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  1. Quoted from Avorion Discord ... "Essentially, I think I get what Blackhorse wants. He wants a ship that can allow other crafts around it to safely remove permanent installed upgrades, regardless of what type of craft it is." ... Especially for/to isolated stations ... Exactly. We don't even have to tie this capability to our established concept of an Eq Dock - call it somthing else - just give it a ship-based ability to swap-out system upgrades without destroying the replaced upgrade chips.
  2. I have a need to add a fleet support support ship that can dock with isolated stations and ships so that they can safely remove upgrade chips without destroying them. I am not concerned about the Stores/Purchase aspect of said ship, only the capability to park with a ship or station in isolated space to help that ship or station swap-out lower-quality upgrade chips without destroying them, so that other ships & stations in the player fleet can make use of those same upgrades. A ship-based EqDock function would allow players to swap-out system chips on their stations and ship-founded "pseudo stations" without having to destroy the replaced chips ... I want a ship that I can build to fit the aesthetics of my fleet, ie, fit-in, and function like a limited-capability EqDock, but travel at-speed, under it's own power, with the fleet like any other ship in the fleet, for the express purpose of being able to allow system chips to be changed-out in space, especially at isolated stations, and when an EqDock station is not otherwise accessible. This is a player-controlled boat - not an NPC merchant. Cruiser-based EqDock would be a great thing for Fleet Ops ... Sure, give it a limited Store, limited block-count, no problem, but allow the chip-swaps. Or am I missing something in the game mechanics ? No, there is NOT a mod for that ...
  3. Would be helpful for sorting and general map-navigation.
  4. Seems to me that this has been suggested before, but it never hurts to read it worded a different way. So, an up-boat There, and an up-boat Here ..
  5. Agree ... Whenever I have to drive through Pea Soup sectors, I "pulse" the engines ... On my particular Scout boat, I even added a skid-plate for skipping-off those sudden asteroids, but that presents it's own problems.
  6. Absolutely agree ... And as I have written in Suggestions & Idea Voting, I like to Recover my pilots. They really need to be treated like valuable objects, highlighted by the Object Detector, or visually identified with a slow strobe. The whole terminology needs to be reworked, too - When fighters RTB, and losses are displayed by absence, there should be a warning text to advise "x pilots missing" to indicate that there are recoverable pilots floating around in space ...
  7. Need a Turret base that locks turrets to a fantail sort of covered arc, maintaining Independent Targeting focus sternward to engage pursuing enemies, especially torpedoes. Think of it as a fanny duster ...
  8. I like to recover my Pilots ... I think there's a terminology problem with the whole Fighter thing ... When fighters go out, their pilots should register as "x Pilot(s) OUT", and when the fighters RTB, their pilots should register as "x Pilot(s) IN" ... When fighters are destroyed, but pilots survive, those pilots should register in the wing-display as "Lost" or "Missing" ... Surviving Lost/Missing pilots really need to be located via Object Detector, or, it would otherwise make great sense to have some sort of slow strobe or beacon attached to each pilot's harness or pod, just as it is SOP for earth-bound aircrew IRL today. If nothing else, give them a special whirligig like the weapon/system pick-ups that float around in space - right now, they are difficult to see.
  9. Chat Bubbles from other ships have an annoying propensity to pop-up at moments when the combat field of view is 100-times more important than any stupid chat bubble - and when they pop-up in the middle of a close-range furball, it's absolutely maddening ... Having to mouse them into transparency is just as big a distraction as the actual chat bubble, and I do not need that rude shift from fighting the battle to fighting the additional screen-clutter. Chat bubbles were cute at first, but now they're just a pain in the butt ... Let's either put them on an On/Off toggle in the settings, put them on a transparency slider, or make them disappear entirely when the first shot is fired ...
  10. Reduced for brevity, though all your text was good with me ... Via Discord, you may have already read that I use asteroids built-as-ships to anchor my task forces at as I play-thru. Being able to tie that system module to each of my Forward Operating Bases would help alot with the RTB ...
  11. I like the first option - it's simple. To anyone who may find it too simple, just reduce the captured/converted crew by some small percentage to reflect those who may have refused to "Join Us" and thus were, uh, repatriated to their own space.
  12. A similar button for mass-recovery of fighters would also be a good thing, and could effectively serve the intent of the Cease Fire button
  13. So, we can add Notes to the Map, which is a nifty function, but, more often than not, a simple icon would make all the notation I might need for a given sector .... Equipment Dock, Shipyard, Repair Yard, Torpedo Availability, Research Stn, etc ...
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