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  1. Since running into high ping issues with end-game r-salvaging and r-mining turrets, I went about using turret engineering to bump the efficiency of standard salvaging turrets. I used to think it had to do with the spawning of entities and such as lots of blocks were quickly converted into scrap metal or ores; but even when regular salvaging lasers are tearing through wrecks quickly, I don't get the same ping issue. Often, when lots of cargo is dropped by a destroyed station you get a similar (yet not persistent) lag spike. What I think is going on is the following: 1. Block of resource asteroid or block of ship is harvested by an appropriate r- turret. 2. As a part of spawning each new entity (be it scrap metal or ore), a boolean check is made against every item that has an associated cargo space. I'm not sure how many checks that is, but it is a match process done against the whole table (I think). 3. Each entity gets spawned (but the number of checks being called can quickly tie up bandwidth, as a single destroyed block of ore or wreckage may spawn a dozen or so ore or scrap entities. 4. With a particularly aggressive salvager or miner, I can take my ping (normally 30-50ms on my server) to upwards of 60,000ms (1 minute), as the backlog of calculations grows. With regular mining and salvaging lasers, what seems to happen instead (my current set of Avorion salvaging lasers do 11,381 dps/slot): 1. Block of resource asteroid or block of ship is harvested by an appropriate non r- turret. 2. Game matches resource to spawn against a 7-entry table, one for each resource. 3. Resources spawn and approach ship with little to no delay. To fix the lag problem first, I wonder if it would be possible to insert one step to the spawning of resource ores and resource scrap metals: 1. Block of resource is broken by appropriate r- turret. 2. Some kind of "is_this_cargo_item_refinable_resource" test is done. If it is one of fourteen items (7 ores and 7 scrap metals with the tag) 3. Check against the 14-entry resource table and spawn the appropriate type of ore or scrap metal. 4. If it is not a refineable resource, send it to the original table of all commodities-that-take-up-cargo-space. I hope my observations help fix the problem. My server is running Avorion 1.3.5 main branch.
  2. Has the American TV show, "Wheel of Fortune" ever seem too easy? Join us as we ask you to fill in the blanks consisting of faction, station and ship names used by the various factions in Avorion! Watch as contestants sweat trying to guess "The Emirate of Na'tllshkmish" or "The Avk'mayhkgnerzb." Other games that would work wonderfully with this would be Faction Name Scrabble. 🙂
  3. The Xsostan didn't speak with any members of the United Alliance, but went about harvesting. Maybe they just don't communicate the way that our galactic civilization does. Or, maybe, that's just what they want you to believe. Dock with an Xsostan ship and they will tell you to go away ten different ways, in Galactic Standard speech. 😛
  4. We thought we knew what we were doing, and we believe we put together a wonderful bunch of (mostly compatible) mods. Combining High Efficiency Turrets & Weapon Engineering allowed me to create these wonderful Predator Canons with continuous Burst Fire and more than an 80km range. When getting into fights with lots of ships, lots of turrets and lots of weapon fire were server hangs/crashes that we believe stems from too many entities (many ships, many turrets, many weapon projectiles, many loots). Progressively, these crashes are taking place more and more rapidly, suggesting that the number of actively simulated entities isn't getting scrubbed, or, that there is such a concentration of entities in the 5 online sectors per player allowed that the server just can't cope. Short of scrapping the server, we've come up with a couple of options: Players in the Core must use "hitscan weapons" only. (Lasers, railguns, other things that don't generate projectiles that fly through space.) We're trying to figure out how we can clear the server's cache of... abandoned entites; be they small wreckages (less than 15 blocks), weapon projectiles that were fired but never reached their destination when the server last crashed. Is there a way for admins to clean up such a server? Our server never gave players any server load warnings. If we scrap the unstable server, we will not make the same mistakes - we endeavor to make entirely new mistakes!
  5. Does your home sector look like this? Do you get punched in the face by the Map UI after you intelligently put all the missing parts of an Accelerator Factory together in the same sector? The following is from a modded server, but I believe none of the mods change tooltips on the map screen. This suggestion consists of several changes to reduce tooltip bloat: 1) All stations that are mine or part of my alliance are first listed in white, then repeated in separate green and pink lists, below. Just list the stations once, to reduce the tooltip size. 2) List the stations in color, such as how the fleets of ships are listed in color based on the diplomatic relations. 3) An accessibility option for anyone who is colorblind is to use symbols for Alliance, Allies, Excellent, Good, Neutral, Bad, Hostile, Ceasefire and War to follow each station and fleet entry. Content Warning: The following is a result of two station-building sprees.
  6. Currently, I'm in the process of disabling all the mods I had installed for Avorion and I have to disable dependent mods before disabling the parent mods. This is taking awhile, and I have the following suggestions: 1) Add a "disable/enable all" toggle for mods. 2) Option for selection and deselction of mod families - so if you disable a parent mod, it will also disable all the child mods. 3) Persistent scrollbar: when your mods list long enough for a scrollbar, it returns you to the top of the list which gets very annoying to have to scroll back where you were and uncheck just one more mod. Click & scroll, click and scroll gets old very quickly. 🙂 Still can't wait to try out the new DLC because I'm slow with these things!
  7. Featuring incompatible mods! Featuring mods not tested in multiplayer! Featuring "base game requirement (0.33.5 to 1.1.*) doesn't match version 1.2 of the game" x4! (We're keeping these mods in as we anticipate the mods to be updated soon). With further ado ("hype, hype hype"), we give you the Need For Squeak modpack v2: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2230220425 One special note: for Turret Engineering, you may need to run the command /tmod while in-game to create a link to the Turret Engineering Screen in the upper-right. For multiplayer servers, your admins may need to make sure that /tmod is a command enabled for all players. Everything else is working as intended. We think. The pictured ship is not included in the modpack but if you want it - you can get it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2217069407
  8. Allows factions to slowly build new stations and expand into new territory; potentially taking control of sectors away from other factions. For manufacturing, priority is given for goods that they can produce but do not yet have a supply for (but they don't perfectly complete their economy, thus leaving room for the player to place factories strategically). Per 24h of playtime on a server or singleplayer game, each faction is able to allocate a cumulative % of their station construction capacity. Default, say 3% accumulation/day (24h of gametime). The specific traits would require some modification. Adds some new NPC Faction traits: Materialist: Instead of 3% station construction capacity towards new stations, this is 4%. Materialist (Very): 5%/day accumulation of station construction (resulting in new stations getting built). Expansionist: 50% of the time adds stations to sectors that have no stations of their own yet; 25% of the time expanding into sectors that may be in other faction's territory. Expansionist (Very): 75% adds stations to sectors they have no station in yet. 50% of the time expanding into sectors outside but adjacent to their territory. Isolationist: 50% of the time, constructs new stations in sectors they already have stations in; 25% of the time expanding into sectors that they control, but have no stations in. Isolationist (Very): 75% of the time, constructs new stations in sectors they already have at least one station. Only expands into sectors that their faction controls (via faction color on map). Spiritualist: Opposite of Materialist, 2% station construction accumulation / day; rituals/ceremonies are spawned by their faction more often in their space but also in far-flung parts of the galaxy. Spiritualist (Very): Opposite of Materialist, 1% station construction accumulation/day, often spawns ceremonies/rituals, as well as any bosses related to 'religion' in the galaxy. I wrote this while livestreaming, so the above idea might need some refining. Like scrap metal.
  9. In the late game, powerful R-mining and R-salvaging fighters cause great amounts of lag as ores and scrap metal spawn/de-spawn rapidly and in great quantities. Often, attempting to salvage a decently large ship, like Fidget (much less XWG), can cause high server load warnings AND a ping of around 50k-100k. The game takes this desync like a champ, but the impact on play makes carrier miners/salvagers untenable unless you abstain from doing raw mining or salvaging.
  10. One other thing that could make the increased difficulties even better is that the tech level of the XWG and Hex AI (and other end bosses) instead of staying at tech 52, it's tech 52+NG number. So, NG+3 would give just those entites the ability to drop tech lvl 55. It's a thought, but they might also be able to use higher tech level turrets against players.
  11. Once you reach, say, a billion credits... choosing what stations to build as you expand your faction becomes less fun and new and more like a chore. The megawealth in the endgame has this unintended effect of money and resources becoming effectively meaningless. Here are some thoughts to address both of these: 1: Factions with which you ally with cause you to go to war with any factions they are at war with. Opinions of other factions are also based upon who your allies are - such that late game "everybody is my ally" is not the norm. A cause for war between factions can be controlled sectors lost by factions founding stations (I think it is currently -10k points/lost sector). 2: Similar to negotiating a cease fire, improving relations with a faction or negotiating an alliance; having an option to fund the expansion (or upgrades) to your allies would be a place to spend late game money and resources. In this case, resources given to that faction could be spent on giving that faction new capabilities (like Naonite to an Iron/Titanium faction may cause them to slowly start installing shields and hyperspace cores on their ships). Money given to an allied faction could go towards founding new stations, ships and increasing their construction capacity. As implied, only allies will accept these extra (and optional) contributions to their coffers. 3: Having a manner in which new factions are created and grow will make the galaxy much more dynamic. This would be as light weight a process so that the whole galaxy is living, but not having a million loaded sectors (so very minimal background generation and simple background calculations). - Pirate Shipyard: if they amass enough resources/slaves/credits. Once a second station below is built, they will seek ceasefires with local player and NPC factions. - Smuggler's Hideout: a way for pirate factions to facilitate trade and improve relations with other factions through un-branding stolen goods. - Resource Depot: a way for local PC and NPC ships to refine raw ores & trade resources and improve relations. - Repair Dock: a sign that what was a pirate faction is now a fledgling faction - now that its ships can respawn in territory they themselves control. At this point they are a proper faction even if they would still have tons of work to do for building a headquarters, habitats, military outposts, etc etc. The rest of the ways that they progress can be even less linear; but they may wait until they have neutral to good relations with their neighbors before investing in something like a trading post, for instance. 4: Having some ways in which factions are destroyed: - A new type of war; wars of extermination / genocide. These show just how far galactic civilization has fallen in the years since the United Alliance existed. Completing a genocide comes with major diplomatic ramifications for all factions committing the genocide. The Xsostan could also "harvest" an entire faction on occasion (this would be very rare). - Just destroying the last remnants of a faction in a normal war? - A faction conquering another faction (capturing & aggressively building stations in hostile territory, until the offending faction no longer exists). Hooray war of conquest! Conclusion: having life cycles of factions adds a living dynamic to the galactic sandbox. Funding allied factions' expansion or improving what resources they have access to can make places like the Rim an interesting place to settle, if your goal is to build up an Iron faction all the way up to Avorion, for instance. Finally, sharing your wars with your allies will increase the difficulty of getting everyone allied with one another and add a layer of difficulty in maximizing "One Against All and All Against One." Thoughts?
  12. A thought that comes to my mind is going into a New Game +n; is that this would allow for entire servers to move into the next galaxy; and placement may be based on proximity to temporal rifts and while starting without money or resources. New players on the server would be started near the edge, in a normal starting sector; where as NG+n would have home sectors next to rifts closer to the core based on how much progress they had on a previous playthrough or something. That lack of permanence might change player strategies and the depth and breadth of establishing supply lines and stations might no longer be very important. Another added thing for NG+n, is an increasing chance that invasions work differently that can also scale: say a 10% chance per NG+ number that an invasion will also affect each loaded sector in the Core. This would make killing the XWG much MUCH more hazardous and make sectors outside the core much, much better to get. A second way this mechanic could work is to increase the size of the Core by +1 for every NG+n. The distance that Swocks, AI, M.A.D. scientiests, resource spawns and all that would need to be based on % of distance to the barrier, rather than flat distance from 0:0 to make you don't get soft-locked. But a bigger core would come with more advantages too. Final suggestion for additional consideration is to increase the maximum tech level of the galaxy by 1... this would include the tech level for everyone, enemies included. Final note; when you mentioned having factions chase you like the Cylons from Battlestar Galactica, there is a mechanic that if you jump much faster than the ship that is supposed to be escorting you, your 'escort' can lose sight of you. The same (or similar) mechanic could be used for losing the trail of factions giving chase (as well as a "how far out of their own space do they want to chase you" limit. Factions at war might not ever give up the chase, whereas factions who are merely upset with you might limit how many jumps or how many sectors they'll chase you.
  13. Without limiting your options, you can pay special attention to how many servos are used in turrets that have battery/overheat traits. They modify the fire rate and if you lower the fire rate, the length of time the turret can fire before it must cool down increases. I usually opt for turrets with lower fire rate that can fire several times as long as they need for cooldown. ^^ EDIT: Reduce the servos too much and eventually it'll lower your DPS, but you have a lot of flexibility for long periods of sustained fire before your DPS drops.
  14. This could impact the galaxy's lore and layout of the galaxy a bit; in that it can help create a story. A suggestion I have is that this block becomes available upon beginning your first "Free Slaves" quest, which I do not believe is common out in the Rim because of the huge diplomatic reward. That said... it might imply that Boss Swocks & Bottan might participate in some very undesirable things. Iron: Slave Quarters / Slave Transport / fits 4x as many people as normal Crew Quarters Titanium: Prisoner Quarters / Prisoner Transport / fits 2x as many people as normal Crew Quarters Naonite: (someone else's crew quarters) / Crew Transport / fits same number of people as Crew Quarters Trinium: Passenger Quarters / Passenger Ship / fits 1/2x as Crew Quarters Xanion: Merchant Quarters / Merchant Vessel / fits 1/4x as Crew Quarters Oganite: Luxury Quarters / Cruise Ship / fits 1/8x as Crew Quarters Avorion: Ambassador Quarters / No Diplomatic Immunity For You Further detail on each material: Iron: The type of quarters rescued slaves are placed in could affect how much the faction rewards you upon completion. Working with pirates you would be able to deliver slaves for them to other factions or ships; or find out where those slaves came from and return them home (betraying the pirates). Titanium: Prisons might need to be a new station? Naonite: Crew transports already exist - and NPCs (and player) could complete quests to re-crew station personnel after types of crew are depleted from the Hire Crew action. Trinium: Passengers may leave Habitats, Casinos and visit certain consumer goods factories (wine, coffee and chocolate factories come to mind), as well as biotopes and/or other types of leisure stations. Xanion: Merchants with these ships may carry other information that you might normally get; including statements about a good in high-demand but no supply or a local good that is in high supply or high demand. Oganite: Cruise ship quarters would involve scenic missions to sectors that might spawn with extra & and rare features and while the quests are high-paying, the planned routes set to a schedule. Guarantees at least one sector on the route that will have some kind of a special feature (beyond the the norm), such as being a binary or trinary; remnants of a resource-rich planetoid (multiple big asteroids of a material plus many smaller resource asteroids form most of an entire cluster of spawned asteroids), inclusion of a periodic (and rare) comet that can be seen moving across the sector from afar (more distant than the in-sector planet), fabled ruins of a bygone faction, or other ideas. Avorion: You carry an Ambassador (and entourage) from one faction HQ to another. If the Ambassador dies or is captuerd, the faction from which they came declares war on you and the faction who was going to receive the Ambassador loses 100k points of Diplomacy and potentially other harmful side effects. This is the highest-paid gig; factions may declare or end wars on one another through these diplomatic proceedings or become allies with one another.
  15. In PvE servers and in single player, there appears to be almost no use for internal weapons systems or security personnel since the NPCs tend to blow everything up. A way that this could change the dynamic is that factions & pirates that build with Trinium and above can deploy Hijackers and Assault Carriers to attempt to take over enemy ships and/or stations; including what is owned by the player. To add, it would add some dynamism to the map, allowing factions to take over. For pirates, if they hijack a ship, they jump out with it as soon as they can. For factions, if they take over a station, they get it up and running as quickly as they can. As far as new content to add; these ships would be a type of "carrier" build but stocked with assault craft.
  16. Hi! So a friend of mine, Thomas, and I play on the community server, Kobolds Hoard and after we first defeated the wormhole guardian (we did it together) almost a week ago, we've been getting a message every time we jump from one system to another on the server. "There are remnants of a battle. But nobody's here right now." I'm struggling to figure out how to.. resolve this message and we think it might be somewhat of a bug, and have defeated the XWG several times since, and the message never clears.
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