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  1. If a ship has mixed weaponry (say, chain guns and lasers), it becomes almost impossible to properly hit enemies due to the difference in time of flight of projectiles. The fix for this is to use leading reticles, of where the weapon should target if the target is to keep a similar movement profile (i.e. same speed vector). The problem with this is that all weapons would have different leading configurations which would spread them apart even farther. My suggestion is to turn on automatic leading if the player crosshair is on the target ship (give or take an error margin, which could even be tuned through targeting modules). This keeps on the "dogfighting" aspect of fights since a moving target is still hard to follow. This would also increase the average number of projectiles actually hitting the target by quite a lot and hence reduce frustration :-]. I believe this is quite balanced. (As a side note, I think this is the behaviour in Elite: Dangerous, but I did not play it since quite some time, so that might be incorrect.)
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