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  1. Thanks, you're right about that. One thing I just observed is that it doesn't get shown on the right side wich is more obvious (to me) than the little text message on the bottom left. In all other cases it gets shown on the right side like when I myself pick up resources either from mining or from the resource staion. Or when a "traditional" miner picks up resources while mining. I also noticed that it does appear on the right side when my manual controlled ship is in the same sector than the research station and my mining ship.
  2. wudu

    Research: Items gone

    Switching from my "main" ship to the "Lady" from the fleet quest to do research resulted in upgrades to be "invisible". By invisible I mean they aren't shown or selectble but count towards the inventory slots (see pictures, sorry for bad quality). It didn't affect the turrets created through research. Steps to reproduce (I made a new galaxy in creative mode to reproduce): - Get the "Lady" from the fleet quest - Grab some upgrades - Find a research station - Place your "main" ship in a different sector than the research station - Switch to the "Lady" - Dock to the research station and do the research - Switch back to the "main" ship - Have a look at your upgrades in the ship menu menu I couldn't reproduce this (three tries) with a second ship which wasn't the "Lady". So not sure if it only affects the "Lady" or it doesn't allways occur and I got "unlucky" reproducing it with other ships. Game version is 1.3.5 My System: - OS: Ubuntu 20.10 - CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 - GPU: AMD Radeon RX 570 Sidenote: In "Read this first" https://forum.avorion.net/index.php?/topic/6-read-this-first/ it says search in ~/avoriondemo for client and server logs. I guess the page wasn't updated after you switched to ~/.avorion as save folder. Out of personal interrest: Would be nice if there's a way to recover the items I lost in my "main" galaxy because I had a shitload of upgrades which I converted into some purple and red ones... clientlog 2020-11-20 11-55-50.txt serverlog 2020-11-20 11-56-59.txt
  3. I have a mining ship (r-mining) with a captain. I order it to mine, jump to a sector with a resource depot, and refinine resources. Then after some time a message pops up that the resources are ready to collect. So I fly to that sector with the resource depot and dock but there are no resources to collect. Do I miss something? Where do I get the refined resources?
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