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  1. Be able to set aliveSectorsPerPlayer to auto. so it will calculate number of live sectors based on memory in server, and number of players. For example a Singleplayer server has aliveSectorsPerPlayer set to 500 by default, and a Multiplayer server set aliveSectorsPerPlayer to 5 as default. For example, if only 2 players are on the server, and it has enough memory then it should auto set aliveSectorsPerPlayer to (500 / number of players) = 250. Another option would be to set it based on max players on server, so a server with a max player setting of 20 would set (500 / 20) = 25. The server I like to play on is set to 9, and most of the time there are no more then 3 players a once logged in. half my mining ships are in non simulated sector and just show Zzz. If aliveSectorsPerPlayer was auto then they would be mining. Thank you Lordzer
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