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  1. So, not really a game-breaking one, but certainly an annoying one. No logs will be provided as it is not a logged issue. So, how the gyro block works in editor is, if you select it, it shows you that circle of arrows which signals in which orientation the gyro is currently placed at (that is, which way it will provide momentum). And that is awesome. What is not awesome is that, if that gyro is covered by other blocks, you can not see that circle (unless the gyro is relatively large enough for the circle to be outside of other blocks). The 'bug' part is that this occurs even when you filter your 'view' to only see gyro blocks - the silhouettes of other blocks on the ship still cover it up, so selecting a gyro that is 'inside' won't actually give you any information on which way it is currently oriented.
  2. I discussed this one on the Steam discussion forums, but I can not find the post for the life of me. I did find an example image I used to prove my point. All of those markers would be great, if only there way a black outline - in the picture underneath I used the simple 'crosshair', but the same principle would apply to all the others as well. There are 7 crosshairs on the left part of the image - can you see all of them? The problem you are mentioning is not a problem with the colour (though if you have a slight color blindness, or your monitor is a bit lower end, I can see how similar colours could present a problem as well), but with contrast - seeing a blue marker with an orange-background is not that hard, but seeing a blue marker in with almost identically hued background is troublesome. Also you can see that making the markers a bit thicker also helps with visibility (but on the left part you can clearly see that some of the markers are border-line invisible without a contrasting border). Also, I see what you are trying to get at with the sensor "memory", but you could argue that you should have those special objects highlighted permanently. And I agree that it would be more 'realistic', but considering the way the system upgrade works, that would be kinda making them kinda useless - you could simply get several scanners, and then just mass-scan sector by sector, get all of the positions 'remembered', and then come later to collect them. Idk, it doesn't seem like that kind of change would bring anything to the table.
  3. Hey there, I don't know how much of a pain it is to others, but I find the current 'Saved designs' system very... unpleasant to work with. Here are some things I think could improve the UX of the process of saving and managing our own creations, but also workshop items we download. Don't forget it's a forum, so everyone is permitted, nay, required to leave their own opinions on the matter. 1. Overwrite functionality A way to overwrite existing models when saving (quickly). My biggest grievance is having to constantly delete 'old' versions of a design, just to then have to rename the 'new' design. Maybe allow for a player to select a design and mark it as 'overwrite' - so any further save (or quick save, read 2. idea) automatically replaces the selected design. The 'overwrite' designation could be removed upon leaving building mode, or even better yet, when changing your currently active ship - this way players don't overwrite already existing saves. In the mockup down below, you can see an example of a way of marking the design that is selected for overwrite in a green frame (though you could also for example change the backdrop color of the thumbnail while it is designated as the overwrite design). 2. Saving quickly Please, implement a way to 'quick save' items - a simple button (combination) press saves current design. I know there is autosave, but I honestly don't use it because I find myself with 100 saved designs which then lag out the whole Saved designs window while all 51923132 designs that got auto-saved load. It would also play nicely with the overwrite - but of course, if you don't use the overwrite, you would still get new snapshot of the build every time you saved. The save would be placed in the folder you were last in. 3. Multi selection This would really help with moving designs between folders. For example, if you download a bunch of ships and turrets from the workshop, it would be nice if you could move them all at once, or at least in some groups. For example you might want to click all of the turrets and then move them to some folder you have for turrets (or wherever). Easiest way to implement would be 'ctrl+click' to add or remove from current selection, and maybe 'shift+click' to select all of the designs between the two clicked. Also, how great would be be to be able to, for example, be able to delete all of the selected designs (like those 51923132 auto-saved designs of unfinished bricks). 4. Moving folders Currently we are able to move designs around the folders by drag-and-dropping them wherever we want. For some reason, this is not possible with folders? I mean yes, honestly, I don't need it often, but boy is it 'fun' to have to move 60-odd turret designs because I decided to reorganize my folders - 1 by 1 mind you, and god forbid you have to move them further than 1~2 folder away, have fun with that. If you combine it with the multi selection idea, I don't see why it shouldn't be possible to also select multiple folders (and designs) at once and also move them. 5. Design list It would be lovely if we had a good old list/gallery view mode toggle functionality. Currently, all designs are displayed in a Nx5 grid - and I get it, it's so you can visually recognise designs and thus find them more easily. But I think a secondary viewing mode would also be great - a 'list mode', where designs and folders are shown in rows, and every design is maybe represented by some really small thumbnail and it's name. Quick mockup in attachments - the red-framed button is the one that would allow you to toggle between two different views. 6. Action shortcuts/hotkeys I would love to see the ability to do some actions via keys, for example using 'delete' button to delete a file, or being able to copy them around. I know that, at the moment, the building editor is still active while the designs window is open, but maybe change that? I don't see myself needing to delete blocks on my ship while searching for some designs - currently, the 'delete' button will delete the blocks selected even when designs menu is open, which doesn't really make much sense. 7. Moving in general This one might a somewhat of a long-shot (and honestly, I wouldn't even be mad if devs outright threw me out the window for suggesting it), but maybe some more 'structured' way of moving your files about. It would be neat if you could select a bunch of designs/folders (3. idea), right click on them, find a 'Move' option in the menu that appears, and when you press move you have ability to effectively 'browse your way through' the folders you have (similar to what you can do with some cloud-storages e.g., google drive).
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