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  1. I like the first option - it's simple. To anyone who may find it too simple, just reduce the captured/converted crew by some small percentage to reflect those who may have refused to "Join Us" and thus were, uh, repatriated to their own space.
  2. A similar button for mass-recovery of fighters would also be a good thing, and could effectively serve the intent of the Cease Fire button
  3. So, we can add Notes to the Map, which is a nifty function, but, more often than not, a simple icon would make all the notation I might need for a given sector .... Equipment Dock, Shipyard, Repair Yard, Torpedo Availability, Research Stn, etc ...
  4. That said, I like the idea ... The topmost wing in all my CVs and Forward Operating Bases are the designated CAP at all times, and tend to have the shortest weapons range aboard. Your idea kinda dovetails with my idea about the CEASE FIRE button I suggested in another thread. You can usually put-up a short-ranged CAP w/o any problem, but if you put-up a heavier CAP with longer-ranged weapons and walk away, say to make a sandwich and grab a beer, then you risk an "unfortunate diplomatic incident" like the one I described in the CEASE FIRE Button thread.
  5. FYI .... CAP = COMBAT Air Patrol ... Origin is US Navy, WW2. Each CV was expected to launch a CAP to protect itself and the TF to which it was assigned during TF movement and operations. CIVIL Air Patrol is an entirely different thing.
  6. As an amateur historian in naval warfare, I'm not too bothered about having to go back to Base and/or find an Equipment Dock that sells torpedoes. Gives me an opportunity to see what else I might want in the store, and/or swap-out equipment. At the same time, I think the ability to mark the Galaxy Map with a "torpedo" icon for those locations where torps are sold would be a good QoL addition. After giving it more thought, hence an edit, I suppose that the ability to manufacture torps would be a good thing, but ought to come along at some level after your ability to buy them at the Equipment Dock
  7. I would like to see turrets for torpedoes ... Just as normal turrets do, torpedo turrets would swivel to the target, thus shortening the acquisition arc and travel-distance to target. It may not make any difference to some folks, but in my experience with the current config, if you have forward-oriented tubes, they don't work as well against targets in your wake. One of my ships has a forward array of torpedo launchers, and a couple of stern-chasers. My stern chasers work well if I bother to do the gyrations required to get the target lock behind me, but that effort washes about the same as doing an Immelmann to use the front tubes. Torpedo turrets on the hull-sides could swivel to meet targets fore and aft with no significant loss in travel distance - and no loss in "escape velocity" ...
  8. Gee, I've been playing Avorion for 3.5 years, I think ... Never knew there was an official forum until yesterday. I was in-on the Discord start-up, and thought that was a quantum-leap for the Avorion community.
  9. To accomplish What, though, and for what purpose - what do you intend to do with these artificial spaces? Stasis Boxes? .... what?
  10. I'd rather see the Positive Stop ... In the broader application, it would tie [ALL] the weapons of ALL your ships to a single, ever-present and prominent toggle. In my original suggestion on the Avorion Discord server, I put a priority on deployed Fighters in the wake of an unfortunate diplomatic "incident" that occurred with my CAP deployment while I was downstairs making a sandwich and grabbing a beer. If you've ever been a machine operator or a line-doggie, then you shouldn't have any problem equating this idea with that big, giant EMERGENCY STOP palm-switch or Tug Line always found at-hand within your work area.
  11. a CEASE-FIRE button for all deployed fighters would be a helpful thing ... Would go a long way towards preserving faction favor when [your] fighters start shooting thru Friendly ships & stations to kill a bad guy while in Defender mode. Could also be applied as a Fleet Command ... Requires prominent position in all menus/displays
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