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  1. As finding weapons (be it through combat or through weapons sellers) is completely random, I'd like to be able to bring items to weapon factories and ask them to make specific types of weapons -and let THOSE have randomized stats. I know we can already bring items to factories and make weapons we have blueprints for.. but that requires that we have found the item we want already.
  2. I didn't even know that a despawn timer had been made for dropped turrets and upgrades, so I let them sit as a marker for where I defeated enemies (as a way to find the wrecks for salvaging) and just had a bunch of rare and exceptional tier items vanish because I took too long getting to them. This wasn't an exceedingly long time... this was less than 5 minutes -you can have fights that last significantly longer than that... and items that were hard-fought-for and hard-won disappearing before you reach them is just annoying. While I can appreciate having something "clean up" the active sectors, I really think that it would be better for the game to just pack all loose items within a certain area into a container of some sort instead of just having them vanish.
  3. Not the first time I have gotten a mission to a sector with no gates ("pirate base" section of the "missing freighter" mission set) that is in the middle of a tear in space and thus completely inaccessible... but this time did make me wonder why, even after all the updates, the game still doesn't check to make sure the area for a mission is accessible to the player. I really think this should be something the game does before making and handing out the coordinates for a mission
  4. Tired of getting potatoes as cargo to "disguise myself as a freighter". I'm tired of dumping the cargo that is meant to be a "bonus" because it's too difficult finding a place that buys it (some bonus... it's like getting a bag of recyclables as a tip -only you have to sort them then find a place that recycles them to get the money for it) Give me some believable cargo -even if it's a small amount of it- not something that can only be sold to one type of station and only 2/3 of which ACTUALLY BUY IT ...either that, or let me launch them at enemies by jettisoning them out torpedo tubes for a laugh, at least...
  5. I think it would be interesting to see the amount of a ship's crew drop from damage in combat (like hp below 70% or so, based on difficulty) -particularly from explosion weapons like missiles and canons (as they would be the ones to damage internal compartments when compared to chainguns or plasma guns). I think it would be fun to have to worry about losing and replacing crew outside of boarding actions and complete losses of the ship.
  6. Yet another one: You are a new recruit into a fledgling faction that is completely obliterated save for you and your tutorial mentor -who has decided simply to try to survive in the unforgiving galaxy, but will help you to make your own decision, be it to become a wandering adventurer, or to rebuild the faction and seek vengeance/galactic domination. Lots of options.
  7. and that would make another use for shipyards/repair yards (or even potentially scrapyards)... all of which I would enjoy because a lot of these stations seem to be there to be there, more than anything
  8. I'd like to see some different starts and stories. Sure, they all end up doing the same thing, but I'd like some differing perspectives, such as a pirate start -you start off having just started as a pirate under your mentor, who leads you through how to build and upgrade, how to raid and smuggle, and eventually how to track down a way to stop the Xsostan because they are a nuisance to everyone. It would just add a bit of variance and I think it would be fun to see things like this.
  9. I'd like to suggest a few things. 1) Ships unable to construct new blocks on themselves without a "construction bay", which is limited in items it can add to a ship based on its quality. 2) As this would mean the inability to replace critical components without this item, I would suggest a "distress beacon" for ships to call a craft that either acts as a mobile shipyard (for a higher price), or docks with your ship and tows it to a shipyard (also for a price) 3) I would also like to see items built on ships outside of shipyards take time to appear and come into effect (based on the size of the crew and the size of the item), rather than being instantly created
  10. I would find it interesting if, in addition to the "good/bad/neutral" relations system the player has with factions, if the missions that players were offered were based on a mission reputation stat that the player has as well (which is a factor of missions taken compared to missions abandoned, failed, and completed successfully). Like they have a stat for their delivery, sourcing, and combat missions and the higher their stat for each of these, the more (and more valuable) missions of these types they are given. Oversimplified Ex (a -5 to +10 scale where proceeding to higher numbers on each end of 0 becomes progressively harder): Delivery stat: 3 (player has taken 3 missions, abandoned 1 -causing a penalty, but not as large as a failed mission penalty, but completed 2 successfully). player will get offers for medium-paying deliveries Sourcing stat: -1 (player has taken 4 missions. completed 1, abandoned 1, failed 2. player is unlikely to be offered sourcing missions except for very low profit margins) Combat stat: 7 (player has taken and successfully completed 17 combat missions. Stations are eager to give combat missions including "Wanted" missions and war missions), and pay well for them. This wouldn't replace the current diplomacy system, it would just be an add-on to it. The relations with a faction would still determine whether they talk to you, the prices they offer for trade, etc. This would only impact which missions of which mission type the player is offered, if the player has the diplomatic relations to be offered missions.
  11. We see wrecked ships, I think it would be neat if, sometimes, those wrecked ships had stranded fighters or shuttles with them, and you had the option of 1) Accepting them with their vehicle (if you have a hangar and do not have a bad reputation) 2) Accepting the people into your crew (assuming you do not have bad relations with the faction) 3) Agreeing to notify their related faction and accepting a reward after doing so 4) Forcibly take the ships and eliminate or ransom the crews (if you have bad relations/play as a pirate) I just think this would be neat, give some variety to always finding lifeless ships, and that it would be cool for "Collect Lost Fighters" to have a secondary use in the game.
  12. Would make it much simpler, rather than trying to remember how many engineers and mechanics and miners and gunners I am looking for/what efficiency rating I am at, if the ship's statistics showed in the hiring menu
  13. I've been saying this for a while now, but: Fighter Factories in iron, titanium, and naonite sectors make no sense, neither do most of the fighters they offer for sale. This is because by the time you get fighters, an iron mining fighter is practically useless -you are at the very least in trinium mining and production. SUGGESTION: Make available highly expensive craft with advanced parts in shipyards. This would mean that you could buy craft with, for example, shields, or a carrier that actually carries things because it has a hangar while in the iron sectors. Due to the (relatively) new tech tree, this would not break the game, as the player would not be able to do anything with the materials if they remove the item because they cannot rebuild it themselves (they can at best rebuild a ship around the item they bought the ship for), and it would not be a viable way of sourcing materials in the early sectors, as the price would be very high. This would enable rare encounters against lightly shielded craft or carriers while in early sectors, allow the player to have access to fighters (by purchasing them) at lower tiers, AND make the existence of fighter factories in titanium regions (and iron/titanium fighters in general) logical.
  14. I got paid 300k to help one faction fight a battle against another faction. Naturally, the end result is I am now at war against that faction -given I had decent relations with them beforehand, the 300k doesn't really seem to cover the relations damage I took (especially given that to fix it I have to pay a few million). I suggest that either on military missions, you be granted a "Letter of Marque" for fighting in the sector of the mission where your relations with the other faction won't drop to "at war", or that you get an upgrade that prevents your ship from being identified for X minutes (before being destroyed) so your actions don't hurt your relations.
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