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  1. If you have a lot of station in one sector the game only displays some of them in the list shown by hovering over the sector in the galaxy map. Once you have so many that they cover the entire screen in the list, you are unable to see how many asteroids the sector has, what name the sector has, who it is controlled by and what NPC stations it contains. A scrolling feature would be very beneficial especially when creating larger chains. It would be way easier to keep track of what stations you already have in the sector that way.
  2. I am on 100% board with the Generator placement part. Not sure how I feel about the Permanently installed upgrade removal. It doesn't really feel like "Permanent" anyways. It will even less if you can just remove it basically everywhere.
  3. The event where a merchant ship is being attacked by a few pirates is a neat idea. However currently the pirates kill the ship way too fast. You do not have a chance to defeat the pirates. The ship dies before you can even see where the event spawned in the sector. It'd be helpful if you had a little more time to actually fight the pirates.
  4. When making a blueprint at a turret factory all turrets are displayed. Even if they are tech 51 or 52 [edit:]low enough tech-level to not be able to be reproduced by the turret factory you are currently visiting and therefore are not relevant. My suggestion is that they should not be displayed to keep it nice and tidy.
  5. Okay so ik this is really old. that doesn't make it a bad idea tho. I don't 100% agree with the nearby factions rep loss when you ally with one faction but I think factions could use some personal character. Have my Upvote
  6. when Koonschi said we should try them first we found some special abilitys... most of them don't make the turret good magically. We definitley need a buff for those or at least the possibility to upgrade them somehow. (not that they are good at tech 52)... They are fun but really no match for traditional turrets.
  7. As you all know, the ingame armor has those camo texture. In most builds however, it looks very starnge and jarms the overall appearance. My suggestion is something similar to the blank hull. We need blank armor without the texture. It would make it more commonly used in builds and open many possibilitys to utilize it. Especially after the buff.
  8. When the player refines at a ressource depot that is not owned by him, he pays a refinery tax. As of right now, the ressources paid just vanish. It would be way cooler (and probably more realistic) if the ressources paid as refinery tax, where added to the depots stock. Maybe add a stock cap of 250k-500k per material to not get redicoulus amounts of stock numbers everywhere.
  9. There is not much else to say. Tankium (and the quotes from the other) already mentioned pretty much everything. I do agree that stacking can benefit the look of a build and also the performance (performance FPS wise due to less blocks). I think an .ini setting for it would be great. That way, everybody who is annoyed by stacking can turn it off, but people will still be able to use amazing designs from the workshop as well as making their own.
  10. I think some new shilloutes could be a neat addition. They are not top priority of course but can't hurt and honestly we do lack really small/large shapes.
  11. This would be a great concept for the brotherhood to have. You could implement that into the PvP gameplay as well. I do see potential in this Idea.
  12. I agree with your suggestion but might want to add that if something like this is added (which I hope it will be) it should try to mostly research turrets/systems of one type to avoid ending up with a point defense turret instead of a hyperspace upgrade or a nice railgun.
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