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  2. Oh this has burned me. If you dont have enough power to jump and not enough money to build even solar panels, you're boned. A beacon would be quite helpful. Pre-pay for the beacon so the tow or mobile shipyard arrival is free.
  3. This would be very cool. Other thoughts in a similar vein: You are a member of a faction that is seeking to expand---your new stations are the faction's stations, and full accessible to you. They are simply controlled by the AI (with not that much of a difference, really).
  4. Yes. I don't board stations except to discard blocks and sell anymore. It's completely useless. If stations were conquerable AS THEY ARE, then it would be a good mechanic. If I'm boarding an accelerator factory, its because I dont want to spend 2billion+ credits building one on my own. Why would I board one, just to have to make a new one to begin with? Its kinda silly.
  5. This is a great idea. This could also be applied for "this sector is under attack by another faction!" Perhaps a Smuggler Captain being on board/as the captain could hide your ship's identity, fight off the invaders (even if you're allied) so that you don't suffer ill relations. Realistically, if I were the faction being attacked and I saw my "ally" just sitting there doing nothing, I might start shooting at them as a foreign combatant or a spy if the relations were bad or hostile.
  6. I have noticed that the moment you put a coaxial turret on a ship, it gets smarter. It points that coaxial towards its target and things its shooting at die faster. This isn't because its pointing a bigger gun. It's because it isn't whippeting around like a dumb butt. I've watched my ships without coaxials spin around, get dumb, point most of guns away from baddies for minutes at a time until the enemy maneuvers into its firing arc. In fleet operations, that's very, very bad. Presently, you cannot get a coaxial turret that is less than 5 slots, and 6 slots is the norm. Naturally, that means that only larger ships can have a coaxial turret. Add a new block to the game--its invisible, doesn't have a "material" to it (or is just by default 0 avorion to place) and can be placed anywhere. The surface that it is placed upon is the plane/surface that the ship will deliberately point towards the ship it is attacking, just as the AI does with coaxials. Additionally, or as an "or", allow turret factories to convert turrets into coaxials (as well as coaxials into regular turrets), and remove the size restriction so coaxials can be 1 slot. Its already in the game (admin mode can produce 1slot coaxial chainguns for instance), but having it so that nothing changes until/unless a player goes to a turret factory to convert a turret could be greatly beneficial and might be easier than adding an invisible "coax" block. Alternatively, perhaps a "tactics" option for each ship/group would be something that could be considered? Aggressive/Dagger--Ship will close to tight range (lowest weapon's range) and engage (<3km) Aggressive/Assault--Ship will act like it has a coaxial weapon on the point of the ship (determined by engine direction) (Approx 3km) Aggressive/Bombard--Ship will close to a point in which a majority of its weapons are in range (>3km) Defensive-Passive/Bombard--Ship will attempt to keep at longest weapon's range (>6km) Defensive/Retreat--Ship will put as much distance as possible between itself and enemy ships (Xkm) Neutral--Ship is a honey badger, honey badger don't give a
  7. I like this. It would also be good to have a design option for the drone. 200 block design like fighters, allowing players to make their own drones with available materials.
  8. When you are selecting a ship, there is one option for "convert ship to x material" and then a secondary "convert unavailable to blank hull" This needs a reconsideration. "Convert ship to X Material" followed by "Convert unavailable blocks to Y material below X," and then "convert all remaining unavailable blocks to blank hull or framework" So if I'm trying to down-convert an avorion ship to trinium for instance, shields and gyros and whatnot will change to trinium. What about inertial dampeners? Blank hull. Those should downgrade to iron by default. Or an avo/ogo ship to naonite--same for the inertial dampeners, but any armor (ogo) should have an option of downgrading down to titanium instead of right now, where "convert to blank hull" results in a smooth armored ship turning into an ugly brickabracabricks. Further, adjusting the number of slots the ship takes should have more options, up to +/- 4.
  9. Please add a command both on map , autopilot, and strategy screen for a ship to collect all modules in system so it doesn't have to be a manually intensive process.
  10. Laserzwei's shipyard mod covers this, and it would be very cool to see it incorporated into main game.
  11. I've been getting this for a while. Happened when I switched one of my three screens to vertical, but not the primary screen. It doesn't seem to affect gameplay.
  12. Alternatively---cargo is held until buildmode is exited if the player is choosing to cut cargo down--and a message flashes (you are about to lose cargo!) before exiting.
  13. The 1.0 system needs to be put back for minor operations. The 2.0 system works amazing for large mining fleets (eg mine is doing 5mil/hr for trin at the moment) without me needing to pay attention. but for smaller operations? Nah, its awful. It DOES do wonders for server stability, particularly mining fleets with fighters, but early on you dont need a 5 hour op to get 1 hour of materials, nor do you want it. It is quite simply an awful waste of time. A balance must be struck.
  14. Being able to choose which sector is active would be golden, as right now if you have ships in a sector that's inactive, you have to use the 2.0 commands to get them to fast travel to an active sector, or fast travel them further away in order to get them to where they're supposed to be going because "that sector is within one jump of the ship, cannot fast travel"--but wait! there's more!--"that sector is not yet loaded" Also making it so sectors that are not loaded can still fast-travel ships even if they're within one jump.
  15. Supply station is off, too. I want to supply my turret factory but can only choose from my own factories? o_O
  16. Yyyyyyyep. This little issue ruined my day for my god killer. ;_; Still sitting in drydock, hoping to be used again someday.
  17. Exposition as normal text. Bold text as suggestions. The attached images are of a "Dyson Sphere" that was the product of about 60 hours of work, requiring a market equivalence of 100,000,000,000 credits to construct. (approx 60,000,000,000 actual credits, 40,000,000,000 in resources). Though I am sure there are more costly stations out there, I don't believe anybody has constructed anything even remotely as complicated as this one. This was also completed within about five weeks of a full server reset. (Humble brag +1) (Edit: On that note, we might want to talk about economy, as I have officially gamed the system so hard that nobody could possibly catch up to the GMF Alliance.) In the third image, the "tug" that you can see is about 4km long. It is server-max on volume, and is effectively nothing but thrusters with a little engine to move gigaton scale objects around. It doesn't work very well admittedly, but it was enough I suppose. In the fourth image you can see a Star Trek Next Gen canon-scaled Galaxy class inside the sphere. I cannot state it enough. This project was viewed as "Fing insanity" by many others including admins and the server owner too. My gut says that had it not been for my active efforts in doing everything to resolve server load for this thing between inertial dampeners, constantly going in to click on and enter each station to kill the jumpy bug, and actively decancering it, the admins may have been forced to delete the sector just for server stability. Props to the owner for allowing it to stay after all of it considering how often GMF home sector popped up as "oh my god why is this thing murdering my server." Though at this time the station is more or less complete, being an amalgamation of 27 total stations linked through magic and heresy to a single central station which is the "star" in the middle. For some reason I'm lacking screenshots of the completed station before I had to partially deconstruct it to fix the GPU cancer that was afflicted upon any/all visitors. You devs are welcome to join up on Tree-Cafe and request a joining of the GMF (Galactic Monetary Fund) for a quick dock/transport to the galactic core to see it for yourselves. You would need to join the discord and ask for a GMF representative though. They'll point to someone that can help. As always, if you have minerals to sell, GMF will buy them. (the plug cannot be stopped, GMF basically owns the galaxy). I believe that this station has more or less pushed the upper limits of what is even possible to do in Avorion on a more or less totally vanilla server. (Tree Cafe 1) The construction of this monstrous amalgamation was at the very least, exceedingly difficult (and has since still been left partially deconstructed because of these issues and general frustration). Stations/tug would randomly decide to fly off at near light speed upon undocking. There was an incident in which the first Dyson structure was in process of docking a contracted shipyard (alliance member) and it flew away at near light speed. It eventually came to a halt about 5500km away. Rather than shrink it down and bring it back quickly (crew as already in place), I instead elected to, out of spite, send the tug and slowly bring it back just because. That process took about 3 hours, and the risk of it happening again was unfortunately omnipresent. Individual station pieces would randomly jump/jolt (and still do) between 0m/s and 1000+m/s velocity. Reasoning is unknown, but it does occur. Desyncs with this issue can result in undocking and flying/flailing dyson pieces. One of which did result in a server issue, as one of the pieces wound up desyncing and getting stuck inside the bounding boxes of the other 20 stations resulting in the entire 25gigaton (ish) structure jumping around like a kangaroo mouse on speed. The docking process itself was nightmarish, in that the docking mechanism pulls to the center of mass, not the nearest dock. There were times in which I had carefully pushed/pulled/maneuvered massive structures up to the central piece in which there was a docking port less than 2 meters away from the structure, and rather that clip in and latch, it would pull the structure off center. This alone cost at least 20 hours of the process in total. Exceedingly frustrating where it does not need to be. For that, it would be best if you guys would create a way for docks to lock to each other based on user input. A way for the player to effectively highlight a dock in building mode on one, and then go to building mode on the other, highlight the dock that is desired, and then the docking procedure pulls only those two docks together. Edit: A Ship module called "Tug Power" or something like that, that increases the overall engine power, thruster capability, and so forth would be golden for builders like myself. The natural counterpoint would be "ship can no longer carry offensive weaponry" meaning that the ship would require an escort. Naturally this would make moving stations and asteroids to different sectors far more smooth. Additionally, docking is full on broken in other ways. You cannot fast-travel (captain command) with a docked object, as this results (in a documented case with a station) in situations where an admin must be contacted and called in, because the station is bouncing between 200-500km from sector center at literal light speed. There is not enough of a time delay for active stations before they push other objects out of the way. If a station like this were to completely desync for example, there would be a symphony of utter chaos as 27 stations docking ports suddenly start pushing against one another, shoving 600Mt-2.2Gt objects around like they're massless. It is the sole reason that my alliance GMF has restricted access to station management (accidental undock all being the other side of that issue.) An individual station management gui to clarify within the alliance that alliance members may have access to manage stations except stations specifically marked/toggled on the build screen would resolve that. A way to pre-set where stations will be docked and an autopilot module that will line up said docks without player manual manipulation would be a massive boon for such a project for those crazy like foxes to do it, as well as simpler smaller stations. Docking is one of the coolest yet most frustrating things in this game at this time. Multi-hull ships actually cause enormous issues (admin and I to test at some point for your data points). In addition to this amalgamation, I created a multi-hull ship in ship which didn't quite cheat server rules, but showed something interesting. Docked ships inside of other ships or stations create massive latency and makes servers excessively angry. This is a pity, as the entire point of the multi-hull ship was to take advantage of the docking mechanism as it was given. The result was a ship with 2mil dps, insane maneuverability, 1trillion impenetrable shields, and over 2million cargo space within a combined hull of about 400m m^3. It was initially higher but I rebuilt it and shrank it so it could fit inside the passageways of the sphere in the pictures. Basically another fanatical undertaking because I think of things and then do them. It is my hope that you guys will see this, and at some point in the future the admin and I will be able to provide server data that covers this from the development perspective. Summary: Docking is broke as hell, but also cool as hell. Nothing quite like flinging a 1Gt object around like a dervish via a ship that masses in the Kiloton range. It's hilarious. If you join up I'll be happy to show that off too. -Halcyon Addendum: Further enhancements that I can suggest for docking in general (in addition to "hard dock" as kinda suggested by kamots below for the physics engine): Hard dock described: Functionally make docked objects single objects--cut down on server load. I can't think of how the rest of the physics engine would be any different than what it already is. Station Thrusters/Engines: Add engine/thruster blocks to stations with a required module with a caveat--stations despite having the module cannot move on their own, but their engines/thrusters can be operated by a docked ship, increasing the ability of the ship to operate/maneuver the station around. Active Mobile Stations: If Hard dock were a thing with single operating structure physics and station thrusters/engines, truly magnificent structures/vessels could be created. This could be achieved through a new module called something "Mobilization Module" with a similar restriction as the further above suggested Tug module. "Cannot be equipped with offensive weapons modules" and "unique." With only the legendary version also adding in up to 4 offensive weapon slots. This module would allow for a station to be active while being transported, and additionally there would need to be a module on the tug which would dictate how many stations it could carry with it, (1/2/4/6/8/12/16). These would allow players to effectively build city ships that could take their factories to optimal locations (within reason similar to proposed limitations). I had heard rumor of one modder planning something similar to this but I think he's on a boat somewhere in the frozen waters of the Caribbean deep above the skies of the rocky mountains at the moment or something, and that rumor is over a year old. Hard dock would also kill issues with de-sync, allow for multiple-hull ships to operate without issue of desync (it happens a LOT more often than it should) but may also come up with other issues, which would probably necessitate yet another module that I've outlined before as "Parasite/Command" module pairs.
  18. Totally agree. Large ships by default should be slower. The curve for engine requirement to high acceleration needs to be steeper the larger the ship is. Whereas a smaller ship should be default be far faster, harder to hit. There also needs to be a point in which even hit-scan weapons can miss due to maneuverability. At this time, if the AI shoots at you, you're getting hit---regardless of weaponry.
  19. Most players will operate one primary ship. A few operate in strategy mode from a command ship and just tell their fleet what to do like playing homeworld. In the real world, there are command and control networks, combat information centers. Where one ship has better guns, another may have better detection systems, better radar/lidar/scanning, and so forth. Having a single ship have a CIC module would hurt its overall power, but increase the player's overall visibility. For instance, one ship has 2 deepscan modules, so it can see 10 sectors away. But, the player has to enter that ship in order to see it. A CIC module would bring the other ship's scanning information to the control/primary ship. Same goes for in system scanners, if you've got a ship or two that acts as a screen and they have scanners, then your main ship now has access to those scanners. Each of your fleets has a single wing of fighters? You could just tell your entire fleet to attack, or you could have control links from your fleet on your primary ship and tell them exactly what fighters are to launch from which ships and at what targets rather than "fiyuuuur eeeveryyything!" moments.
  20. honestly, this would give people a reason to use scanners.... set a base detection range based on ship size (assumption of multiple scanning arrays) with a max of 10km That's well within lightning gun range. Obviously when something shoots at you your scanners can see it now, but SUPRISE! Adding scanners like, legendary grade (which I think go up to 400%) would increase your scanning range out to 50km. I like the idea. Adds depth.
  21. Apart from many other QOL's/Suggestions here, I feel one definitely needs its own post. Click-itus is severe with the base game. It is bad enough that I have to step away not because of time or desire to play, but because of physical fatigue. There are mods that take care of some of this problem, like "Auto Research" by rinart73 (mod 1731575231) and "Trash Manager" by Chefkoch (mod 1788913474), but they are not base game, and thus on official servers, one must make the death of a thousand clicks just to do research, clean out stash of junk, and so forth. The sheer magnitude of clicking required when you've got 1000-2000 items in either your stash or your alliance stash or both is intense. Add in the server latency and effectively having to click the same thing twice and its far, far worse. Trash Mod is simple: Click Material. Click Quality. Click Mark. Go to Scrapyard or Equipment Dock and either scrap or sell. Auto Research is as simple. Between servers that use these and servers that don't, my left-button finger feels the difference almost instantly. Alternatively, make it so that "vanilla Avorion" servers can add these mods for QOL sake without losing vanilla status, as they have zero bearing on gameplay outside of physical fatigue. Another joy is anything you need to buy. Torpedoes. There's a mission now for that, but that means you have to let your ship run off into neverneverland outside of your control for X amount of time in order to refill your stocks. What are you doing now as a player? Sitting around, waiting to get your drone shot by pirates. There's a mod called "Torpedo Production" by jakecool (mod 2053583501) that works relatively well outside of getting bugged any time a ship you use any 2.0 map command where it kills all of your production and forces you to re-set every production terminal. But without that on a vanilla server, what are you doing? Clickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclickclick. This is truly unnecessary physical fatigue that could be handled with some QOL updates. Even a "Buy all" next to the buy button for a specific torpedo would be a solid improvement.
  22. Not all of my past ideas have any real bearing post 2.0, so I'm going back through them and picking/choosing the ones I think would make this game better. With thoughts of what could be done to enhance the overall universe of Avorion, make it richer and give it more depth in several avenues. Take presently, we have 7 Elements. Iron, Titanium, Naonite, Trinium, Xanion, Ogonite, Avorion. These are the only factors in what give a ship its capabilities outside of modules, in which there are only up to 15 allowed. However, there are other ways to side-ways enhance this base concept. One is individual element enhancement through research and development. Another is additional modules and specializations. There are missing curves in the base game. Presently, an iron ship, unless you like playing ironman, will have a difficult time fighting its way through to the core of the galaxy. But what if there are other enhancements? Major Ideas: Ship Specialization - Modules Regular Modules Technology QOL Updates Ship Specialization A size 15 ship has 15 slots. A size 6 ship has 6 slots. However, specialization in any way requires a significant drop in other capabilities far beyond what make sense. If you want a ship that travels fast so that you can 2.0 travel anywhere in the galaxy in a short period of time (which is honestly fairly imbalanced to a degree), you have to install a boat load of hyperspace modules which reduces shields, guns, etc. So specialize your ships! Every ship receives a new tab: Specialization. Note!: Though regular modules for the most part can be placed in the specialization tab, they are not specialized modules, therefore work at a 25% efficiency rate (if legendary) whether in a primary slot or a subslot to a primary slot. EG: A Legendary Hyperspace Module with -30% hyperspace cooldown would only grant a -7.5% cooldown rate. A petty grade hyperspace module would be absolutely useless even if it were a good petty, with a likely maximum of -2.5% cooldown rate. However, if you did not want to specialize, you could absolutely load the entire specialization with hyperspace modules to get a roughly equivalent effect of 1-2 regular modules. Options and balance. All ships start with a single specialization box available. Dependent on size of the ship, they could get more specialization slots, identified in inventory as "Specialization" so they're easy to search. 1-4 slot ships would get 2 specialization slot max 2 subslots 5-9 slot ships would get 3 specialization slots max 3 subslots 10-15 slot ships would get 4 specialization slots max 4 subslots 16 equivalence slot ships would get 5 specialization slots (explained further down) max 5 subslots Specialization slots would have subslots that can increase the overall prowess of the specialization slots. So very similar to the module tab but far more focused. For example, a 1 slot ship with one of my other suggestions for a "fighter/corvette module" would allow that ship to have its single slot module plus the specialization of a fighter/corvette module that would grant the ship the same dodge% as a regularly launched fighter, making the obviously smaller, weaker craft far more capable in battle. Enemy ships could also have these as options making some "obvious direct hits" for smaller craft miss completely. The specialization slot would be solo on a 1 slot ship, but add in a second slot to the ship, and the specialization slot would also receive a subslot. So now you'd have 2 regular module slots, a primary specialization slot, and a subslot for a total of four slots. These subslots would be able to host regular modules if the primary slot was a specialization slot that directly tied in with it. Suggested specializations: To preset things regarding a potential specialization tab--Xsotan Artifacts would not be eligible for use in this tab, and sub-slots would only provide 2-10% added benefits to a primary specialization slot dependent on rarity/power unless otherwise stated. Specializations would introduce Primary Modules and Sub Modules. Sub Modules could be utilized in several ways. A Repair Dock Station would have a baseline repair field for instance--therefore anything within 5km could receive added benefit from a powerful shield/hull repair turret used as a sub-module. Granted, repair turrets would be more direct, faster, but sometimes you don't need now. You just need eventually. A Patrol Boat Primary Module could receive added benefit from a sub-module as Radar/Scanner. Granted, using a regular module slot for scanners would give you a vastly superior bonus, but sometimes you don't have that module slot to spare. I think you get the picture. Benefits, added benefits, but soft benefits. Mothership/Parasite Primary Modules Mothership allows the docking of ships with parasite specialization Parasite ships show up as fighters and dock as fighters to special docking blocks (Parasite Blocks) Once docked, parasite ships TCS modules integrate entirely so that if the mothership does not wish to deploy the ships, their guns are still usable from the mothership on an auto-turret/non controlled fashion--they just work. Once docked, parasite ships provide 25% of their excess power to the mothership. Once docked, parasite ships provide 25% of their shield health to the mothership's count. Once docked, parasite ships are covered by the mothership's shielding Once docked, Parasite allows a ship to dock with ships with mothership specialization Parasite Module/Mothership module are mutually exclusive, cannot be installed on the same ship. Parasite Ships may have as many as 6 slots, but no more, unless they also have a Station Module equipped Parasite Ships have a hard limit on how many turrets they may have based on their volume (even in a modded environment) Since the AI is presently dumb-dumb when it comes to docking, a quick-dock hotkey would be necessary to force a parasite ship to dock instantly to its designated spot. As many as 16 Parasite ships may be docked, set in teams for ease in quick-deploy situations (instead of individually selecting them and telling them to undock in the midst of battle) All Parasite Ships Engines/Thrusters/Directional Thrusters/Inertial Dampeners capacity are transferred to the mothership and controlled by the mothership at 50% This would require two additional docking blocks to be added Parasite Dock Block Mothership Dock Block The mothership would require a new tab similar to the fighter tab in which each docked ship could be teamed up/show up in similar fashion to fighters, allowing for the player to set them up as teams for easy undock procedures, and possibly even number the docks themselves. The parasite/mothership dock block combo would be required, as a parasite dock block could not dock with anything except a mothership dock block. Patrol Module Primary Module Ship that specializes in scanning incoming ships Grants 10% increased chance to hit for any friendly within a 50km radius Grants a 10% damage bonus for any hit by friendlies within a 50km radius Grants a reduction in dodge chance for any friendly ship regarding enemy fighters There are diminish returns for amount of patrol boat modules active in system, meaning that optimally any player would want 1-3 and no more in their fleet or in their core system, and no loophole by having your ships plus alliance ships mesh (no doubling). If you have 1 fleet patrol boat and 1 alliance patrol boat and another friendly player patrol boat, you would still only have 17%, and if it were 3 you, 3 alliance, 3 friendly player or even 3 from an AI faction, that would be 12, and be about a 21% bonus. Add in 3 from a second friendly player and you'd get up to about 22%. Max cap is 25% 1 boat 10% 2 boats 15% 3 boats 17% 5 boats 18% 7 boats 19% 9 boats 20% 11 boats 21% 15 boats 22% 21 boats 23% etc Patrol Boat Module can work with a Parasite Module Minimum 4 slots Missile Combat Module Primary Module A ship that emphasizes long range combat. >15km This ship will stay at maximum range at all times if possible, based on the lowest range on any of their turrets This ship can fire all torpedo tubes at once instead of the AI for some reason only ever firing a single torp despite having many tubes available. (why is that?) Optimal armament for this ship is long range rails, rocket launchers, and good torpedoes. Missile Boat Module can work with a Parasite Module. Minimum 4 slots Gunship Combat Module Primary Module A ship that emphasizes short range knife/dagger combat <5km This ship will stay as close as possible to an enemy ship to act as a blunt instrument as well as a screen for your primary ships, shooting down torpedoes/etc as well as distracting enemy ships from your other specialized vessels. This ship gains a bonus armed turret slot for each 2 turrets placed, therefore making it far more of a gunship if only 1 slot low range (and typically low dps) weapons are used. Gun Boat Module can work with a Parasite Module Minimum 4 slots Station Modules Primary Module Station module premise is a parasite ship that acts as the following station types, allowing the player to take their base with them without having to deal with the honestly clunky, terrible present situation of "if I want to use it I have to undock it, wait ten minutes for no reason, use it, set it to transport mode, redock it" Lets skip the unnecessary and go with the core of it. Honestly, when turret hunting with several turret factories in tow, it is astoundingly bad on my fingers and tendonitis inducing. There's far too much click-requirement in this game really. This is just one part of it. Scrapper (scrapyard without a scrapyard for turret destruction) Equipment Research Fighter Factory Turret Factory Repair Dock Shipyard Casino Habitat Biotope Resource Module (Resource Depot) Station Modules are a special case and have their own requirements: Are still covered by mothership's shielding Do not affect local station count related to other faction territory May only be installed on ships that already have a parasite module because what's the point---if you don't want a station module, go build an actual station. May only be installed on ships that are at least 8 slots. Since 4-9 slot ships can only have 2 specializations anyways, this acts as a minor balance. Any ship or station with a parasite module and station module installed would not grant any excess power over to the mothership like actual parasite ships. Station module overrides the parasite module in that regard. Prices for items on a parasite station are by default higher by 1000% for some stations. Its obviously more difficult for traders/scrappers/salvagers to find said station to deliver goods as its always on the move. 1000% higher prices: Equipment Module - AOE Module removal unaffected A gun that would normally cost c1,000,000 now costs c10,000,000 A module that costs c5,000,000 now costs c50,000,000 Resource Depot/Module Resources available for trade that would normally cost about c7 (iron) now cost c70, but actual refining would maintain its standard pricing. Shipyard build cost 1000% higher Repair dock tow cost 10000% higher if ship to be repaired is out of system, standard cost if in system. Because obviously new contracts have to be established with locals for a tow ship. ;0 Free if within 5km of the ship that has been destroyed. 5km repair field AOE, based off of a sub-module slot (repair gun) Biotope, Habitat, Casino would have their own oddball perks Gain an AOE similar to Equipment module's module removal Once within 3km of any station, provided they have transporter modules/transporters, these stations would be able to trade with a nearby station and the player of course would gave proceeds from anything sold at 1000% with no purchase penalties, since they're dealing with regular stations. Research station gains a c10,000 credit/research option carried out. Player pays for the convenience of not having to travel somewhere to get their research done. Station Modules Require a Parasite Module in order to be installed. Station Modules may not be used with a Mothership Module. Station Modules once active and docked act just like a regular station outside of other operational changes as listed above. Prices and perks are all dependent on the quality of the module--Legendary modules are the perks as listed above for best possible pricing. Station Modules cannot move on their own outside of thrusters/directional thrusters, as they are effectively stations. Thrusters/Directional Thrusters/Inertial Dampeners - yes Engines - No Station modules are stations first, meaning that they must be built as stations prior to having the modules installed. Factory Module Primary Module Similar to Station Modules Limited to size S Must have a minimum of 10 slots Do not affect other faction station counts Require only to be within 3km of another vessel to trade Act as factories in most other fashions as normal As Station Modules, they are factories first and must be built as factories prior to having the modules installed. This is a significant risk--as most people are not going to want to build an Accelerator Factory and then have it blown off in the middle of battle. To live is to risk. Up to the player. No factory that is Size M or above may have a Factory/Parasite/Station Module installed. In order to dock to a mothership, the mothership must be equipped with a Capitol Module in addition to the Mothership module for parasites. Electronic Warfare Module (AWACS) Primary Module A module that is more of a big brother to the Patrol Module in some regards. Its combat capabilities are deliberately de-emphasized for a direct increase to AOE Fleet perk capabilities. All perks are assumed to be of a legendary grade module -50% TCS Capacity +25% Defensive Turret Capacity Only two EWM ships may be active in a fleet +25% enhanced radar range This module may only be placed on a craft with at least 10 slots. This ship upon introduction of enemy forces will immediately attempt to retreat to a minimum of 35km distance and maintain distance from any enemy ship. +2.5% additional chance to hit enemy ships in a 100km radius (will stack with Patrol Module effects) +2.5% additional damage to enemy ships by any friendly ships in a 100km radius (will stack with Patrol Module effects) Enemy ships have a -20% chance to hit Enemy ships deliver a -20% damage to friendly ships Auto-Updates to the player ship any radar information within the range of AWACS All ships within 100km of AWACS have 50% increased scanning range All ships within 100km of AWACS have 50% increased radar range All ships within 100km of AWASC have 15% increased weapons range This module may not be used with a Parasite Module Minor AWACS Module (Scout) Less efficient version of AWACS with 75% fewer capabilities across the board, but can be equipped on smaller ships Capital Module Primary Module The concept behind this module is partly rarity. In a galactic setting, true capital ships are not nearly as common as their cohorts. A true Battleship like yesteryear's Iowa Class or Yamato Class are rare by comparison to destroyers, cruisers, and even carriers. As such, Capital Modules would not spawn anything less than rare, and said modules would not be purchasable--only through killing foes or salvaging wrecks could/would they be found with even a rare capital module being as rare as a legendary standard module being spawned. So for instance, in the case of a PvP server, someone jumping in with a true Capital Ship would be rare. Very rare. They could have a dozen 15-slot ships but only have a single "Capital" ship. Module may only be placed on a craft with at least 10 slots Module may not be used with a Parasite Module Module may be used with a Mothership Module Capital Module has a higher benefit rate with sub-modules in specialization (30% max compared to 10% max). Capital Module grants the following bonuses: All allied ships within 100km gain the same basic bonuses of the Patrol Boat Primary Module in addition to bonuses presented by both AWACS and ships present with Patrol Boat Primary Modules. So if there are three patrol boats, an AWACS, and the battle is going sour and an allied ship with a Capital Module jumps in, the total bonus would jump to 29.5%. If there were 30 Patrol Boats, 2 Awacs, and a capital ship jumped in, the base bonus would be capped at 25% + 5% from 2 Awacs + 10% from Capital totaling 40%. Two Capital ships in system have far more of a diminishing return than patrol boats--the bonus would only jump up to 41%. It would take 50 friendly capital module equipped ships to hit a 50% bonus. Enhanced Armor (5-20% dependent on module rarity, rare to legendary) Enhanced Shielding (5-20%) Enhanced Turning Speeds (5-20%) Enhanced Weapons Range (5-20%) Enhanced Weapons Power (5-20%) Enhanced Weapon Charge Rates/Cooldown from overheat/Battery Banks (5-20%) Enhanced Shield Recharge (5-20%) Enhanced Generator Power (5-20%) Enhanced Battery Capacity (5-20%) Enhanced Acceleration (5-20%) Enhanced Max Velocity (5-20%) Enhanced Llama Production (5-20%) Enhanced Assembly (5-20%) Enhanced Repair Rates (5-20%) Localized Repair Field (5km) Acts as a repair beam, but instead an AOE, reducing graphic latency. Acts as a stabilizing mainframe equally based on rarity as a stabilizing mainframe, and can be enhanced by stabilizing mainframes as sub slots for further enhancement. Allows two captains to be assigned to the ship The Primary MUST be Tier III How could you have a ship of this scale without having an experienced command structure, after all? The Secondary MUST be minimum Tier II Capitol Module Primary Module - A very heavily gate-checked module Like the Capital ship, someone jumping in system with a Capitol ship would be even rarer. A faction may have only one Capitol ship. A player and alliance may combine to have two. A Capitol ship is in concept, the heart of the faction. It is not a ship that the player runs around in and fights in. It is a potential mobile headquarters for the player to eventually take along with them as they move from sector to sector, region to region. Module may be utilized with Mothership Primary Module Module may not be utilized with Parasite Primary Module Module may not be placed on a ship that does not already have a Capital Primary Module Module may not be placed on a ship with less than 15 slots Module may not be placed on a ship with less than 2,500 crew Module may not be placed on a ship with less than 1,000 Academy space Module may not be placed on a ship with less than 1,000 Cloning space Module may not be placed on a ship with less than a Tier III Captain and Tier II SubCaptain Module may not be placed on a ship with less than 300 million cubic meters of volume or 16 subsystem socket processing power equivalence. Can only be installed on a ship that has a minimum of 20,000 excess crew space available. Its a mobile city, in concept. Capitol Primary Module turns this capital ship into a multi-factor mobile station with tabs including the following with same base increase cost concepts as parasite stations: Casino Habitat Trading Post Travel Hub Resource Depot Military Outpost Smuggler's Market Research Station Allows active docking of mobile factories (steel, accelerator, etc) that are limited to size S, and must be at least 10 slots. These mobile factories must have a Parasite, Station, and Factory Module installed. Regarding active docking---parasites are live docked, whereas anything else like a station or an asteroid may be docked to--their systems will not integrate with the mothership. Any factory size M and above would still be required to undock and return to station mode in order to be active. Capitol Module Primary Module effectively turns a ship into your faction's mobile headquarters. Capitol Module will spawn only Exotic or Legendary, and is not purchasable. It is however, researchable with luck by researching Capital modules with station/factory modules, or a mixture of exotic/legendary items (so long as its not only three legendaries) that the Capitol Module emulates such as Mainframe Wings, Impenetrable Shield, Trading Subsystem, etc, making just attempting to get this module a research sink. Good luck (if this idea ever happens in a specified reality anyway) Capitol Module decreases overall TCS slots by 20% (combines/stacks with Capital Module) Capitol Module increases defensive turret count by 20% (combines/stacks with Capital Module) Capitol Module increases shield by 20% (combines/stacks with Capital Module) Capitol Module increases hit points by 20% (combines/stacks with Capital Module) Capitol Module by default acts as an impenetrable shield (exotic or legendary only). Capitol Module by default acts as a Stabilizing Mainframe Wing (exotic or legendary only). Capitol Module by default acts as a Trading subsystem (exotic or legendary only). RNG creates variants of Capitol Module to automatically grant either of the following as mods to the module itself (up to three) (all exotic or legendary only): Hyperspace Module Generator Energy to Shield Conversion Shield Module Internal Defense Weapons Systems Transporter Software Hull Polarizer Shield Ionizer Battery Booster Cargo Extension Tractor Beam Upgrade Fighter Squadron Module Radar Booster Scanner Capitol Module decreases all offensive fire rates by 50% (Shoot carefully, not aimlessly) Capitol Module increases all offensive fire damage by 25% Capitol Module increases all offensive fire range by 25% Capitol Module increase turn rates of all turrets by 50% Capitol Module is enhanced by 3% overall per Xsotan artifact installed as a regular module Capitol Module grants the ship 100% enhanced shielding if velocity is <15m/s. Capitol Module grants the ship 15% enhanced hull points if velocity is <15m/s. Capitol Module gains 50% shield points from each parasite if velocity is <15m/s. Capitol Module gains 5% enhanced hull points from each parasite if velocity is <15m/s. Concept (bulwarks/bomb shelters) Reason for <15m/s instead of zero---bump, thud, bang, oops? Fighter Module Can only be placed on a 1, 2, or 3 slot ship. Once equipped, the ship cannot be resized above 3 slots. May be equipped with a Parasite Primary Module May not be equipped with AWACS, Factory, Station, Capitol, Capital, Mothership, Gunship, Missile Modules Bonuses: 1 Slot: "Hits" have an 85% chance to not hit (baseline) [Fighter] 25% damage reduction + 10%/tech level (max 95%) Shields gain equivalent damage reduction Shields gain impenetrable (guarantees one solid hit before destruction) Maximum 10 TCS slots 2 Slot: "Hits" have a 70% chance to not hit (baseline) [Gunship] 35% damage reduction + 7.5%/tech level (Max 87.5%) Shields gain equivalent damage reduction Shields gain impenetrable (guarantees one solid hit before destruction) Maximum 15 TCS slots 3 Slot: "Hits" have a 55% chance to not hit (baseline) [Corvette] 50% damage reduction + 5%/tech level (max 85%) Shields gain equivalent damage reduction Shields gain impenetrable (guarantees one solid hit before destruction) Maximum 20 TCS slots Dervish Primary Module The ultimate in combat maneuverability. This module allows your ship to bloody dance. Incoming fire? Dodgy McDodgy Face. Think "Descent," Except with a mid-sized craft. With this module, it could be possible to have a massive ship with insane mobility. Bonuses apply after ship mass is taken into consideration. Max Slots 9 Ship Thrusters are boosted by 100% minus 5% per extra slot (9 slots would be 100%-(5%x8) for 60% boost) Ship Directional Thrusters boosted by 100% minus 5% per extra slot Ship Hull decreased by 50% minus 2.5% per extra slot Ship Shield Efficiency decreased by 50% minus 2.5% per extra slot Ship cannot equip cargo blocks Inertial Stabilizer efficiency boosted 200% baseline, allowing for almost instantaneous stop in the direction the ship is drifting, allowing for instantaneous change in trajectory when trust begins going into another direction. Module cannot be used with Parasite, Mothership, Capitol, Capital, AWACS modules, as this is effectively a "Hero Ship" module in some regards, but has its limitations in size, how much can be armed, how fast it can travel compared to larger vessels, etc. Sprinter Primary Module Ship designed from the keel up to run the hell away. Ship will automatically (if not under AI control or auto-pilot) run away and maintain extreme distance from all enemy craft (minimum 100km) at all times. Module can not be paired with Parasite, Mothership, Capitol, Capital, AWACS modules 50% increased Thruster Boost 50% increased directional thruster boost 100% engine velocity and acceleration boost -50% hyperspace charge (of present, not in addition to--so if cooldown is presently 60%, this cuts 20% from the remainder) Perfect for AI controlled Mining, Salvage, Trade ships Carrier Module Minimum 9 slot requirement Cannot be paired with Parasite, Dervish, Fighter, Factory, or Station modules Increased Thrust/Directional thrust 25% Increased Shielding 25% Increased hull points 10% Baseline 2 wings instead of 1 Hydra modules as subslots operate at 25% Additional wings only added from legendary or exotic hydra modules with a max of one additional wing per sub slot. (Basically, one regular module in the non-specialization screen will have the same general added effect, if not better) Fighters on docking maneuvers automatically teleport dock if within 0.25km if ship has a teleportation module built in Fighters >2km away travel faster to targets Fighters <2km away travel at 75% speed Fighters at <1km away travel at 50% speed (docking maneuvers) Fighters gain 2 additional dodges within 50km Fighters gain +1 range within 50km Fighters gain 25% additional damage within 50km Carrier Offensive TCS reduced 25% Defensive TCS increased by 25% Regular Modules: Weapon Cooldown Module Dependent on rarity, reduces cooldown requirements for weapons that overheat/reduce overheat cooldown Flashcooling Module -- gives a weapon burst fire with longer cooldown Hypercooling Module -- gives a weapon up to 100% lower cooldown (dependent on module quality) with diminish returns after a firing rate of 1/sec is achieved Rotor Module -- Gives an 4-barreled gun the ability to rapid fire at a stead rate of 30% above their base firing rate Flashcooling and Rotor together for example would allow someone to prioritize and build their weaponry out of say, cannons with a satisfying and constant "thumpthumpthump...thumpthumpthump....thu.." Weapon Capacitor Module Like cooldown module, increases the charge capacity of an energy weapon and enhances recharge time Supercapacitor Module -- instant recharge of weapon, but next cooldown takes twice as long to recover MegaCapacitor Module -- increases internal battery life by up to 100% dependent on module quality DC Module -- straight pipe to ship's generators (will not work with other modules) DPS is cut by %, but increase by the % of power generation over utilization on the ship with a cap of 100%, meaning that how the player assigns generator blocks on the ship would directly affect DPS Personnel Module Decreases amount of time required for cloning completion Decreases amount of time required for training completion Increases the amount of experience gained on missions Cloaking Module Allows player to briefly cloak the ship, turning invisible to all hostiles and friendlies Time based on module quality and excess generator power---power requirements increase over time like engines on full constant burn. Ship cannot fire while cloaked, Glorious! Big Guns Module All large projectile weapons (size 6+) rate of fire reduced by 75% All large projectile weapons (size 6+) damage increased by 200% Can be run with weapon cooldown module, however cooldown does not necessarily affect a specifically reduced rate of fire, as the big guns are being prepped with overload shot in this regard. Boarding Module A teleportation suite (does not work without an actual teleporter block or software) Increase the range of teleportation Hotkeys similar to a fighter squadron for boarding actions Increases the training rate of marines/boarders/defenders Decreases the cost of marines/boarders/defenders Technological Renovation: A shallow point of Avorion is unfortunately the tech system. Sorry Koonschi & staff, but it is. But there's a way to fix that! Hear me out on this. Iron has one block that otherwise only Avorion itself has, the inertial dampener. That says that iron can tech up, or Avorion can simply do anything except be armor. Right now the rise to tech is flat. Iron Titanium Naonite Trinium Xanion Ogonite Avorion. What if it didn't have to be? Concept: Materials Research. Add it as an upgrade to a resource depot similar to how a factory goes from S to M to L etc. Player can now pay in resources, to have time put into research efficiencies for each tech level from 1 to 52. There'd be gatechecks of course in some ways, requiring the player either move to a bigger materials research location or build their own research station (research station that is not based on the tech level based on location in the galaxy, by the way, so you can build one anywhere and eventually get to where you need. Its a materials research station / resource depot after all. Though it would be possible for the player to utilize faction owned resource/materials research stations, it would be faster for the player to build their own. It would offer options like "resources per cycle/hour/day towards research" and offer researchable objectives like iron hangar bays, iron shields, naonite armor, or other blocks that are "not available in this material." It would offer a "resource efficiency" which would allow for a block that would cost 100 to cost 70 iron, or to increase the amount of iron refined effectively granting the same thing. It would offer an "engineering efficiency" which would allow for alterations to the material itself. Say for iron having x mass per 1x1x1 cube, now having x*.8 mass per 1x1x1 cube, meaning the player can utilize iron more effectively, or naonite or trinium more effectively, etc, or enhancing shield efficiency per 1x1x1 area for example. It would offer far more flexibility in ship design based off of what the player has done for research. Granted, there would no comparison between a high tech avorion ship and a high tech iron ship, but a very high tech iron ship could potentially be as good as a mid-low-tech xanion or low tech ogo ship. Given that the different costs in research per element used would also be different, this idea potentially offers a massive amount of different designs, uses, etc instead of the norm, which is "run quickly to trinium/xanion region and pray for survival to get materials" at least on servers. Nobody really sticks around the iron/titanium region any longer than they have to. An offering of flexibility and design might actually get players to stick around the rim a little longer and even potentially building their own little empires before proceeding. Component (block) research that enhances what a block can do regardless of material. Presently for example, thrusters and engines don't output better thrust just by changing block types. The only difference between a trinium engine and an avorion engine is the hitpoints. That means that there's a flat progression. It is less efficient to use avorion engines versus trinium engines, since trinium is a lower mass, trinium engines are the best engines. So another research wing could clean that up. Don't make research a blanket item "engine research" but open it up into "iron engine research," and "titanium engine research" giving those engines better output, where research into an iron engine would cost both iron, and credits, and time, and research items would depend on the size of the materials research facility. (XXL could operate six "production/research" strings.) So to summarize: Material research Covers research efficiency for an entire element eg: higher efficiency here grants more materials refined Building research Covers building efficiency eg: less mass per 1x1x1 block of the researched element Component research Covers individual item research items eg: iron hangars, naonite armor, non-iron/non-avorion inertial dampeners, etc eg: iron engine enhancement, trinium academy enhancement, etc Engineering research Covers global efficiencies Enhanced efficiencies for select blocks {[(base element)*((100+x(global efficiencies))%)]*(100+x(component research enhancements))%)} Increased Thruster (any element) efficiency (x) Increased Shield (any element) efficiency (x) Increased Engine (any element) efficiency (x) This gives the player more to work on than just getting to the next zone. It slows the player down in a less artificial way than the "Building Knowledge" artificial gate check, and allows a player to build a bigger ship without having to go to the next zone. There's no reason why a player shouldn't be able to enter Titanium Region with a 15 slot capital ship if they want to put in the time. QOL Updates Add a self-destruct option to Signal Suppressors Add a toggle to the ship weapon screen to stop it from spinning. Very difficult to verify what turret is what when it goes to auto-spinny-mc-spinny-spin-face after a couple of seconds. When resizing a ship, add a "set to solid block #" option so that the ship will resize to a X% +/- what is needed to drop it to a 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, etc instead of getting .4999998 etc. Make all escorting ships or ships on a mission together automatically spawn in a sector nearby (within 5km) rather than what is presently happening with escort ships starting off 50km+ away from the ship they're supposed to be escorting while out on missions. Add compass directions to ancient gateways, they're annoyingly difficult to navigate which makes them just a thing in the game rather than actually useful Make any ancient gate that a player has traveled through stay permanently active for any of his ships - his alliance ships would also have to travel through on their own in order to give alliance ships the same perk. Allowing the gates to be permanently activated for a player that has traveled through it with an XSTN-I would make the gates far more useful, particularly early/mid game. Add an onscreen directional compass that shows the player what bearing they have, whether or not they are level with the sector plane, which stellar direction they are pointing, etc. Place it on the top of the screen or left of the screen in a thin string of letters/#'s for degrees Add color coding and text filtering for ships transferring items to one another as well as favoriting/earmarking items in the cargo bay. Add a toggle in the torpedo screen that allows players to control whether or not the ship picks up torpedoes, and what kind of torpedoes they pick up. Add torpedo production as an option for any ship with assembly blocks Add an option in the game settings to remove the torpedo graphical interface to replace it with a text interface only--the torpedo screen utterly butchers vram. Implement Trashman mod in core game Stop main guns from attacking fighters---that's the entire purpose of defense weaponry. Our 6-slot 30k dps big guns should not be attacking fighters, they should be attacking the carrier that brought the fighters. Add the trade menu to all non-factory stations so that they do not sell goods that are in their cargo holds unless we the player specifically allow said station to sell items. Increase the size of the box for missions (trade/mining/salvage/expedition/scouting) based on the Tier/Level of the captain leading the operation. Automatically teleport any fighter on docking maneuvers to the hangar if within 0.25km so we can all stop watching fighter #24 saying "this is fighter 24, and I have just taken not a significant amount of... acid. Oh my god! the worms the worms the worms! AaauuuauauuauaaAAauauaua! Automatically teleport scrap, cargo, resources to the cargo bay once they are within teleportation range---for the sake of server stability. Allow friendly fire to pass through shields (especially relating to large structure shield blocks), including salvaging/mining lasers. Watching fighters or salvage ships attacking a small brick for forever attempting to get through friendly shields is awe inspiring in a way. Give players ability to scan ships/stations to retrieve their design for future use. Fix station boarding--it is basically fruitless to board a station. Why invade a system with accelerator factory if you have to .... rebuild the accelerator factory after you've captured it? It should stay what it was. Allow blueprint alterations Allow blueprints to be created without having to first build a turret--increase the price of the blueprint and add a button for it. Allow weapons to be converted from coax to standard/standard to coax Coaxial pulse/chain cannons for example Large Coaxial Lasers/Tesla/Lightning/Cannon/Rails/Rocket into size 6-8 regular turrets Obviously there would be changes in DPS one way or another When having a ship towed, have the towed ship carry the cargo the ship was carrying unless the cargo bay was destroyed. Having to go back to a wreck and harvest your own dead ship to get the loot back out of it is kinda inane. Remove "Security" Personnel and "Boarders" and replace both with "Marines" and average out the cost/personnel. One type of personnel can do both, so its kind of redundant. When stations are boarded, leave the station as it is. There's literally no reason to board a station, just to get a "defunct station" just so you can turn around and pay the cost for a station. If I board an accelerator factory, I should get to keep the accelerator factory--simple as that. Oh lord, there's so much in here that it bugged..... there goes some work. If this posts I'll follow it up with another reply.
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