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  1. I am trying to find out if there is a way to make loot drops from fights more visible? During a fight I am flying around boosting to dodge/retreat, etc (unless I am fighting a much weaker and basically helpless group of targets). After all that combat often I spend more time zooming in and out trying to find tiny specs of light that are different but look the same as the dots of light for the background. Would high tier tractor upgrade work even when boosting past a target as it blows up? Or will a high level scanner allow me to target and see loot in the the f9 window? I have not used scanners much at all since well I can see whats in your ship after i kill you 😄 and still very new. The last option is maybe a mod that simply makes the loot bigger .. I would rather be able to simply have a toggle to scan for loot in the f9 window but eh. Thanks to any who add helpful info.
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