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  1. It's bugged I have played the whole game doing thousands of trades and not have it complete. Then again one time I was just getting ready to attack the end boss and sold some junk and boom it magically completes lol. So it must have very particular complete parameters.
  2. Factorys need cargo space and so do all other buying and selling stations. The problem is some times they are generated without cargo box blocks. This is a more common problem the farther you get away from the core because stations are much much smaller so there is less and less space for there to be any cargo blocks while most of it ends up being crew quarters and frilly bits to make them look nice. That's why mods like https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1909636161&searchtext=scale Exist. They make everything bigger so there is more cargo space even at lower tiers. Though I would personally prefer that Size was normalized all across the Galaxy as a real ECO would be and that the quality of the ships and stations just got better as you got close to the core. IMHO it does not make sense that outer edge factions only have fighters and gunships while inner factions only have dreadnoughts and titan class ships. Every faction should have a full range of ships from gunships all the way up to titans. The only difference being the materials those ships are made out of.
  3. That's Awesome!! When you do please also fix commanders and generals. It feels extreeeeeeemly scummy to loose millions in cargo for 15 to 20+ tics for every single one of them even though they are literally outnumbered one thousand to one! In my gameplay an hour ago I was capturing base so I can get the signs to add them to my own stations 7 commanders and I think 3 generals took over 15 minutes to die even though I had 1300 + borders ! It was so stinking boring watching tic after tic with nothing happening I alt-tabbed out and watched a youtube vid and surprise surprise when I finally did capture it the cargo was kaput :'(. Honestly, with the overwhelming force, I brought against that station it should have just surrendered IRL only fanatic crazed lunatics fight to the last man standing but in games, NPCs just throw their life away :-\. Also at the bare minimum, it should cost only half the station founding cost to once again make it into a functional station. Especially since you are founding a station in a sector which will take hours before cargo ships will visit it again.
  4. I have spent about 10 hours now trying and testing out boarding and I have come to the conclusion that it is useless!! Here is why Even if you fully crew a captured station it will not repair overtime !!!!! ( they get this stupid little Icon) Also, every tic in the boarding prosses has a chance to destroy cargo!!!! so 90% of the time it is FAR FAR more profitable to just destroy the station!!!! Why you ask because if you destroy you get to salvage it witches gives you 10X more resources (if you deconstruct the station at 90% hp you get around 1% of the resources!!) If you destroy it you get ALL the cargo sure you have to unbrand it but in boarding, you can easily lose over 50% if not 100% when you have just enough boarders. Honestly its a crap mechanic !!!! Same with capturing ship! they will NOT repair over time (they get the same crap Icon) and you have to manually buy a repair chip so you are better of just building a new ship at a repair doc. ( yes I am fully aware that Captured ships retain their npc buff I once got a ship with a 28X damage boost but that's a bug, not an intended feature and should have been fixed already) There are no advantages to boarding what so ever!!! In fact, you lose a lot of time and expensive crew. For the time and effort, it takes to board this a serious flaw in the game!! Please fix!
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