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  2. Oh this has burned me. If you dont have enough power to jump and not enough money to build even solar panels, you're boned. A beacon would be quite helpful. Pre-pay for the beacon so the tow or mobile shipyard arrival is free.
  3. This would be very cool. Other thoughts in a similar vein: You are a member of a faction that is seeking to expand---your new stations are the faction's stations, and full accessible to you. They are simply controlled by the AI (with not that much of a difference, really).
  4. Yes. I don't board stations except to discard blocks and sell anymore. It's completely useless. If stations were conquerable AS THEY ARE, then it would be a good mechanic. If I'm boarding an accelerator factory, its because I dont want to spend 2billion+ credits building one on my own. Why would I board one, just to have to make a new one to begin with? Its kinda silly.
  5. This is a great idea. This could also be applied for "this sector is under attack by another faction!" Perhaps a Smuggler Captain being on board/as the captain could hide your ship's identity, fight off the invaders (even if you're allied) so that you don't suffer ill relations. Realistically, if I were the faction being attacked and I saw my "ally" just sitting there doing nothing, I might start shooting at them as a foreign combatant or a spy if the relations were bad or hostile.
  6. I have noticed that the moment you put a coaxial turret on a ship, it gets smarter. It points that coaxial towards its target and things its shooting at die faster. This isn't because its pointing a bigger gun. It's because it isn't whippeting around like a dumb butt. I've watched my ships without coaxials spin around, get dumb, point most of guns away from baddies for minutes at a time until the enemy maneuvers into its firing arc. In fleet operations, that's very, very bad. Presently, you cannot get a coaxial turret that is less than 5 slots, and 6 slots is the norm. Naturally, that means that only larger ships can have a coaxial turret. Add a new block to the game--its invisible, doesn't have a "material" to it (or is just by default 0 avorion to place) and can be placed anywhere. The surface that it is placed upon is the plane/surface that the ship will deliberately point towards the ship it is attacking, just as the AI does with coaxials. Additionally, or as an "or", allow turret factories to convert turrets into coaxials (as well as coaxials into regular turrets), and remove the size restriction so coaxials can be 1 slot. Its already in the game (admin mode can produce 1slot coaxial chainguns for instance), but having it so that nothing changes until/unless a player goes to a turret factory to convert a turret could be greatly beneficial and might be easier than adding an invisible "coax" block. Alternatively, perhaps a "tactics" option for each ship/group would be something that could be considered? Aggressive/Dagger--Ship will close to tight range (lowest weapon's range) and engage (<3km) Aggressive/Assault--Ship will act like it has a coaxial weapon on the point of the ship (determined by engine direction) (Approx 3km) Aggressive/Bombard--Ship will close to a point in which a majority of its weapons are in range (>3km) Defensive-Passive/Bombard--Ship will attempt to keep at longest weapon's range (>6km) Defensive/Retreat--Ship will put as much distance as possible between itself and enemy ships (Xkm) Neutral--Ship is a honey badger, honey badger don't give a
  7. I like this. It would also be good to have a design option for the drone. 200 block design like fighters, allowing players to make their own drones with available materials.
  8. When you are selecting a ship, there is one option for "convert ship to x material" and then a secondary "convert unavailable to blank hull" This needs a reconsideration. "Convert ship to X Material" followed by "Convert unavailable blocks to Y material below X," and then "convert all remaining unavailable blocks to blank hull or framework" So if I'm trying to down-convert an avorion ship to trinium for instance, shields and gyros and whatnot will change to trinium. What about inertial dampeners? Blank hull. Those should downgrade to iron by default. Or an avo/ogo ship to naonite--same for the inertial dampeners, but any armor (ogo) should have an option of downgrading down to titanium instead of right now, where "convert to blank hull" results in a smooth armored ship turning into an ugly brickabracabricks. Further, adjusting the number of slots the ship takes should have more options, up to +/- 4.
  9. Please add a command both on map , autopilot, and strategy screen for a ship to collect all modules in system so it doesn't have to be a manually intensive process.
  10. Laserzwei's shipyard mod covers this, and it would be very cool to see it incorporated into main game.
  11. I've been getting this for a while. Happened when I switched one of my three screens to vertical, but not the primary screen. It doesn't seem to affect gameplay.
  12. Alternatively---cargo is held until buildmode is exited if the player is choosing to cut cargo down--and a message flashes (you are about to lose cargo!) before exiting.
  13. The 1.0 system needs to be put back for minor operations. The 2.0 system works amazing for large mining fleets (eg mine is doing 5mil/hr for trin at the moment) without me needing to pay attention. but for smaller operations? Nah, its awful. It DOES do wonders for server stability, particularly mining fleets with fighters, but early on you dont need a 5 hour op to get 1 hour of materials, nor do you want it. It is quite simply an awful waste of time. A balance must be struck.
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