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  1. The long-awaited Boxelware's Sandbox Space Simulator Avorion has finally graduated from Early Access after using it. Three years in the development cycle As of January 2017, the full game includes all the features promised by the indie team, and some are fully supported and enabled single player and multiplayer. The game is set for March 9th and Boxelware is set to launch the game in favor of positive feedback and support from local viewers. The game has been able to move more than 250,000 copies since it was released in Early Access, and that number will keep growing as more people go. Avorion specifically, now they know it's a complete game. As shown in the launch trailer, Avorion sees players starting out as a small warship doing simple missions.You'll need to take on deliveries, escort missions, and mine quests to increase your cash and upgrade your ship. There are many options and opportunities to play the game the way you want. As they mention in the trailer, you can make your way through the galactic box, galactic with other NPCs or players, or you could be a smuggler, moving stolen assets through the trade sector. If you have enough guts, you can build a pirate ship and attack carriers and convoys to steal their goods , or you can try to be great and prove to be the guardian of the galaxy. If you have enough resources and time you can develop a capital ship and have space fighters accompany you along your journey, either to threaten or save the galaxy. There are many different ways to play and unlimited customization options for your ship. The game best describes what Starmade meets. Space Engineer by making the health of EVE Online Ufabetgg.
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