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    One thing i noted was the new detector ping does not have a hotkey option, any way to make this so?
  2. I have had this a lot, and seen it also on streams where some docks let you tractor in and shows as docked, but once you try to interact with anything on the station it acts as though you're not docked to the station. this bug also featured on the ZiggyDlive stream if you want to watch it happen https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1148153741 Time 5.20:40 approx
  3. So I have tested this a bit, it appears to be a bug with the hidden asteroids where the ai of fighters and auto turrets won't hit hidden Avorion asteroids until the center piece is mined out. Only once mined out they will target it then the asteroid is showing it has resource even after you mined the resource out of it. V2.0.6 807d67c5eaca
  4. looks like the problem is using Left Alt as the keybinding
  5. Looks like it has been fixed, although I had to Verify cache.http://steamcdn-a.akamaihd.net/steam/support/faq/verifygcf2.gif
  6. When using free look camera the pivot point is from the camera spot not the ship, and the ship still turns in free camera mode, it also appears to lock the camera, so your ship can take off and move off your screen. build 1.3 r26854 beta
  7. Since starting a new game (now tested 3 seed and all the same) the asteroids that are supposed to have resources in them you can only see once you have a mining system are spawning with the center piece being a corner triangle of normal rock, they still show up when a mining system is active so all these 'hidden gems' are granting 5 or 6 resource. this makes the game pretty unplayable as over half the resources available in the game are not spawning. build 1.3 r26854 beta repeatable in every new game on beta build
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