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  1. Thanks for this information you shared my friend. With this link, i need to make 'little' practice to make curves and smooth edges for building a ship. I am just a newbie, and i need to learn a lot from an expert like you. Thanks again, i will try to start in a scratch for the next ship creations i have in mind.
  2. The Bucanneers, which i am living with them are always attacked by bandtis and pirates. Because of this situation, i can't survive long while these factions are having issues in claiming a sector. Your idea isn't a waste after all, you are right but because having a drone where i'm using right now and too easy to be the bait on the confrontation of between warring factions in a sector, i can't survive after all. From the images that you see, these are only beyond my imagination, i created and build them depends on the player's choosing and liking. But none of them as of now is my ship, i have only 39,421 Titanium ores and i really need some more in order to build one from these creations of mine. As i saw your creations, it's a big WOW, you are more idealistic and creative than i am, i will give it a shot to create and build a ship from your ideas. I am not either disappointed or disagree to your point, i do believe your idea is valuable and i will take it by heart. [Sorry for my english] But then on, thanks again for your advice
  3. I see. Well, i really like big ships. It doesn't require how many upgrade slots needed in my own opinion. Having one big ship in the sector with a full capacity hangar, no pirates or even bandits could make it a scrap. These ships i designed are more 'economical' and 'tough' in the middle of a war zone, hostility and dispute on warring factions. I built a ship 'all-around purpose', it could mine, it could use transport, salvage, and can withstand the heat of a battle. With your ideas, maybe i could make a lot of designs IF i only i'm not in a handicap position. But i thank you for giving me an additional key steps for the design. With respect, yours.
  4. Thanks for the admiration my friend. This is only a spare hobby of mine, my first creation on my first gaming experience here on Avorion. I'm just continuing to learn from time to time using the tool to build ships. Well, i'm just a newbie, can you help me out how to furnish a little my creations? It will be an honor for me to be enlightened.
  5. Additional Ship Builds for fellow Avorion Explorers and Adventures. Hope you all like my designs. 😃
  6. These are my ship builds. Aircraft Carriers, Battlecruisers and Anti-Pirate Ship. The following builds shown here will make players motivate themselves to create a unique and well designed concept ship builidng. I want to share these pictures for you all. Hope you like it 😎
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