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  1. Fighters literally latch into a block on the exterior of the ship. No internal space required. Instant launch. Easy retrieval, no more dumdumbrain last fighter that keeps warping from the fighter bay to the engine tubes.
  2. This is direly needed. This feature missing makes playing anything above expert painful, and not in the gameplay sense---it simply makes it generally unplayable.
  3. This would need its OWN tab, by the way. 15 slots is too few once you have a ship past 150m volume as is, particularly with vanilla settings and how turret counts scale. Suggestion: Second tab that is just like the module tab, except that it is specifically for a station module. The computer power/volume per slot is twice the requirements of the regular modules, meaning that the ship can continue to expand and continue to gain functionality---so you could literally build a city ship in eventuality. Station modules essentially turn your ship into a mobile station with limited benefits. As in, just like mobile merchants. Basically, let the players use these for ourselves, and then expand them. Imagine if you will---if a player chooses to frequent salvage yards for example, and has a scrap yard metal trader module, and a coal module, and has plenty of cargo space---that player can build an entire economy around just those two things, fulfilling a purpose of scrap, salvage, and getting leftover/old broken equipment chips. This could also tie in to other functionalities too---such as a "factory dock - scrap trader" or "factory dock - accelerator" module, that allows the ship to dock to that factory and haul it around whereever, and also has a special HUD notice for when merchants are trying to dock to you.
  4. I love this idea. For PVE servers----make these quests available for other players to pick up.
  5. There are a couple of mods for this for regular system gates, but not one for the ancient gates. I agree its absolutely needed. I've jumped through a gate, found out its a dead end, turned around, come through, and wound up backtracking after the long jaunt across 100+km because I had no idea which one I came out of originally. Its a good idea to have compasses on the gates, and also a good idea to have nothing on a gate you haven't been through.
  6. When selecting an item to sell while telling a sales ship where to go, it would be great if the map would highlight in green (for money) nearby sectors that will buy that item. It would make trading much, much more smooth rather than having to consult webpages, notebooks, or spreadsheets.
  7. I think a block count filter would be good for the exact opposite reason. There are servers with imposed block counts on them. Also, don't rag too hard on the low block designs. A fair few of them are early access/alpha/beta designs prior to the knowledge on how to do nice shaping.
  8. Technically, they already are. IF you have a claimed asteroid, search "claim" and it will highlight sectors that you have claimed roids in.
  9. Allow players an option to take an existing station and re-purpose it at a cost. All of the internal workings of a station are disposed of (lets say, you want to get rid of an computer components factory for an accelerator factory and are out of station slots and cant build more in general). Renovation cost = [New Station Type Founding Cost * 1.25] The whole "delete station, build new station founder, build station again" thing is old. I mean, there's a fully set up station....*right there*. "It would also be cool if they re-use the crew transport function to have a faction ship show up to "convert" which would take the same fight time and only work in sectors that are not hazard zones"-Kamots Aside---The crew transport bug that would likely be associated that that idea, change all crew transports to be transportER equipped so that they function within 2km from anything. Renovator would follow suit of course.
  10. Fighters are traditionally supposed to be much faster than their host ships. An F18 for instance, isn't going to get outrun by the aircraft carrier. Part of the problem I've noticed is that fighters only have the ability to go at their speed typically, which makes docking procedures a royal pain sometimes (spazzing pilots just bouncing around the edge of a hangar bay). Put in passive zones. < 0.25km Fightercraft slow to 50m/s < 0.50km Fightercraft slow to 200m/s > 0.50km & < 1km Fightercraft operate at their design speed > 2km Fightercrafter operate at 2x their design speed (unless they are doing a specific operation that lowers their throttle) This is so that when the carrier itself is moving, the fighters do not get left in the dust > 10km fightercraft "supercruise" and operate at 5x their design speed This would help alleviate the Dumb Captain bug where a host ship can mysteriously decide to fly backwards for hours. Having to wait an hour for fighters to return (especially ones that cost 65000+ avorion/each) is not fun. For ships, all systems are exactly as they are. Variability would be very useful for a variety of options. For instance, transporter range / salvage\mining fighter tether. If you take power away from the engines or thrusters (or something), you can put it into teleporter range and allow your fighters to increase their envelope. This would allow a single ship to take a solid position with a couple of guards and allow fighters to mine an entire area of an asteroid field without having to risk bumping into rocks. You would not necessarily need to take power away from another system--just have enough reserve power. A potential downplay to this would be that stressing the system would incur a cooldown depending on how long the system is run over 100%. This would be a wonderful tradeoff however. A secondary would be that it only increases the "reception" range of the transporter, not the outbound range. Same general principle could be applied to other systems. Tractor Beams (Should actually go away and just use transporter range) Thrusters Clone & Academy Hyperspace (Emergency spin up) "It's an Ambush Cap'n! --- Full power to engines, helm to 108!" "HELM 108!" "Revert all available power to the hyperdrive and get us the bloody %!)^ out of here!" All ship systems ----which should be given their own window for power consumption Guns - Allow temporary overpower of guns. Guns fire at an increased rate or power or range (three variables) but incur a heavy increase in overheating or battery usage Life Support - Temporary Boost in power if having to pick up pilots in a small ship or something to that effect
  11. Actually that still doesn't do it all the time. The larger the ship, the more difficult it is even to use F. Having a free floating mode (like you're in your drone with very good maneuverability) would be fantastic.
  12. I've been thinking that the Xsotan have to come from somewhere. They're always pulling from wormholes from somewhere. The only answer I can think of (aside from the few random Xsotan Breeder areas) that they come from are the rifts themselves. Basically a collective of pocket realities that they live. I do hope that a future update makes this part of the reality (its a theory, =p) and that we'll have the eventual ability to go fight the baddies at their home. Its another potential level of difficulty after you've already defeated end-game. Running Veteran level myself, and I trounce the WHG in about a minute, and the big AI boss takes about 8. Unfortunately its a public server, so I can't increase the difficulty.
  13. CTRL+LSHIFT = Switch back and forth to throttle mode so the controls are the same. Or something. Let us do "engines at 50% power" Also allow us to turn boost on with a button instead of having to hold it (speed contests)!
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