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  1. Exactly what the title says. I request the addition of a block into Avorion, which is shaped like a drone and cannot be resized. It disappears when you are in your drone, and reappears when you reenter your ship. Wherever you place this block on your ship - even inside - that is where the drone will spawn. That will give an actual functionality to decorative pieces.
  2. This evening, after I had killed Bottan, I figured I might as well salvage his corpse. But, my salvaging ship was a ways away. "No problem", I thought, docking the wreck to my ship and queuing up both ships' travel commands. However, once they had arrived (I was building a new ship in the meantime), the wreck was gone! Not only that, the three initial Cavalier/Commune/Family missions (Drug Deal, Weapons Delivery, Smuggling Alcohol) had spontaneously moved about 15 sectors further towards the core than they had been originally.
  3. At the moment, pressing F5 and F6 in the Main Menu only cycles through AI-generated designs. However, I propose that the game be allowed to load ships from your own saved files. Add another hotkey (F10?) to mark a design as 'not fit for display' if it comes up in the Main Menu and you don't like it. You can unmark it as such through the Saved Designs Menu. Thoughts?
  4. So, I was doing a ton of mining missions, and I thought it would be really nice if you could... Assign one escort to multiple miners / freighters. This would mean that you could send them out on really long mining missions knowing that while you were losing a combat ship for that period, you were also getting your money's worth in ambush reduction chance for more than one chance. How would you do this? Well, when sending a single miner on a mission, the 'Escort' ships are split into two tabs: Miners and Fighters. You can assign only one (maybe 2) Fighters to your mining mission, but you can assign as many Miners as you want. To balance this, I suppose the base ambush chance would go up for each miner you added to the mission. Whaddya think?
  5. I agree heartily with both of the inventory management aspects of this, but torpedoes? No. Torpedoes are an incredibly powerful weapon that should only be available as a drop.
  6. I was planning out my whole fleet, when I noticed something: If I wanted to get a cinematic shot of the whole fleet jumping into a sector at once, it would be staggered, since I'd have to give individual orders to each to jump. So, here's my proposal: In the Galaxy Map, add the ability to 'group' ships into 'Taskforces'. Or just call them Fleets (though that could cause confusion). You can name these fleets, and they take the form of a dropdown menu. You can left click and then give orders to this dropdown menu as if it were a ship, and it will distribute those orders to all ships in the fleet. A coordinated jump will only work if every one of the ships has their own captain. This would make it much nicer to manage big fleets. Lemme know if there's a feature which accomplishes this 'give orders to many ships at once' already in-game. I know you can box select ships in the Strategic Map, but for maneuvering fleets and issuing mining orders to mining fleets, I sometimes want to be able to do it in one click. Thoughts?
  7. If you were to suggest these sorts of specializations, I think that they should either consume a bunch of power or nerf the ship in other ways, reflecting the fact that any sort of HQ unit is never really intended to do the heavy lifting. A 'juggernaut' style specialization would be a partial exception to this.
  8. This is exactly what the title says. If I can spend literally infinite money and resources that I don't have, and also literally duplicate turrets, why is there still a requirement for me to have system upgrades? At the very least, there should be an option for Creative by which that restriction can be turned off, and you can add as many turrets as you want. It would make it so much easier, because you don't have to keep jumping around into sectors with Equipment Docks (which take at best 5-10 minutes to load due to stations, ships & asteroids) and buying out their entire stock. I see no downside to this whatsoever, especially if it was made optional.
  9. Love these suggestions! Going through an Ancient Gate was always more guesswork than anything for me. 'Specialization Tab' probably won't fly, or if it did its buffs would be reduced. I'm confused how 'Titan' would be different from just installing, say, a Hull Polarizer and removing an Engine Upgrade to balance out the energy usage or to save a slot.
  10. Hey! I was building a ship yesterday, and it was only after I spent an hour and a half on an incredibly detailed internal docking bay that I realized that my 'mothership' idea for miners would only work if I cut a massive hole in the bottom of my ship, or replaced every single bottom block with holograms. This made the whole thing look incredibly unsightly, and the only reason that it's like that is because the game thinks that I need a specific space for a tractor beam to work, when these miners are small and maneuverable enough to literally dock without tractor beams at all! If there was an option to resize the tractor beam zone, that would allow SO much more creativity in builds. Please, please remove the tractor beam box from docks.
  11. Hey! So, you may be thinking, 'Decoration? Why the heck do we need more objects?' or something. I entirely agree. Anything a player in Avorion wants to have on their ship, from a gantry crane to radar, they can sculpt out of blank hull. Simple. However, that is not what I'm talking about. I only chose the title 'decoration' because my suggestions fall under that category. Suggestions: Make holograms programmable, with sliders for transparency / opaqueness and an option to set a keybind to 'Toggle Holograms' outside Build Mode. Add a new type of block, the 'Spinner', which consumes about 50W of energy and spins at a set rate. It must be directly controlled or set to a specific spin speed. The addition of this block will allow players to make spinning radars, strobe lights and much, much more. Add a new type of block, the 'Hinge' which consumes about 50W of energy, and moves within its range of motion. It's programmable to perform certain movements in sequence, or loop one movement. This would allow players (and the AI) to add things like hangar bay doors, robotic arms, wings to fanciful craft, and the like. Now, the first thing I thought was ''Of course, people will exploit this in building ships that can hinge on their own axes." The easiest way to avert that from happening is to restrict what kind of blocks can be fitted to the end of a Spinner or Hinge; essentially, only non-functional blocks. So, that means no weapons, no engines, no generators, no gyros, no thrusters. One thing you can add, however, is Spinners/Hinges on the end of other Spinners/Hinges. This would allow multi-jointed movement to things like robotic arms. The last exception is docks. They can be moved in any way you please, facilitating the reposition of ships that didn't dock in the position you wanted them to. I called this the Decoration Update because while these Spinners/Hinges would not add much function to the game, imagine how cool it would be to pull into a station and see a bunch of robotic arms moving cargo crates around! Or flying past a ship /HQ with an actual spinning radar array!
  12. I think that it would work by the 'Keep Distance' button in Orders having a dropdown where you can select either 'From Closest Enemy', 'Outside Enemy/Self Gun Range', and 'Outside Torpedo Range'.
  13. I assume you mean having a bunch of small, AI 'vessels' that are magnetically drawn towards ships that pass within a certain range, right? Maybe having the damage equivalent to 5-ish torpedoes of a level relative to the sector's closeness to the Center?
  14. Do you mean a mode where you essentially place ghosted blocks but they only take form when you want them to?
  15. Good God, it's so frustrating to have the tiny dot of a reticle centered on an enemy ship, and yet my battery of cannon turrets all miss. It would be so helpful to have some markers on either side so that 'leading' would be easier.
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