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  1. Well, then its really hard to get good big guns, I have so far NEVER seen anything better than my single slot 90k Tesla... I know you say the scripts don't support my thesis, but I have a lot of empirical evidence in my own opinion. It could be the RNG values are just too big, making getting good guns just too hard.
  2. This is a meaningless balance fix, it makes huge guns worthless, and I'd rather have 1 BIG gun than 26 small teslas... And, no, the range benefit isn't a balancer in this game. Also, Tesla is a boring gun, but its DPS wastly outranks anything else..perhaps a some love?
  3. They feel totally out of place, and make no sense, please replace with just a good fight, or some standard loot hunting... Quests are boring, and useless, and they bog down otherwise fine game...
  4. 1) Zoom features 2) Percentages and more detailed onscreen numbers 3) Taxi for docking is abysmal, I can't see it, and its useless, also ships have to get WAY to close. 4) More automation for weapons, it should not just be a dropchance..please. 5) Viewpoint please.
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