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  1. Hello, I have a small YouTube Channel and have been doing Beginner Guides for a while. Below are some of my Videos to help out anyone coming into the game, Please leave a like, comment and SUB!!! That would be great. Thank you. Avorion: Basic Building Techniques for Beginners. Avorion: Beginners Guide: How To Make Money/Credits!! Avorion: Beginners Guide to Torpedoes Avorion: Beginners Guide: How To Survive Early Game : With Some Tips & Tricks To Get You Going!!! Avorion: Mining for Beginners Avorion: Beginners Guide: How to set up a Supply Chain for Factories and Mines!!! Avorion: 3 Ways To Manage Inventory / How To Manage White Items!! Avorion: Armour and Shields - Let's Talk!! Avorion: Beginners Guide: Build Guide Techniques. Avorion: News: Questions & Answers Part 1. Avorion: Beginners Guide: How To Make Custom Turrets. Avorion: Beginners Build Guide -Thrusters, Directional Thrusters & Gyro's. Avorion: Beginners Guide on Trading - Supply & Demand. Avorion: Beginners Guide: How Salvaging Works in Game.
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