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  1. I remember in some of the latest news or patch-notes koonschi was talking about new sound effects to be released in an upcoming update. I'd like to know if they are planed to be as easily customizable as the current ones, by simply dropping/replacing .wavs in the sfx directory. The new sounds were to have some kind of variation for far distances (I imagine them like a muffled thunderstorm for weapons, like in homeworld). I played around with some background chatter noise and custom fighter engine sounds - which are very hard to achieve right now, because I can't stick a sound to an entity for repeated 3d playback - and it already improves the "aliveness" of Avorion big time. So I think Avorion would greatly benefit from new sfx, but I'd like to know if the alternate sound versions are intended to work like filters or will rather have to be generated by modders themselves. I'd certainly prefer the first option, so I can still easily swap the sounds for star wars or whatever :) It would also be nice to know if modders will finally be able to add new sounds, not being forced to replace the old ones. ผลบอลเมื่อคืน
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