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  1. Also for the slider bar -20% to 20% is that what determines the likihood of the type of trader when this 90 second call is made? IE if you have it set to 20% will it be that much more likely that sellers will come to the factory?
  2. Thanks for the response! So is it better to build in a zone with no NPC stations(consumer) as those might cause this conflict? So right now I have a shipyard, equipment dock, repair, military and research all in my main factory sector though none are set to buy, will this cause the conflict?
  3. The verbiage on things like shipyards, military outpost, or equipment dock about "attracts NPC traders" is a bit vague. Can someone clarify if this means that more NPC will visit your factories in that sector? IE if I build a Body Armor factory in a sector and then a shipyard will there be an increase in NPC visits(More sell/buying) to the Body Armor factory?
  4. @Rinart73 Ill pass that along to the admin the issue is that it affects different people at different times and it doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason only that when it starts, it has no end.
  5. It saddens me this has not been addressed. We are getting the same issue on a modded server where there are times there is near zero lag then randomly the ping gets consistently worse until reach over 400k latency.
  6. I created a teleport factory and loaded it up with everything it needed and for a little bit it was working fine. Eventually it would stop producing and the only way I could get it going again was to switch the base design to a new one. Both designs work fine with other factories. clientlog 2020-07-09 10-25-47.txt The server is the official Scorpius PvP. Here are some screenshots showing I have all the materials needed loaded but the factory still not producing anything. Screenie 1 Screenie 2 Fixed - The Scrap metal is considered a product of production and it was full and thus preventing further production. Thank you!
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