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  1. Better controls in an alliance would be fantastic, such as who has access to which resources. If you have an alliance with newer members, you don't want to hand them Avorion right off the bat, or Ogonite, Xanion, or Trinium. Giving them immediate access to such resources kills part of the "start from nothing" aspect of the game and therefore you have to put it on faith alone. I started an alliance, up to six members, and I don't share Avorion and won't until they reach the core. But there's no way to restrict it in the alliance screens.
  2. With the advent of docking, and the ability to create entire single docked-structure complexes, you guys have got to update the delivery/fetch options. Having only three creates a nightmare that creates work required to make things make sense. If a factory needs X number of items to create product, then there should be X number of slots to "fetch" or "deliver" for.
  3. This is more or less covered by a thread I've already posted here: The possibilities are only limited to the number of ships you can have. If you're server based....significantly less. lol. A Homeworld-esque play style, where you fly around in a mothership that undocks a variety of smaller vessels when you enter the system would be quite amazing in all honesty. ...Provided there's a quick way to re-dock.
  4. Fighters are pretty bad against big bads like AI or Big Brother, but a class that might not be would be corvettes, Corvettes would be about 10x the size of a fighter, armed relatively similarly, but designed to take a punch. Adding different methods and ways of fighters to interact could further increase the feel of fleet command: Fighters (More Agile, less damage) Interceptors Defenders vs other fighters and torpedoes First Strike Heavy payload first attack (10x dmg) Escort Swarm stays around mothership Bombers (Less Agile, more damage) Stealth First attack ballistic approach, fighters do not appear on enemy radar (can be used against player) Heavy Payload Fast Attack Craft 5x Size of Fighter Lightly Armored, 2x Throw Weight Corvettes 10x Size of Fighter Similar Armament to Fighter or Bomber Multiple Turret capability (1 Main (spinal) 4 Point Defense) (blueprint created via two gun types) Heavy Armor (can handle many, many more hits) Frigates Actual ships that can be put into the mothership's hangar bay (fighter) Module installed allows the ship to dock Once a frigate becomes a parasite ship, it is now considered a "fighter"
  5. When you have a ship destroyed, it is rebuilt with the exact same equipment. The equipment is returned to your inventory. When you delete a ship, and forget to remove things manually, the equipment is destroyed. Seems like a rather irritating :@ oversight. I just lost hours of research work thinking that everything would go straight to inventory. All legendaries. Something like that is why I quit playing for nearly a year if I recall. Docking control - Please see my post on docking. I have just spent several hours trying to figure out how to meld two ships together and either its impossible because you guys want it to be or its simply not a thing that is ready for prime time. AutoDocking and Parasite Ship Commands - Allow designation of specific ships to specific docks. Ship building - allow localized area to be re-sized instead of the entire ship.
  6. An option in squadron command to automatically launch a specific wing upon arrival regardless of whether or not the player is there to do it would be magnificent, or an auto-launch the moment hostiles enter the system. (I was thinkin civil because I was thinking about my freighters)
  7. Torpedoes are both a cool thing, and a terrible thing, in present capacity. Cons: Tubes must be loaded manually by type Only ten tubes Tubes have limited capacity Torpedoes must be purchased cannot be blueprinted cannot be built Pros: You can shoot a torpedo! Torpedoes need to have a renaissance. Allow a torpedo *type* to be set to the weapons module EG, I choose to use Anti-Matter, Tandem, Kinetic Torpedoes, they are thus Weapons 3, 4, 5. When I select 3 (AM), All ten tubes are immediately loaded with Antimatter torpedoes, until I select another torpedo type. When I select 4 (Tandem), All ten tubes are loaded with tandem torpedoes This process allows a tactical change in tube management, as kinetic torpedoes do more damage based on their end speed/distance traveled. shooting a kinetic torpedo at 1km is useless. allow that to be swapped. If I am assaulting a pirate base, I want to drop 20 kinetics at distance to soften it up, This also allows (by my estimate at least) more than only 10 tubes to be used, in theory, 20, 30, 40, 50, tubes, if you have the storage space for it, why not? Allow Torpedoes to be blueprinted Allow Assembly to have more of a purpose than fighter creation--torpedoes are less complicated than a fighter, and a ship with good assembly should be able to create a torpedo at least once a minute x6 New class of ship could result from a solid restructure of torpedoes. I use the hell out of torpedoes versus bosses like AI, but honestly----its a pain to: Buy torpedoes Stock torpedoes Set up torpedoes Arrange torpedoes Find the right torpedoes And when you run out, repeat! Note!: This could be a "Macro/Micro" mode selection, as I can definitely see the need for micromanagement early-mid game. (it makes sense to have torpedo tube one shoot emp, and tubes 2,3,4,5 shoot nuclear/fusion off in a single salvo especially early game) I'm requesting more endgame support for torpedoes.
  8. An alternative would be for fighters not to shoot through friendlies & neutrals to hit a bad guy.
  9. Or in general, the manual adjustment (via textbox) after the block is placed. When working in 0.1 voxels for some pieces it gets really tense.
  10. Another QOL A merchant ship can go buy anything and sell anything from the galaxy map (sometimes) provided you have something specific and you know that there's the resource(s) there. But if you want equipment, like modules, in order to go do some mass research, you are stuck going from system to system to system blindly hoping they happen to have the various levels of the module you're after. If I'm searching for tractor beams, for instance, I'll get lucky if 1 of 5 jumps that an equipment station is at even has one, let alone one of good quality. But if I could just send a ship with permissions on quality it is allowed to purchase of a variety of items, I could allow that ship to just run a circuit. And this especially goes for torpedoes, unless we can manufacture torpedoes onboard our own ships with blueprints and assembly (that would be nice).
  11. Its a struggle to find weapons that are exactly what you need. Its understood that that is part of the joy of RNGesus, but if we're building a turret, it would be amazing to be able to toggle the option. I've researched some amazing turrets. Most of the amazing ones were coaxial mounts. Whatever the modifier is for the coaxial, if I were to blueprint it, it would be amazing to toggle the blueprint. And this makes sense... we have the blueprint, and we fly around in space ships so we really should have the ability to alter it.
  12. On occasion, when I tell another ship in system to start salvaging, I'll come back and find them very far away, like 120km distant chasing after a tiny piece of debris. One time, I found my dreadnaught 1200km away. It took an hour for its fighters to be retrieved. So I've some thoughts on that. New Block: Fighter Jump Anchor Expensive, only available in Xanion or Avorion--100,000 for a 1x1x1 block + $500,000 cash 1x1x1 Block gives a 10km "Anchor" for all fighters, where upon issuing the recall command, to a squadron, the fighters would jump to within a kilometer of the host ship and continue docking procedures Each additional 1x1 gives an additional 10km Anchor range, allowing a way to retrieve lost fighters for a quick departure from the system. Any fighter outside of 250km range automatically jumps to within 250km range in order to combat the "5000km drifter fighter" Jump Anchor is inbound only New Fighter Command: Retrieve Command that tells fighters to retrieve components (turrets, modules) within a range determined by the fighter jump anchor. So instead of trying to get your tractor beams to grab everything (which will still be faster), you can take 5, go get a snack after the battle, and let your fighters go retrieve everything New Command: Parameter Allow us to set the distance in which ships can travel from the warp in point. Having ships running off 1200km away is not common, but can happen because the "salvage" order doesn't seem to have a specified range. So a command like "/Parameter 40" sets the ship's max distance travelable to 40km +/- 5km (so it doesn't bug out and start doing summersaults) Actually taking that back. Was about to kick off a Big Brother fight and my main battle wagon was just sitting there look a doof back home. Turns out there were (and still are, an hour later) several fighters that are 5000km out. I have no choice but to let them make their way back, and try to close the gap as best as I can manually (cut about 3000km before their directions became wonky)
  13. I ran into the same issue with my Titan. 3k wide, almost 4k long. At a certain point it will not fit throug a gate or a wormhole. With 105 jump range and 0 cooldown it hardly makes a difference, though.
  14. I like the idea, but I think it would make more sense for this to be a module that you can put on a station. Hyperspace Anchor Module: Applies only jumps inbound to the station, and anchors only affect you or your allies (not AI) Petty: +5 Hyperspace Range Common: +10 Hyperspace Range + 5% Ship Range Uncommon: +15 Hyperspace Range + 8% Ship Range Rare: +20 Hyperspace Range + 10% Ship Range Exotic: +25 Hyperspace Range + 12% Ship Range Legendary: +30 Hyperspace Range + 15% Ship Range Unique: +35 Hyperspace Range + 25% Ship Range (EG--if a ship has jump range 100, the anchor gives a total 100+25+35 for the anchor. 160 sectors to home in one jump. Home sweet home.
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