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  1. The short answer is you need to use thrusters and directional thrusters to actually make a ship turn. The long answer. Rotation, pitch and yaw are a complex relationship between size, type and location. I am by no means a good builder but having used super star destroyers from the workshop here is what i have concluded. Thrusters are like a tenth the power of an engine, so to easily control a large ship you need ten 10X10X10 thrusters spread throughout the ship. Location is the next challenge. To control pitch your thrusters need to be as far as possible from the center of the ship gravity front to back. For rotation they need to be as far from the center going side to side. Yaw much like pitch needs to be as far from the center gravity point as possible. Directional thrusters seem to be weaker than a single direction thruster so work better as a filler to boost a good steering ratio rather than to achieve it.
  2. Yes it has to be max reputation for the "Negotiate Alliance" button to show up.
  3. I know they do drop in titanium but not sure about iron though. Your best bet to get them as loot is from boss fights or pirate motherships.
  4. Well the answer to this will somewhat depend on the difficulty you are playing on. I play on the veteran difficulty and i run a solo ship till i hit the Barrier. But while i am exploring a path i have two mining ships building up my resources for building ships and stations. To cross the barrier you will need a fleet of 8 ships due to the quest mechanics. In my game i used a 6 slot ship through the green region. Between green and blue i upgrade to a 9 slot ship. Once i start hit the middle of blue i pause a bit to set up mines and factories to provide the credit income to build the next level of ships 12 slot ships. I run two 12 slot ships from the barrier till i hit orange ore. There i pause again to build up credits, weapons and ore to build a flagship, two battleships and a support craft. First being a 15 slot battleship to explore and the support craft to run salvage and mining operations. Once all four are built i attack the center boss. Probably better ways to do things but this suits my play style. Now the problem with running multiple ships in a fleet in the early stages is system upgrades and weapons. It's easier to have a ship with 1k fire power than 4 ships with 400 fire power concentrating fire on a ship. For fighting fleet ships i would make the flagship your long distance fighting ship and the other ships cheap, slow and with heavy armor equipped with the close range weapons like chain guns and bolters.
  5. Highest difficulty i have played on is Vet (middle of the scale as i recall). and even at 0-0 i haven't seen that level of firepower. The highest i have encountered was 20k in 700 hours in the past year. I have set my ships to attack enemies jumped in a probe and parked it in the middle of a space station. Come back 16 hours later after sleep and work and still had everything, even inside the Ring. Reading back through your two posts i wonder if maybe you didn't encounter a weird bug. Only time i have had fights where i died that fast was attacking Pariah, 8055 or M.A.D where my ship was more sensitive to their weapon damage types. Maybe just test the past years changes in single player for a few days to see if you like it ?
  6. Okay i can provide some insight here as to what appears to have happened. Without knowing what if any mods you were playing with there could be some change to base game mechanics. Base game mechanics are if your relationship to a faction drops to hostile due to attacks, collisions, or salvaging that faction will hire the Head Hunters to destroy you. Last summer when i was fighting a faction in single player the Head Hunters did not spawn in strength according to the region you were in but equal or greater to your ships material. So i was taking over a faction in the titanium region with trinium ships but the Head Hunter ships spawning in had shields and torpedoes. So my guess is that while your ships were parked overnight some faction attacked the faction you were docked at which was hostile towards you (since you don't report having a email from a faction declaring war). Your parked ships with their active point defense weapons started firing at them. This then triggers that faction hiring the Head Hunters to destroy you. #1 Coaxial weapons are just limited to region and weapon block size. So your 4 system slot ship can be fully equipped with Coaxial cannons provided you have enough weapon slots and a weapons block large enough for them to fit on. #2 There is a Steam Workshop mod that doubles the speed fighters can fly but speeds over 900 can cause docking issues causing the fighters to take longer to land. #3 With the changes made to shields, armor and integrity field generators this would be a challenge but as it is your ship does already show damage with sections being blown off from either collisions or weapon damage provided the damage dealt is greater than the block health. #4 It would be nice if your shot down pilot pods had a text box over them saying "requesting rescue".
  7. That worked. I figured there had to be an extra step that wasn't listed on here or the game wiki.
  8. So I decided to try playing Avorion with some mods to increase turrent amounts per system. Downloaded them from the Steam Workshop, selected and enabled them in the menu from the games options and they don't seem to actually be enabled. Once in game there is no stat increases on my existing systems, nor on any of my drops, nor any for sale or any that i research. All these mods have been updated for the recent game version and the game gives no warning about them being out of date/ incompatible. I am also getting my Steam achievements unlocked for playing through the Black Market DLC which is contrary to what the game menu says when enabling mods. I don't see this issue reported in the bugs section so i am guessing there is something i am suppose to do before enabling mods to get them to work?
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