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  1. Fighter production is disabled while ships are on missions, while cloningbay and academy seems to work. Please change it, that the fighter production continues, while a ship is in an "off map mission", because right now you have to park a ship somewhere to build fighters. Especially on long mining missions it would be convinient, if the mining carrier keeps producing his fighters, even if the newly build fighters won't change the revenue of the current mission, as the build times for fighters could be very long.
  2. Right now you can choose a material and a blocktype you want to see exlusively in the editor. Would be nice, if the block selection could be with checkboxes, so it would be possible to see all blocks except some i disabled. Most of the time it got my ships covered in armor and to work on the inside modules could be hard on occasions. I want to select by a multiple checkbox system, which types of blocks are shown and which not. Would be way easier for me, to see everything except the armor.
  3. I got a few miners with big cargobays and have to wait a long time for them to return to the resource depot. I would like to skip the actual mining order with a button like "proceed with next order" right below the queded commands listing. I know i could return them myself with just a jumporder to the depot, but then i have to set up the loop of commands again.
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