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  1. On the map, I use the "richt click -> switch to ship" very often. It would be nice to have a button "switch to ship/sector" directly on the map, if a ship is selected in the list (so this can be done with just one click). Also a keybinding for "switch to ship/sector" would be very nice.
  2. SectorNameGenerator.generateSectorName_orig = SectorNameGenerator.generateSectorName function SectorNameGenerator.generateSectorName(x, y, count, seed) return "Prefix " .. SectorNameGenerator.generateSectorName_orig(x, y, count, seed) end
  3. I would like to create a mod that changes the names of the sectors displayed on the map. Is it possible to overwrite/extend this function in scripts/lib/sectornamegenerator.lua: function SectorNameGenerator.generateSectorName(x, y, count, seed) For example to return the current sector name but with a prefix like this: return "prefix" .. name
  4. Yes, would be awseome to adjust placed blocks with textbox - and to be able to pick placed blocks up to move them around.
  5. Very often I use this key combination in build mode: ctrl+c, ctrl+v, delete For example when I want to change the height of an already placed block. ctrl+c and delete could be done by ctrl+x.
  6. While building, I drag the windows (colors/blocks/mirror etc.) to different positions. But when I leave build mode and come back, all window positions are reset and closed! Please make each window remember its position (maybe a 'pin' button next to the close button). Further - I have enough space on my screen to open all windows at once. Why not let me open all the windows, instead of hiding colors window once I open blocks window. This could also be solved with the 'pin' button - pinned windows will not close and stay open at their position - not just for the current session but also next start of the game.
  7. I would like to combine serveral blocks into a group. For example a thruster that contains of serveral blocks will be one group called "thruster". Then I can click on the thruster, and all blocks in the group will be selected. This would be very usefull to quickly exchange parts of the ship without having to select each single block again.
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