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  1. Overwhelming the PDCs, couldn't this be done with multiple launchers? My meager empire just finds torpedoes too damn expensive to use, so i have not tried mount, say, ten launchers on a ship.
  2. Add: Another component to Torpedoes: Electronic Countermeasures. Something to make it a bit harder to shoot down torpedoes, making multiple point defense turrets (or escort ships with such) have value. And then, perhaps, ECCM as well ..
  3. Why the heck can't our captains go someplace with us on board? I have an empire to run. My 'flagship' has a 'Captain' for a reason. Make it so, number one.
  4. I have a modest fleet, which includes three low tier miners. To get them to work, I need to string together, <mine here> <go to new sector>, .. etc. for standard miners, and r-miners need ridiculous <Mine> <Go to sector with resource depot(possibly multiple gates away)> <smelt> <return to original sector>, .. etc. Which only works until that single sector is our of mine-ables, at which point the ship shuts down. This is a nuisance. Is there a better way to tell these (apparently stupid) captains to mine?
  5. I swear these damn things hide from me. Maybe it's my old eyes .. but .. A few things I struggle with: - Seeing the 'highlighted' station. The white corners given to a target station just gets lost. This is particularly bad with Light Blue and Green highlights already. Please accentuate the targeting 'box', or allow us to change the color/shape/pattern. - Finding my own ships and bases in friendly territory. Yes, I can go to the overhead view/list and select them there, but sometimes when I need to do a great deal of switching around (forgive me, I'm new) it is a nuisance just finding my own ships and stations in allied territory. Please accentuate or allow us to change our own colors. - Those arrows targeting a selected jump calculation or target. They are easily hidden behind the UI. Please allow us to change their size/shape/color or better design those indicators. - Less, but on occasion (finding 'objects of interest') those little '>'s are not as obvious as they could be. If my sensors actually pick up such and object, I want an audio alert along with it. And my 25th (?) century computer should be able to tell me roughly where it found something long after I've left sensor range. Overall the HUD is acceptable. Not great (I'm sure I've struggled less in the past with other games), but it could use some QOL improvements. EDIT: A simple 'fix' might be to display arrows OVER the HUD elements, rather than the HUD hiding them. That said, I still would like them to be a bit more obvious.
  6. I have a blue rarity object detector that says it highlights objects, but I've yet to see any object highlighted. What gives? Do Object Detectors ordinarily highlight objects?
  7. Perhaps not strictly as a build option though. A few fighting options (skirmish until .., hit and run, all out, feint, etc.) might be nice instead.
  8. SciFi aside for a moment, any ship should be able to reach any sublight speed, mass largely irrelevant until close, iirc. But. Large, nimble, fast (do it all) ships are .. annoying. I like the idea of smaller meaning faster.
  9. .. as title. Or, similarly, auto fill with cargo quantities.
  10. It helps in combat to have information without cycling through each and every target. All ranges should be easy, adding direction, speed, shield, etc. would be nice, could be done in a very 'Combat Mode On!' manner.
  11. .. have Tractor Beams pull within the docking area, not to just the edge of it. I regularly get pulled in only to be told after I started a trade (etc.) that I need to be within docking distance.
  12. It would be nice to be able to set forward motion to 'On Until I Tell You Otherwise'.
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