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  1. To confirm, you also have port forwarding setup on all of those ports on your router?
  2. lol. I'm aware of the issue of odd scaling. That interesting thing is, it should be fixable. In fact, there's a good chance that fixing it isn't even all that difficult, though I obviously can't know that for certain without having direct access to the code. 🙂
  3. None of my suggestions are in either list... I mean they're only a week old... but obviously should be super-important. 💔
  4. My first guess is to make sure both UDP and TCP ports on all of the right numbers are open in the router. I believe that Avorion will fallback to pure TCP over the game port, but the game is probably trying other options and eventually falling back to that. I have TCP and UDP open to 27000, 27003, 27020, & 27021 for reference. I'm pretty sure those don't all have to be both TCP and UDP, but I know in my case that the extra protocols aren't going to hurt.
  5. I'm Darinth. I enjoy playing games, running servers for friends, and programming. Been playing for a few weeks, setup a server after roughly the first week of playing. Having a good time, though I still feel like there are a lot of things that are rough around the edges. Features that seem incomplete or difficult to use. Hope to contribute in some meaningful fashion. Anyways... thanks you reading this. Or not. ^_^
  6. I'd be okay with teleporters able to transport fighters back to you. Phezzan makes a good point that this could be an opportunity to provide a reason for more than a 0.5^3 teleporter block. Could have similar rules to assembly blocks. More teleporter volume increases frequency and more blocks means more simultaneous teleportations with materials-based limitations.
  7. I mostly agree. I'm not sure why you'd take into account the 0.75 volume for the targeting card itself. It's no huge task for a factory to divide it's remaining storage amongst the 7.1 volume required to produce 1 card. If the factory fills up 100% of it's storage with components, the factory should (when it does it's cycle) use up more materials than it will take to store the final product. The important thing, however, is simply that the factory buy materials in ratios necessary to make whatever it makes.
  8. While most of these should probably be on the bottom, I feel like tactical view should be able to highlight all of them. Lost pilots, claimed asteroids, objects identified by an object detector.
  9. So when you lose a fighter, the pilot will often eject into space. Is there any decent way to find these pilots? I mean... if they're within a decent range you can simply fly over to them and pick them up... but when pilots of a couple dozen km away... they're nearly impossible to spot. Any way to get find the remaining pilots that have ejected into space and are sitting there hoping I'll find them? It certainly seems like putting a transponder on a pilot would be pretty SOP...
  10. For a variety of reasons, I've often wanted to know what materials a ship has. This can be obtained from the player menu, but more often than not I've got the ship there either ready to purchase or trying to sell and I'm simply wanting to know how much it has left so I can have it pick up materials I want or adjust a trade route for a sector that can't handle the goods I'm trying to deliver. Just having quick access to see the contents of a selected ship would be a nice little QoL feature.
  11. The ability to scale a ship up is nice, but also frustratingly problematic. If I scale a ship where I've built all of the blocks using half-block scaling, and then start off by trying to scale it up and pick nearly any value... none of the blocks work anymore. I can go and manually scale my grid and block scaling to match... and then later on forget I adjusted my scale for a scaled up ship. If the ship remembers that it was scaled to 172%, the game could easily scale all new blocks by 172% as well and automatically match new blocks in the scale that I'm used to working with. This would tremendously simplify trying to scale ships up and down for varied purposes.
  12. When using the 'Modify Whole Ship' menu to change materials/size, can we see the new final stats of the ship? Being able to tweak these values based on number of engineers & mechanics is nice, as well as trying to maybe hit target numbers like volume, cargo capacity, hangar capacity, etc...
  13. Not sure whether or not this should just be a bug to fix or if it's a 'suggestion', but here we are. When you leave tactical view, the game shifts your view so you're looking down by roughly 45 degree. Pressing f9 to go in and out of tactical view is constantly shifting my view and is really problematic when checking tactical view in the middle of combat.
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