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  1. I got that idea because of the ability to use Hack devices subsystems on our ships Why not having those devices providing the player with the ability to hack stations, Hacking a Neutral/Allied station will give the player the ability to purchase goods with a discount Hacking an enemy/cease-fire/bad reputation station allow the player to do normal trades with it (thus increasing reputation, ninja style) An another idea (for pirates) is to hack a station storage system, it takes time and authorities will be alerted, but if successful, the station will then eject it's cargos (The targeted station should then become invulnerable or ignored by our turrets/ships during the hacking process)
  2. In my opinion, carriers that have a "Patrol" Order should stop after defeating an enemy, so it's fighters can dock back on it. (In the current Avorion state, Patrol carriers that has it's fighters docked while patrolling will launch them if an enemy enter the sector) Or an alternative would be that once a Carrier have launcher it's fighter, it will go at a reduced speed so the fighters will fly with the carrier (instead of trying to dock back on it) I find it a little goofy that the fighters are desperately trying to dock back in their carriers but the capital ship is moving too fast or keep rotating so fighters keep "missing" the hangar bay
  3. Oh that's good to know, I personally took a break from making the faction. I managed to get 3 Civilian ships, one shipyard and one Repair station. But gosh it's going to take a while haha
  4. Hey guys How about instead of in game Real time hours, the game check the time on Steam when the station have been destroyed, and then check what time it is on steam the next time the player log into his solo playthrough ? From what I understand, a station generally need 12 in game hours to rebuild, and it also depend of the faction rebuild cap. Which is really annoying and time consuming
  5. Hello people This is a question, as I am not sure if it is a bug yet. I have read here and there that AI factions are supposed to rebuild their stations after they have lost them (I suppose destroyed) after 12 in game hours. Now in my situation, I have raided multiple stations spread in multiple sectors belonging to one faction I am at war with. I have placed markers so I can see on the galactic map what stations I have boarded or destroyed and when I did that. Some stations have been boarded or destroyed up to November. We are December now and I am pretty sure I have spent more than 12 in game hours. Is it because I board those stations to transform them into my own stations back to my home sector ? Or recycled ? Or am I missing something ? EDIT : Also, Yes that AI faction always have at least one station remaining in the sector where I have destroyed/boarded one of their station, so the sector is still under their control
  6. When in fleet menu or on the star map: It would be much easier to find our ships if you could see them grouped depending of their class, then alphabetical order within the class group. I believe that system is already applied in the sector strategy mode. It would be very nice to be able to see the "Miner" class and the "Recycler" class ships grouped together so it's easier to locate them, select them, and then send them on missions. Right now ships grouping in galactic map and Fleet menu are by alphabetical names, which is counter intuitive since you can name them and set their class and are grouped in such a way in local sector strategy mode and not in galactic mode.
  7. I think you could select a faction to wage war with and capture their ships. That is what I have been doing and their ships varies from 1500 blocks to 3000 blocks. So I base my ships on that, so far I managed to get my ships bellow 2k blocks. But the stations is an another story, from the captured stations I found, they are around 5 to 6 k blocks. I still managed to make my new stations close to that number, still a few hundred blocks optimized tho. However, I fear that the infected version will be the double of that
  8. I'm actually on the process of making a faction, trying to replicate the Homeworld Cataclysm infection entity called the Beast. Actually this is more like two faction because I am 1. Hijacking Vanilla ships and stations and 2. Rebuild them with a more refined look and then 3. Infect them. I am pretty much at the same level than you and harassing my own mind with endless questions, as for right now, I am trying to create ships that are close as possible to their vanilla counterpart stats, but if not less blocks because the infection do increase the block count and my CPU is not in it's best shape at the moment. From what I have heard from the forums, ships do get a buff or debuff depending of the difficulty. For example a 100k hull ship in normal will be 200k hull in expert or something so my suggestion is to build or board a Vanilla ship/station and try to make your model scaled to their stats, the game should in theory scale their stats depending of the current difficulty chosen by the player, at least that's what I have understood from the Discord answers. As for stations, I am not very sure, my guess at the moment is that a faction require a set of stations, I could look at the Discord Avorion bot for the list of required stations. If you are lazy, you could just hijack some vanilla stations, repair them a little bit then upload them as your faction. I will be around more often, let me know what are your progress on your faction !
  9. The idea is to have a new type of docking block. One that is resembling the default Dock block in design and function. However, the difference is that there should be not as much restrictions as seen on the default Dock. For example the space needed for it to function should be much smaller in radius, as well as the block not releasing anything if the ship owning the dock block is building around this space. That way, small ships can be created and then used as a "command module" if docked to a big ship having a "hole", afterward, the player will be able to build around that smaller craft and then close that hole. This approach then allow the player to jump into this smaller craft that can now be the command module of the bigger ship, and enjoy commanding this carrier/command ship by ordering it to go closer to a station, patrol, attacking enemies, and many other orders. The default Dock block make it possible to create a dedicated spot for the bridge of a ship right now, however, the object used as a bridge is a very small object and cannot have a lot of shield and armor, making it a very dangerous bet when venturing inside the barrier, additionally, the space needed for the dock to function is very large, and might not be ideal when building ships with exotic or complex design. This suggestion is because many people, including me have been wanting the AI to be able to command or continue executing orders for a ship while the player is inside that said ship. However, from what I understand, Avorion technology do not allow such a thing yet. I hope that using the new DLC docking system, a creative way can be found for the player to finally be inside his mothership with the AI been able to carry on orders for the player.
  10. The idea is to have the ability to have our ship been able to maintain a steady pace without having to be forced to maintain the push forward button, or constantly tap the keyboard it if the player want to go to a slow speed (eg. getting close enough to a space station/other ship to interact with it) My idea is to have a button that would enable or disable an Auto Throttle. Once activated, any change of speed will be locked once the player release the move forward/backward button and the ship will continue to move forward or backward without the player having to do anything anymore. Pressing the auto throttle button to deactivate it will reduce the ship speed to zero, then the player can then navigate as usual.
  11. I vote for it, the RTS mode is so promising but need more polishing 😄
  12. Two of my ships started shooting at each other, one got destroyed by the other ship. Their navigation is alright as they continue to follow me, but their turrets are shooting at each other until one of them is dead (or me jumping into their command to stop the turrets from shooting at each other). Their response to damage is really high. Anything causing damage to the target they are escorting trigger a wild response from the turrets, even a collision damage between the two ships. I also noticed that ships (especially larger ones) tend to collide on each other when asked to move to a place or escort a target. Step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the bug. Simply ask 2 or more ship to escort a target, then wait for a battle to happen and have a friendly ship (AI faction included) to accidently shoot at the escort target. This will trigger the aggressive behavior from the turrets on the other ships and will then shoot at each other. At time ramming damage also trigger the aggressive behavior from the turrets. Your client and server log. Follow the instructions below on where to find them on your system. I have tempted to recreate the bug by having a fight with a pirate station, but this time my ships have attacked and destroyed a friendly AI faction, even after all enemy ships have been destroyed. I have saved a log and uploaded it. Your system specs: Windows 10 CPU Intel Core i5-9400f GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 clientlog 2020-09-19 12-14-34.txt
  13. Hello everyone, I came with this idea because of a recent bug that makes my ship turrets shoot at each other after ordering multiple ships to escort a target, one of them having really high DPS weapons and literally melted my other ship within a few seconds. Despite having that idea because of a bug, I remember my ships badly damaging if not completely destroying other ships because the AI will shoot at an enemy no matter if there is a friendly ship in the way. This issue can be significant when using high DPS weapons. The idea is simple, reduce friendly fire for ships/stations owned by the player, as well as factions with a Good, Excellent, and Allied status towards the player. If the player really want to be mean, perhaps that reduced damage will go away after a few seconds. Granting a few seconds of reduced damage should allow the ships crossing fire to move away from each other line of fire, and perhaps avoid total destruction if one of them is using a high DPS weapon.
  14. It appear that the "unable to edit damaged ship" happen on rare occasion, from what I have heard from the other people on the Avorion discord, this is a small bug/glitch that sometime prevent the player to do the Repair > Discard Damaged Blocks > Select Entire Ship > Delete. I can delete a damaged ship but sometime I cannot, I guess this issue is more of a bug report and not a suggestion, my bad.
  15. Wild idea of a new type of fighter, a mix of boarding shuttle and combat fighter . Main idea : A new fighter that will behave like a normal fighter (attack a target) and a boarding shuttle (stick to a target). However, instead of dropping boarders and then taking off or using a gun, that specialized fighter will remain hooked to the target and will release a concoction of different acids trough the hull, thus damaging the ship. Perc idea 1 : The Parasite Fighter is actually a drone, this mean it do not require a pilot, however, this suggest that this is a disposable asset that will have to be rebuilt/replaced after it exits the hangar. Perc idea 2 : The Parasite Fighter require a pilot to control and can be ordered special commands such as damaging the target to a certain state, for example to 29% so the target become available for boarding. Or targeting specific systems, for example deactivating engines, shields, torpedoes or guns. Perc idea 3 : Parasite Fighter damage the ship hull without destroying it's blocks, making it useful in taking over ships or stations without losing their shape due to their blocks been destroyed because of the fighting with regular guns (perhaps this could mean less rebuild cost as well). Perc idea 4 : The Parasite will use it's acid to melt components then "suck it", once full, the Parasite will then take off and fly back to the Mothership for deposit, thus gaining resources. The type of resource depend of the material used by the target ship/station. This might mean creating a new block or having an assembly block available on the ship using the Parasite Fighter (to process that goo into resources). Perc idea 5 : The Parasite Fighter have a cloaking device allowing it to move to a target in the middle of a fight (this idea is here because I noticed that in the majority of cases, no matter the distance, a hostile ship will always fly and engage the player and his fleet). However, PDC turrets will see and engage them like a regular fighter.
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