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  1. Huh. That's a great point. Something should probably be done about that. A bug report, perhaps? I'll file one anyways. It can't hurt.
  2. Would be nice if we could get some info on exactly how TurretTemplate.simultaneousShooting works. An answer here would be fine but I'd like to see an update to the documentation so other modders aren't as confused as I am when looking at it. It looks like it instantly overheats the turret but fires all of a turret's weapons at the same time? That means that the tooltips that say that say that it offers multiple continuous shots are wrong, since it only fires once before overheating.
  3. I think the devs already decided not to do AI commands for docking
  4. Agree with this. I thought that was already how it worked when you turned off the "press space to continue" screen and was very unpleasantly surprised to find out that I was wrong.
  5. One of the things about the AI ship is that the programming function to place turrets tries to spread turrets evenly over the entire hull. This, combined with the fact that the AI ships are kinda skinny, is why the AI ships never seem to have issues with aiming weapons while the player ships do, since players, generally speaking, prefer to place their turrets in an organized manner. I've actually ended up talking with the devs about this and submitted a fairly detailed bug report about it. I've also dropped a few showcase videos on how poor the AI targeting is on player-designed ships with organized turret placements. Believe it or not, things actually have gotten better over the last few patches, but I agree with the original poster that there is still significant room for improvement - especially when a larger ship simply stays in place, rotates, and doesn't effectively maneuver vs. smaller ships - you can see that quite clearly in the Baleful Katana behavior in this video: Note how the Baleful Katana - which is much larger than the ships it is fighting - simply rotates in place while the smaller ships maneuver around it. This sometimes causes it to be out of range of its primary target, which is something that I actually inadvertently end up taking advantage of during the 2nd fight. The Katana should try to push through the swarm of smaller ships and engage its primary target (me in the Euryale) or simply switch targets to one of its closer enemies that it can actually damage. Koonschi mentioned that this was a pathfinding issue, so he seems to be aware of what might be causing the issue and how to fix it. I'm hoping that the AI is improved in 2.0. Otherwise it will continue to remain a significant problem with combat in this game. I get why the AI tries to avoid ramming things, but it is far too cautious - especially in combat. If you are in a do-or-die combat situation, some minor hull damage from pushing through a number of smaller ships simply doesn't matter.
  6. I thought about making something like this myself, but the problem is that other than sitting around and waiting to see if an attack event happens there's no way to tell if two factions are at war with each other. I didn't see much of a point to making the mission without that.
  7. I am simply looking to disable seeing stations for performance reasons, but that would be nice too.
  8. I've noticed that with a lot of stations, the fleet menu gets very laggy. Most of the time, I'm not interested in looking at my stations, just my ships, so it is an unnecessary drain on performance. A simple toggle to not display my stations / load up their info should get around that nicely.
  9. This would be really cool. Dunno how it would work for shields though since I think shields are a single entity instead of based on where the block is. A composite of all shield block colors, perhaps? (so a red + blue shield block would result in purple shields)
  10. I would love to see something like this as well.
  11. I can get behind the fading numbers, but the flashing white reticule sounds incredibly annoying. As long as I can turn it off, I'm fine with it.
  12. One more for the pile - run init.lua when a torpedo is fired. It would let us attach a custom script to a torpedo on creation instead of having to do some weird workarounds. This has since been confirmed by Koonschi to not be possible.
  13. Sorry, I know I'm tossing in a lot of these but it would be awesome if we could have a way to bypass or remove the pauseTime in the event scheduler on a per-event basis. I added some events that have a % chance to simply terminate immediately and it causes a massive lack of events to happen due to incrementing the pauseTime. I implemented my own event scheduler, but I don't want to have to maintain it every time you guys end up changing the event scheduler as well. Ended up figuring out a better way to do this than completely reimplementing the event scheduler. Would still be a nice feature, though!
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