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  1. I was making a new Maple-class corvette and found I could cover the entire ship with an IFG, if it was of relatively decent size... Also I figured out that it's possible to wrap my ships in Titanium if I have enough, which I will start doing posthaste! Thing is about my Vortex-class destroyer is that it is MASSIVE. As in, as big as a battleship, but my battleships will be even more gargantuan, so I called it a destroyer. I spent hours lovingly wrapping it in a iron blanket, which was really tough because there's a lot of weird extrusions on it. I'd really rather not disassemble it... I think I'll simply redesign it, honestly.
  2. I've seen a few designs with over a million Omicron... Has anyone ever built a ship with anywhere close to a billion Omicron? Would a ship of that size be redundant in combat?
  3. Yeah, my Vortex-class destroyers are entirely made out of iron and probably weigh a couple thousand tons, but they can still manage over two kilometers per second. Which, don't get me wrong, is unparalleled in its ability to perform boom & zoom, so maybe I shouldn't be cheering for this change. 😕
  4. Since I basically stuck a giant thruster on the end of a big crew quarters block and an even bigger generator block, then wrapped them in a big blanket of iron armor, there isn't much space for extra internal components. Maybe I can add a few fins to hold some big slabs of integrety field generators...
  5. In Avorion at the moment, you can make a maximum of around 21 ships before your ships start costing above 1 million Avorion to found. This cost is utterly out of reach of all starting, intermediate and most post-final-boss players. I propose a system by which you can 'salvage', or, better, 'reclaim' a ship. Here's how it works: If you have a Force Turret, it will have a new key binding to 'hold' a ship. Basically, to make it stay a set distance away from the ship while still being linked to it. This will significantly reduce the ship's speed (and maybe its jump range, if this needs additional detractions). If you manage to 'tow' this wreck back to a repair dock, then you can 'reclaim' it for a price... say... half the original build cost of the ship in resources (needed for repairing it). This would make ship recovery possible, and also lead to larger fleet battles because you can 'reclaim' and rebuild any wrecks of ships that you have destroyed on the battlefield. This would be more balanced than you might think - sure, you get a whole new ship, but you will have to arm and install systems into it. So if you don't just want a fleet of useless punching bags, you're going to have to make a serious investment to refit all those ships. The kind of investment only possible when you have a well established system of profit and probably a lot of automatic mining ships. This leads me on to my second suggestion: Ship Formation Options. Now, this is currently irrelevant, seeing as you can't have that many ships in the same place anyway, but if the 'reclaim' feature were added you might actually have a sizable fleet. So, the way this would work is you could have a 'mass select' button (maybe in Strategy Mode) which would select all of your ships in the same sector as you. Then you could open up that 'Interactions' menu for ALL of your ships. Then, when you press 'Orders', you can then press a new button: 'Formation'. This would open up a sort of minigame in which you have a top-down view of the sector, zoomed-in to your disorganized fleet, and you can then drag and rotate ships' icons until they are in your desired formation. They would then stick to that formation until you give an order to either each individually to patrol the sector or attack nearby enemies, or just press 'Disband Formation'. Then they would all be, in effect, 'Passive' (except they will continue to fire on and maneuver around enemy ships), and then you have the ability to issue a blanket order again, to, say, 'Patrol Sector' or 'Attack Enemies'. If you fly the formation through an asteroid field, the ships will automatically maneuver to avoid asteroids but also try to re-form up on your ship. You can issue a mass order to 'Spread Fire' or, 'Focus Fire' - the former being just auto-targeting for each ship, the latter being the entire formation fires on the target you have selected. What are your thoughts?
  6. Before you find Naonite, you build your combat ships with very heavy armor. Personally, my Vortex-class destroyers have at least two layers of armor over every single essential component, with double and even quadruple layers of girders over the engines. All the crew compartments are deep within the ship, making a crew knockout very unlikely. This means that this basic ship with only iron armor can retain full combat potential even after, in a few cases, fighting and destroying almost ten pirate ships. How does this compare to your designs?
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