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  1. Apologies for the repeated posts on! Since I'd been unable to proceed with the MAD Science mission I've continued to explore the galaxy and complete other missions, up until the point that I had every Xsotan artifact except for the XSTN-VII. I figured I'd give the mission another try and this time after defeating the Mobile Energy Lab I was able to loot the artifact with no crash!
  2. Here is a batch of my logs. I attempted the fight several times with the same result each time Sorry that there's so many, I can't quite remember which instances it crashed on as after playing through the fight 4 or 5 times I decided to continue doing other bits in the galaxy. I also restored from a previous copy of the galaxy (I currently use OneDrive to manually sync between machines) However, being a software developer myself, an over abundance of debugging material is often a good thing imo! clientlog 2020-07-24 15-28-27.txt clientlog 2020-07-24 08-36-19.txt clientlog 2020-07-24 12-37-09.txt clientlog 2020-07-24 12-42-55.txt clientlog 2020-07-24 13-25-51.txt serverlog 2020-07-24 12-43-12.txt serverlog 2020-07-24 08-37-41.txt serverlog 2020-07-24 12-34-09.txt serverlog 2020-07-24 12-37-25.txt serverlog 2020-07-24 13-26-20.txt serverlog 2020-07-24 15-29-33.txt serverlog 2020-07-24 15-27-50.txt
  3. It definitely seems to act like a server freeze - the server instance needs to be killed using Task Manager as it persists even after exiting Avorion. I did submit a bug report for this last week including the logs 🙂 I'll need to fetch the logs from the machine I was playing on at the time as I don't seem to have them locally here One other point to note is that I've noticed this thread is in the Beta subforum whereas I experienced this on the stable release
  4. I ran into this bug as well with the exact same experience last week, so I'll be following this thread with interest
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