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  1. If any of you have ever played Portal 2, then you'd have a good idea of how a helpful, friendly persona can turn very, very unfriendly. Y'know in the tutorial, where the Adventurer apologizes for losing you your ship? There are two options: "That's all right" or "It's all your fault!" I propose dialogue options in every conversation with him that are either friendly and grateful or mean and spiteful. If a player decides to always be mean and spiteful, then the Adventurer will still help you, but grow more and more hurt as he sees what you're becoming: a galaxy-wide force. If, after the final boss fight, you have never been very nice to him, then he sends you an invitation to a conference. All the AI factions around the Barrier are called together by him in this conference, to address some growing fears of you becoming power-hungry. Every faction would be represented by one, super-powerful ship, and there would be one Station in the sector - the Tribunal. The Adventurer leads the proceedings, proposing that each faction that you ever helped/made allies with stand on one side of the station, and all that are opposed to you on the other side. The Adventurer holds sway in these proceedings - he's set the rules that if more are opposed than for, then all factions will band together against you. He himself can convince many AI factions to join either side, and this is where the kicker is. If you've been nice to him all along, then he will try to sway as many factions for you as he can. If you haven't, then he'll do everything he can to convict you. The player can, of course, influence the proceedings themselves - by being disrespectful in dialogue, they sway more to the side of the opposed; by being respectful and arguing well, they can sway more to their side. At the end of the proceedings, those who were opposed either start a galaxy-wide war with all your sectors, or, if you succeeded, the same thing happens - but some of the AI are on your side, and will help and assist you in the many large fleet actions to come. Were Boxelware to start working on something like this, I think it would be good for two reasons; one, it wouldn't take much more work than dialogue and designing one station, and two, whatever happens, the player will be introduced to empire-building. Whaddya think?
  2. I'll admit, I do agree with this. I've never tried playing on Permadeath mode, but having a 2.2km long warship deleted by a boss or crashing at full boost into an asteroid a.) Doesn't matter - spend that 2,500c Reconstruction Token and be on your way (non-Permadeath). b.) Matters a LOT - you'll have to found a new ship and drain both your resource and credit balances to get a single ship back up and running again.
  3. Yes! That sounds like something that should have been added a long time ago. How does one get this mission, btw?
  4. Yeah... Every astronomer ever has tried to come up with a better acronym, but shock value is better than anything for remembering something, so I figure it'll stay put for a while.
  5. I think that this should be a feature in any difficulties higher than 'easy'. Although, having the Adventurer either die for good or turn evil might be a cool plot extension from the XWG. Y'know, while you were away fighting the XWG (without him, and without a word of thanks for all his assistance) he spreads enough rumors that all the AI but your allies turn on you. The galaxy becomes a hostile place, save for a few friendly factions. And the Adventurer becomes a despot, I dunno, at the edge of the galaxy? Maybe gets Operation Exodus together under the idea that you've become the next Xsotan? Just spitballing. TL;DR, he's not annoying enough for me to warrant removal. Heck, I should give him something for babying me onto the galactic throne. Definitely be nice (maybe an unlockable feature after the first playthrough?) 2 cents 😉
  6. I just don't like it. Period. For players that don't play on servers (like me), the main selling point is... pointless. Hah. Anyways, the direct control I had over my ship's operations was a HIGHLIGHT of the entire game. Being able to slap around some pirates and then send in my salvaging ship to that specific sector was incredibly convenient and just really fun. In my opinion, they should bring back the old system in tandem with the new, because I can for sure see potential with the new one in certain situations; namely, once I reach the point where I have more ships than I know what to do with and it would be a chore to micromanage every ship. I can see exactly what the devs were thinking there, and it's brilliant, just... not to low-level players. There's my two cents.
  7. I haven't played more than 5 hours, but I already kind of miss the old system of directly commanding a mining expedition sector-to-sector. It wasn't an issue at all, and while I appreciate the prompt for how many resources are actually in the area, I feel like it's a non-issue that didn't need to get fixed.
  8. Perhaps not, but I think that a naval academy should be a very expensive venture whose captains are a few times more expensive than the norm, but grant much better bonuses. Also, they should probably be very rare for the AI to have. Here's my reasoning: Having singular captains at each station (or sector) is a way for the game to (gently) restrict fleet growth early-game so that new players don't found a million ships and then get bankrupted by crew cost, IMO. They can if they try hard enough, but if they do they probably have a fleet already that needs captains.
  9. This sounds really cool! Maybe there could only be 4 cardinal directions, so that the ghost couldn't move into space away from the ship. The arrow keys aren't bound by default to anything, so maybe they would work?
  10. That would be cool, in the main iteration of the game and in this mode. My happiest memories are those of supporting my faction against the vicious aggressors surrounding them.
  11. That sounds awesome - especially having a sort of central HQ from which to manage everything.
  12. Honestly, this is a great option in two ways: a.) It's appealing to players who specifically want to embark on an empire-building adventure (and so might draw players in), and b.) It would be easier than most things to code, mainly because it's just increasing an integer here, and adding some randomly generated stations / ships there. By the way - You're envisioning this as more of a standalone mode, right? A box to tick at the start of the game, when you create a new save? I'd recommend adding a stipulation: "Not recommended for players who have little to no experience with an RTS playstyle".
  13. I'll give you an answer: Sorry, it takes eight hours for a radio transmission moving at the speed of light to reach Earth from Pluto, and since that's where I have my summer home, you'll have to wait a bit 😉 Oh, how's this for a fun fact: Astronomers have been using the same acronym to remember the star classes since the late 1700's: 'Oh Be A Fine Girl [and] Kiss Me', plus those other 2 letters.
  14. Fleet focus is basically the whole reason why I got into this game... That and the greebling I can to to my ships ^^
  15. I think you haven't made the right investment, i.e. a low-tier Noble Metal Mine mid-way between the Barrier and the edge of the galaxy in the same sector as an NPC station and a bunch of cargo fighters that continually sell to that station. I've got one of those things, and it alone has made me ninety-seven million credits just with default production speed and 3 fighters. So for me, torpedoes are easy to buy - and considering the cheapest are around 5,000 credits, the price of 'Petty' System Upgrades, I can get around 20-40 and spam them as I please. But I've never really relied on torpedoes, mostly because of their unreliability and the hassle of a.) lining up a shot and b.) prayers that they will actually point in the direction of the target and not in a random direction. Compared to a single broadside from one of my Konigsberg-class Light Cruisers, which can fire indefinitely, and also take out any pirate ship in one hit. Torpedoes are still worth the investment, though, especially if you're either feeling vindictive or if you want to kill enemies fast. Unshielded enemies in particular. They work best as a finishing weapon, launched at a ship which is low on HP and probably has no PDC's left.
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