too complex, the pilot just asks you to choose a faction to mine from and you get reduced yields because they mine from a smaller area)
  10. Earth also doesn't have interstellar travel. Any world "colonized" by a space-faring galaxy-spanning empire would have stations present for the colony (and its respective empire) to use. Seeing worlds with planet-sized cities that have no stations around is a bit immersion-breaking (you might be able to say that the backwater world with a few hundred thousand people trying to get a colony started won't have much in space, but don't tell me that there is a world of 10 billion inhabitants -that have access to power- and they don't have a single shipyard, repair dock, resource platform, or interstellar trade hub)
  11. I wouldn't want to REMOVE the boxes, but I'd definitely go for making them smaller -or making them scale with the size of the dock.
  12. It's nice to loot them from enemy ships... but if I don't use them often, my torpedo bay fills up -and I can't delete them or dump them. Would be nice if I could sell them to equipment docks (which sell them to players anyways) or at military installations to at least make a bit of money from them.
  13. What I meant in 3 and 4 is sort of like this: After destruction, during Swoks' respawn timer, things you will see pilots saying: -Did you hear? Swoks is gone! Someone actually beat him! -Someone defeated Swoks? What would someone who can do that be like? -What kind of idiot would fight Swoks? And what kind of ship did he use to win? - With Swoks gone, I can finally explore again! After his timer ends you can see pilots saying: -Maybe Swoks died and someone took his name. Or maybe... Swoks can't die. -Exploring empty sectors is off the table with Swoks around. -Are you sure? How can Swoks be back? Wasn't he killed? -Whoever said they beat Swoks was a liar! He jumped me while I was mining. Took almost everything I had.
  14. Then why do NPCs not need to boost? Is it just to make them easier targets?
  15. Okay, so Swoks is a "pirate king" that all in the iron and titanium sectors fear...so why does no one acknowledge when he's killed -or when he comes back? And why does beating him have no result from factions? My suggestion is beating Swoks should: 1) Have a faction territory he was near pay you a bounty for him (faction claiming the nearest civilized sector) 2) Gain some rep with faction territory he was near (factions of the stations in the nearest civilized sectot) 3) Have ships acknowledge his destruction (in convos and when "talking" to each other) 4) Have people question his destruction when he comes back
  16. Problem: Loot (and wrecks) are despawning too fast in and after large battles. An example is my latest fight against Swoks (I'm fighting him every 15 minutes, this guy's stalking me, I swear): I killed him and his fleet in about 90 seconds. While salvaging the second ship in the line (less than 5 minutes from entering the sector) loot was despawning -I'm assuming due to the number of items present in the sector (lots of dropped upgrades, torpedoes, etc). This can get annoying, and if crowding is the issue, this suggestion might help (suggestion here) : Upon destruction, ships drop "escape pods" and "armored vaults" (which do not despawn, and carry the color of the highest-tier item they possess) and carry the various loot from the ship's destruction -all the scrap and some alloy remains scattered for the "destruction" effect, and you can find more by luck if salvaging as you do now, but the majority of the "loot" is located in these small boxes that sit next to the wreck to reduce the amount of crowding in the sector and prevent the rushed despawning of loot and wreckage. A way to make it further reduce crowding would be for ships to simply "acquire" the escape pods and vaults with tractor beams, and allow players to "search" them at the end of the fight -akin to loot boxes in some other games.
  17. Suggestion is as title states: I should see the names of the ships first on a map display, and if something gets cut off, it should be the class of the ship.
  18. It just gets messy trying to see where everything is and keep track of it all with everything going into one box I'd suggest making some categories for the suggestions to be put into: Balance Suggestions Block Suggestions Weapon Suggestions Mission Suggestions Command and AI Suggestions Quality of Life Suggestions Something like that would make keeping track of suggestions easier
  19. My current ship (iron/titanium tier of building) took 5% damage from fighting him just now -I didn't even shoot down most of the torpedoes that were launched -I just let them hit while blasting ships- and I also rammed him... 5% damage by the time they were all dead. Same ship in "The Missing Freighters"... I take 5% damage against a single enemy, nearly get killed because there's 6 of them per wave, and have to retreat and lure the enemy into 1 on 1 fights for 10 minutes. The standard pirates are nearly killing me. And the "pirate lord"... is a joke.... this isn't right Reduce the number of corvettes that show up in "the missing freighter" missions (to make them difficult, but not on par with Swoks), and buff Swoks' fleet a bit. My IDEAL solution would be to actually make Swoks a wave-based fight (ex: he sits back invulnerable and launches a wave of pirates, a wave of marauders and raiders, then a wave of corvettes at you before going after you himself -with a wave of raiders as backup) with the number of waves increasing based on the numeral at the end of Swoks' name. But really, any buff to his damage or his fleet's damage would be better... he's "a pirate lord" that everyone fears and talks about... he should be tougher than any common pirate mission in the iron/titanium sectors.
  20. I am plenty engaged with maneuvering and watching the shots land. Having to guess where the enemy stringbean -I mean ship- is and try to shoot at it while I do that is more irritating than anything else (for me).
  21. For when a suggestion gets answered -or when you realize there is already a suggestion like it (or when your suggestion is shown to be based off wrong info)
  22. Isn't that done with the salvage command?
  23. I use the notes all the time. I leave a "D" if I mined it to depletion, "CF" if there's a container field I haven't explored, "M" if I see a large mining asteroid, "CA" if there is a claimable asteroid, "W" if there are wrecks to salvage... I find it very useful.
  24. Movement in combat may be useful, but when mining or salvaging, moving while firing just makes things take longer -since the turrets now have to move to try to fire again, may not be able to fire from the new position, and may only have a short time to fire before the ship moves again. I would suggest that, if told to mine or salvage, the autopilot performs a check to see if it is firing before moving, and if it is, disables movement until the next decision to move, where the check is made again. This would make mining and salvaging with autopilot much more efficient (and tolerable to watch)
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