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  1. I have created extra spawns and I want to have unique names for the spawned ships. In alien attack lua, where it says title: name, this doesn't make the names what I want. I imagine there is another lua for name changing? Any help would be great!
  2. Wanted to just share my ship creation I'm super excited about. I finally learned how to make round edges and stop making my terrible block ships lol. This took me about 8+ hours to make. I know many others make unreal looking ships but I am happy I at least figured out roundness! lol
  3. I think so? Not to sure haha he was wrecking me tho fast! Needed to kill it quick!
  4. Holy moly! Shame at the burst + overheat making it useless lol but still crazy dps output Another decent miner :) This is now my best chaingun yet! Can't believe it also has independent stat haha, love it! No idea what weapons this guy had, but my mouth dropped lol! Xsotan territory area. Sure wish I got one of his weapons!
  5. Oh wow.. Thats brutal! lmao I do feel bad though for you I would be like WHAT THE F... haha. There is a command you can do to give you the xsotan artifact.. well any artifact. I did this for the bugged science one. Then funny part all the time was wasted as I found a rift that went inside the wall. I then got avorion, made a small space jump out of it.. and now could cross over rifts lol. I still yet to actually do the xsotan artifact properly, some are fun like the bosses, but the mad science, beacon are terrible and no fun at all. The merchant is lame cause just takes 3m to get so kinda pointless. I really hope this whole xsotan artifact story gets looked at and made to be more interesting and fun. I especially hate the beacon, having to travel so much right into a corner where everything is weak and no point in fighting. I don't want to fly further away lol
  6. Well... each time you talk to a beacon if gives you the cords to the next one, this is after you find the X/Y cord one. And if you go on the map it will show a ! icon on the location of the next beacon. Or simply go into missions and it will say what the next location is. There should be no reason to be hunting random spots. It gives you the exact location to go and it will be a field of wreckage with the final beacon you talk to it and then the xsotan artifact will appear out of a random wreckage so you have to fly around and find it.
  7. Here are my crafted salvagers from my fixed (not broken dps) factory mod lol. Made 10 of these and totally amazing to salvage over mine! Some more epic finds Beast tesla! Sweet range with autofire Another heavy hitting chaingun My new best plasma at 3960 shield dps
  8. The enemies can actually spawn having duplicates of the exact same weapon, I have got over 10 of a specific weapon with specific stats all from a group of pirates. I one time got 2x exotic from a pirate, same stats and they were very nice upgrades at the time.
  9. Lol no use xanion hull blocks. I just use transform, and do hull, corner, edge etc of hull block. Same is true for iron, naonite, avorion as these also do not have armor type blocks only hull type
  10. yeah showing off crafted stuff is good to :) .. it's to bad the craft system is pretty broken dps wise, I have it fixed on my game so its still possible to find better stuff. I have 10 crafted ogonite salvagers that are my favourite for gathering materials! I will get a pic of those.
  11. Well.. there goes another 1.5 hours fixing up my ship lol... went from 2.02 rad pitch (thanks to gyro directional now) to normal stats after getting to my core and fixing the gyros lol I also see dampers took a massive hit, went from 386 break to this. I will have to add some more get it to atleast 100, I admit I had a small avorion dampners and was way overpowered lol. Flies very nicely! Good thing I had tons of energy being produced! Got tons of room! Great job though dev! I like where its at now, ship building is good, possible to get great mobility with careful placements and building techniques! Long live the Alien Dominator! Edit: Now its fully done with the fixed brake power. Spiced it up a bit to :) Saving up for it now lol, costing me 799,629 Trinium 1,639,647 Avorion Going to be amazing though!
  12. oh man gyros becoming directional while great! hurt my latest design so much lol. It is not easy to get into the core of the ship where all my gyros are but I had over 2 Rad pitch and like 0.05 of the others lol. Almost got it back to normal stats!
  13. Since we don't have a show off your weapons thread figured I make one. This is for legit found weapons, posting broken turret factory stuff isn't exactly the point of this thread lol, however its still fine if you wish to show off any of your factory makes. Perhaps we can try to outdo them with found stuff. I will start with some of my truly epic finds :) Just got not long ago, truly the most epic miner I have ever seen! lol - That sell value lol - What kind of bullets is this thing using lol - My best plasmas at the moment.
  14. Turn off the bloom effect while doing this. It should help a lot lol
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